Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung Galaxy S5

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  • Anonymous

s5 -excellent phone on all counts - evolutionary -though not revolutionary - for those who CAN afford it . SOURGRAPES for some .

  • dame

Another Samsung phone in the same familiar tacky thin plastic casing they don't take into consideration the customer who is paying down a lot of cash has the same looking phone as a cheap circa Samsung 2008 phone. This may as well be a note 4 without the stylisI would rather have a iPhone 4 than a s5 that says a lot about look and feel of tech today. I don't need a quad core 2.5ghz no applications on phones right now or for another 2 years will support it.

  • AnonD-22824

The back cover sud have been like the one on note3 .its wud have increased the design ratings to atleast .7.7 one like note3 ....this dotted back cover looks like dotted c** plz change it asap..if ur looking out for hugh sales.

  • AnonD-22824

omar, 28 Feb 2014Without raido, I will never buy this phone. I don't wanna he... moreWhat country your from.?.In india listening to RADIO now a days is itself a big JOKE...LOL...all day r.j's chattar patter and then lots of ads..on top of that no good quality audio...thats why its better to listen to music installed on sd card..i am also note2 user and do not use radio at all.

  • AnonD-239299

And the rumors are to blame.... Fone's still gr8.... Its a galaxy....

  • AnonD-239299

Honestly... Ah waz dissappointed @ 1st.... Buh WTH.... This phone is still awesome.... So what they used an old design.... Nokia phones hv looked d same to me since N9, Sony has been using same designs.... Z1 and Z2 for example.... Just saw some recent benchmarks on the gsmarena blog wer d galaxy S5 is busy kicking butt.... In fact... Am buying this phone.... Believe d galaxy'll still b gr8 diz year.... Daz all...

  • Mashood Ahmad

such a nice amazing fone ...

AnonD-239261, 28 Feb 2014Why just 2Gb of ram and why not 120fps video @720p this is annoying 2 GB of RAM is enough.

  • Anonymous

whatever you made nokia is the best

AnonD-196881, 28 Feb 2014it was supposed to has no two sides bezels and with high grade m... moreYou want high grade metal body then you cover it with some fancy flip cover. What's the use? LOL!

AnonD-170083, 28 Feb 2014samsung really disapointed me i have a s4 not going to get a s5 ... morePlease accept the phone and give it to me.

  • AnonD-170083

samsung really disapointed me i have a s4 not going to get a s5 even if some one give me one the phone is so ugly only 2gb ram gimmiky water and dust resistance i am going to get a xperia z2 gimmiky heart rate sencor i will pass on the s5 garbage

  • AnonD-239273

Disappointing body design. I am sure that upcoming Htc and I phone will rule the market.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-124528, 28 Feb 2014Whatever man...i have used iphone and sony for as long as i reme... moreits so stupid really -ur comments and ?u read ur own post ..

  • AnonD-239261

Why just 2Gb of ram and why not 120fps video @720p this is annoying

  • raghav

naveed smarty, 28 Feb 2014Apple designs his own os, manufactures his own chipset-camera-bu... moreLol apple iphone screen from lg. Previosly it was samsung. Chipset until 5ssamsung. Apples own product is ios only.

  • harry

It seems Samsung attained benchmark with S3 & now they r
Out of wits..

  • AnonD-48911

Samsung should consider improving the build quality of their smartphones. S5 is so ugly compared to other brand smartphones.I hate the looks.

  • Anonymous

I would like Samsung Galaxy mini S5, contain Tegra K1 processor and these 5 specs:
1.Display.- 4.3 inch - new Super AMOLED - IP67 certified
2.Memory.- 2 GB RAM
3.Chipset.- Tegra K1
4.Camera.- 10MP & 2MP
5.Battery.- 2400mAh minimal

  • AnonD-196881

it was supposed to has no two sides bezels and with high grade metal body.what happened Samsung?! why lost in antutu against htc m8 ?htc has soc800 and lower camera (but in ultra technology) and .... m8 gets 36532 and S5 got 35666!!!!!!!!! why? maybe you should cheat again and grow up S5 score to about 50/000!!!!!!!!! disappointed flagship from Samsung.