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Samsung Galaxy S5

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  • sean

Before MWC 2014: 2GB of RAM is enough on the phone. 3 is overkill.
After S5 announcement: HA! The S5 only has 2GB of RAM. The Z2 is obviously better since it has 3!

This is directly to the Sony fans who had a ball flooding the comment sections and poll

  • AnonD-116639

dots on back cover is open invitation for bacteria....and looks ugly too.

  • AnonD-215561

Why not 64GB?

  • Using S3

Antutu Benchmark for Popular flagship At MWC
Sony Xperia Z2(I50w) 34986
Samsung Galaxy S5 (G900T) 34696
LG G PRO2 (F350k) 33997

1 GB more RAM give only 290 scores

  • AnonD-116639

wtf thicker bezels than s4...not a real upgrade

  • Raaju

[deleted post]I think iphone is the best cell phone best quality phone samsung is cheap quality phone

  • Anonymous

yhooo ppl just chill its just a phone geezzz sum ya'll are way too obssesd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • AnonD-116639

when the galaxy s5 was announced i felt samsung gonna fail this time....and now i m sure it will...very high price point for a plastic phone....

  • wiki

its not a major update to directly to s4..some design changes.more powerful processing power .better camera.16 mp 16:9 like moto x 10mp 16:9..its a copy idea.. finger print scanner copy from iPhone 5s?? even heart rate monitor? most of all devices do with flash ..but its a copy upgrade..! 4k recording gud one.. ip rating is not as good as xperia mid ranges 3gb ram..its jst a s5. not a wooooooooooow.. its s5 amazing! !!! Finally totally disappointed! samsung loosing its value .sony is gud wid z2 im gng to try sony dis time.

  • gnusmas

I hoped there was an fm radio with rds...

  • AnonD-196881

Tcool, 28 Feb 2014You want high grade metal body then you cover it with some fancy... moreI never ever use a cover,flip cover,transparent or .... all guys seake about design and hands on enjoy .when u covering a phone u don't enjoy of design,body or.... that's for amateurs. if it was supposed to covering phones,why apple,htc made high quality body??????? Samsung is too cheap for mine and expert users.

  • Dusko

No (FM) radio? :-(

  • penny

its back looks like a band-aid.....hahahahahahahah

  • Buzz

Bottom-line is the Galaxy S5 is a SUPERPHONE but I am sure some a company will put out a better phone in the near future but right now it is the phone for power users. As a Iphone5s owner I will be converting for I am sick of the Apple proprietary bullshit and the mentality of the iPhone owners of always thing the iPhone is better than all other phones when it clear does not compare to the Samsung Galaxy S5.

  • AnonD-50847

Note 3 is still better in price, Build quality & specification

  • Radio

AnonD-22824, 01 Mar 2014What country your from.?.In india listening to RADIO now a days... moreRadio is not just meant for music,you can tune in to local news,world news,traffic condition.....etc,are you telling the whole world your country radio is only provided for music only,that's why i understand you do not need the radio.

  • Saveferris

People thinking that Touchwiz is going to be lighter...think again. The only thing that will be removed are the Samsung apps. Which means bugger all when it comes to lag..... The skin is heavy hence the lag.

  • AnonD-116639

AnonD-239299, 28 Feb 2014Honestly... Ah waz dissappointed @ 1st.... Buh WTH.... This phon... moresamsung designs ugly smartphones since s3 which is 3 years old.
Sony omni balance design is introduced just 1 year ago in xperia z.

  • AnonD-234697

samsung galaxy s5 great phone...but i wont buy it coz it has tge same design sick if it..

  • Jason

I would rather have the FM radio than the finger print scanner...
I don't think the finger print scanner is practical at all...