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  • AnonD-50847

Note 3 is still better in price, Build quality & specification

  • Radio

AnonD-22824, 01 Mar 2014What country your from.?.In india listening to RADIO now a days... moreRadio is not just meant for music,you can tune in to local news,world news,traffic condition.....etc,are you telling the whole world your country radio is only provided for music only,that's why i understand you do not need the radio.

  • Saveferris

People thinking that Touchwiz is going to be lighter...think again. The only thing that will be removed are the Samsung apps. Which means bugger all when it comes to lag..... The skin is heavy hence the lag.

  • AnonD-116639

AnonD-239299, 28 Feb 2014Honestly... Ah waz dissappointed @ 1st.... Buh WTH.... This phon... moresamsung designs ugly smartphones since s3 which is 3 years old.
Sony omni balance design is introduced just 1 year ago in xperia z.

  • AnonD-234697

samsung galaxy s5 great phone...but i wont buy it coz it has tge same design sick if it..

  • Jason

I would rather have the FM radio than the finger print scanner...
I don't think the finger print scanner is practical at all...

  • AnonD-236244

it's funny as S5 is not up to the expectation it's same as S4 LTE+ so what is samsung up to i think they will be releasing one more S5 model after three months in which we thought they will with he current S5 but unfortunally it didn't happened...galaxy S fans please dont be sad we will be seeing some change in the coming months from samsung...matel body 5.3 inch 2k display with 64 bit processor 4GB ram 32GB inbuilt memory 20MP camera with IOS and much the question why they didn't release it with the current S5 i will tell you why bec as we can see no mobile phone has announced anything big at the moment so it's a business mind from mobile world and so samsung so finger's crossed for the cominig advice for the people who are using curently S4 please don't upgrade to S5 just wait...Thanks

  • MasEnha

Buzz, 01 Mar 2014MasEnsha, Some people! 3GPP Release 12 has a Functional freez... more3GPP Release 12 yet to be released on Q2-2014, hard to believe SGS5 has been adopt to it.

But please check U'r comment. This all is about network architecture (including security). Nothing to do with processor speed, RAM speed and capacity, even OS being used.
3GPP is protocol (regulation) that's all product released after it SHALL follow and support, means all phones on upcoming release suppose to adopt to it.

But Buzz, on U'r prev comment; did U imply that during MWC U compare the LTE/WiFi speed on both devices; and found that SGS5 the winner? And U said that SGS5 more powerful? Thanks' for the FR :P

  • Buzz

MasEnha, 01 Mar 2014Hey Buzz, hw do U compare both power? Using some kind of benchma... moreMasEnsha, Some people!

3GPP Release 12 has a Functional freeze date (including stable protocols) by September 2014. It encompasses nearly 200 new top-level ‘Features’, resulting in a wide variety of new functionality and improvements to existing features, reflected in thousands of new or updated specifications. Release 12 also includes 60 new studies (Published in Technical Reports - TRs).

A significant proportion of 3GPP’s recent work has been focused on channel aggregation, to meet the growing demands of data transmission. Other priorities in the radio aspects area include topics related to higher data rates and increased capacity, either by the use of more frequency bands, or by further improvements in spectral efficiency. 3GPP will address energy saving, cost efficiency (including the use of Self-Optimising Networks (SON)), support for diverse application and traffic types, and backhaul enhancements.

In the systems area, 3GPP will look at promoting new business opportunities, in public safety and critical communications, proximity services and machine-type communications. In the area of WiFi integration, 3GPP will work on network selection aspects, S2a mobility with the GPRS Tunnelling Protocol (GTP) for WLANs, and optimised offloading to WLAN in 3GPP Radio Access Technology (RAT) mobility. In the area of system capacity and stability, issues of user-plane congestion and core network overload will be addressed.

  • MasEnha

Buzz, 01 Mar 2014Friends, I attended the MWC in Barcelona. I am a Iphone5s owner ... moreHey Buzz, hw do U compare both power? Using some kind of benchmark or jst from the trial usage? Surely SGS5 won't be the world fastest phone when reached market; as it's using last year's (chipset) tech. Soon U'll convert to another :)

What do you know about GSM spec? 3GPP, SIMAlliance, else? I believe U know nothing about it. GSM spec has nothing to do with phone power. I can't be wrong, I works on this field, sorry to say.

  • Krishna

Last year's NOTE 3 has 3gb RAM,but wat abt the latest S5.the phone is not so diff from S4.S4 feels has better design.
1.64bit chip is missing
2.4gb ram is missing sucks
4.fingerprint scanner scans only in one direction.
5.15g heavier than previous model.
6.crap looking touch wiz

Samsung's innovation(copying)stopped bcoz a new iPhone hasn't come yet...

  • theoc81

It reminds me of the original Galaxy S. Samsung isn't really moving forward with this model. Disappointing. I can't believe this is Samsung's flagship for 2014.

  • Debbie

Buzz has it 100% correct the samsung galaxy S5 will convert me as well once I get to use it. Thansk Buzz great comment and you may have coverted me for sure also

  • Anonymous

Pepet Moo, 01 Mar 2014Apple: Dear Samsung, please consider fabricating for us a quad c... moreyou wrote this garbage in apple forum.

  • Buzz

Friends, I attended the MWC in Barcelona. I am a Iphone5s owner but after the show I have been completely converted by the SAMSUNG GALAXY S5. As a power user the S5 blows always the 5s. I am also so sick of all the proprietary bullsh-t from Apple. After hands own with the S5 it is a total dream to use and hold. Forget all the darn BS comment on no metal body etc. It just totally out powers the Iphone5s. I also believe most of the people commenting here no nothing about engineering and GSM specifications other than sitting on their couch eating Twinkies. The Samsung Galaxy S5 is truely the best poweruser phone made to date! HANDSDOWN

  • Anonymous

Terrible lousy phone
I rather get the HTC M8
This phone no hide its useless mono speaker at the back unlike HTC M8 which features dual frontal stereo speakers. Still using cheap bandaid plastics while HTC already went full metal unibody.
Moreover, this phone has thick bezels and not to mention tons of bloatwares which takes up more than 50% of its 16GB internal storage. What the heck is that Kids Mode bloatware on this silly phone?

5.1" with only lousy 2800 mAH, which year are we living at now? good luck with your Screen On Time.

Overall, I will give this phone 2/10.
Once Samsung will never return again.

I will aim the HTC M8 which is much superior and much more innovative.

  • shambu

boaring fone......

  • Using S3

T-Mobile crosses 100K per-registrations for the Galaxy S5 in two days

  • Jarret

Pepet Moo, 01 Mar 2014Apple: Dear Samsung, please consider fabricating for us a quad c... moreApple : Dear Samsung, i hate you cause our sales drops.

  • wall-e

BlazyB, 28 Feb 2014To me the S5 is an exceptional phone. The design might have b... moreSmartest comment so far