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  • AnonD-239239

#SamsungGalaxyS5 i dono wht they were trying to do,most anticipated flagship n nerds turned it ugliest yuh #SamsungUnpacked #dissapointed !#SamsungGalaxyS5 or those nerds made a bigger #S4 huh em gonna stick with my #S4 thinking to go for #apple or maybe wait for #NOTE4

  • AnonD-238718

ankitanvi, 28 Feb 2014Stupid samsung..!! If we have to unlock the phone by SWYPING on... moreBoss, u r right. Stupid samsung

  • omar

Without raido, I will never buy this phone.

I don't wanna hear someone say download radio app because App radio is joke and it should be connected to wifi all the time ..

High end phone with no radio , thats why I didn't even bother to buy s4 or note3 .

I am still using note2 but come one, I need new phone.

  • naveed smarty

Apple designs his own os, manufactures his own chipset-camera-built quality everything... And the company optimises all the apps and games for each and every apple product for a better and smooth performance..
So the price fixed by apple for its products is reasonable with some profit for the company..
But as far as Samsung Galaxy S5, the os is desinged by Google, the chipset is made by Qualcomm and only the phone built is made by samsung(and some useless softwares which no one cares)...
So people, dont compare Samsung and Apple...
Samsung is no where near Apple..
Apple has done more for the consumers than Samsung..

  • ankitanvi

Stupid samsung..!!
If we have to unlock the phone by SWYPING on the fingerprint sensor, its better to do it on the screen like before...!!
Also, Swype up, down, left, right_none matter on the screen..!!!!
Sammy fooling people....BS :-/

  • Designer

Both S5 and iPhone 5S cannot make it. Both are S.

  • Designer

Lousy. Not much innovation. S5 is really a S.

  • Thunder

MAN, 28 Feb 2014Why Samsung reject the Radio Facility? I am a huge Samsung fan. Been waiting for the S5 before I am willing to upgrade. Really dissapointed that no RADIO was included as a feature.!!!

  • AnonD-235493

Ouwch how I hope Samsung copied Samsung Champ design with colorful polycarbonate body! LOL

  • BlazyB

To me the S5 is an exceptional phone.

The design might have been bettered a bit I agree but I buy based on perfomance not on looks.

5.1 is big enough and keep in mind that now the S range has touched the phablet territory that only should belong to the Note series.

Im even okay with the ram being 2 gig cause now touchwiz is lighter, kit kat is light on resources too plus the snapdragon 801 chip should do a good job making the phone super fast.

Lastly the 4K ultra HD for me is a bonus plus the 16 mp camera over the 13mp found on an S4 is even better.

I think you guys read to many leaked info that wasnt confirmed by samsung and drew to many expectations based on that.

The phone should have had better rating score as well.

  • nat

MAN, 28 Feb 2014Why Samsung reject the Radio Facility? No radio -I will not by S5 , my samsung S3 have a radio!!

  • AnonD-187873

Hey bro its my humble request that pls don't compare Samsung to apple. Apple is not at all giving less for more ok.

  • AnonD-80052

Samsung is getting more and more like Apple:
Selling less for more.
Just because it is new/updated, it doesn't make it better.
There are some other more innovative options and plenty of 1/2-year-old phones that do the same job.

Unless you're filthy rich or a desperate fanboy, you'll stay away from these "new" phones/gimmicks which show how multinational companies are shamelessly cashing in on old formulas and gullible consumers.
Capitalism isn't working!

  • Anonymous

Its amazing and i love it ...

  • AnonD-234697

s5 is a good no fanboy..and also the expectations for this device was too high..but rethink
1.people need a new design...they shouldve chabged the design...i know that a person uses a phone for usage and bot looks but still every one wants their phone to look nice...
2.remove heart beat sensor and instead lower the price...
3.remove gimmicky software features...and make touchwiz light .... the ui in s5 is very inconsistent...the settings icons look flat...but the app drawers are normal...but then the notifications are different.. widgets like clock weather calender are touchwiz font....its too INCONSISTENT... unlike htc sense 5 ..everything looks neat has a particular consistent tabs and white looks neat and elegant...
.....otherwise s5 is a very good phone...but the fact is customers do appreciate the above z2 abd htc m8...have no gimmicky features and overhyped softwares...they keep things to the overdoing stuff...sonys ui is also cleaber

  • Anonymous

This is the best phone in the world. There are no phones to compare with it. I phone is good but unreasonably expensive . Htc , sony , lg , lenovo , zte , , huawei are competitive with prices and specification but fall short in SUPER AMOLED screen.

  • MAN

Why Samsung reject the Radio Facility?

  • Polish Soliciter

The low ratings probably came from trolls. The design may look bad but it's practical. The perforated back is for enhanced grip but it does have a plaster-like look :p
How can features be a 4.7? When I hear the name Samsung Galaxy, I think of a feature-filled smartphone. Samsung Galaxy phones have always been about their features like the fingerprint scanner, heart rate sensor and some other add-ons.
A 5.0 for performance is rather acceptable because of the heavy RAM usage that TouchWiz takes. There was a mention from Samsung that the "new" TouchWiz will be less memory-demanding.
In overall, I think it's an exceptional device.

P.S. to the trolls, make constructive comments like mine, not a comment with an evidence-less conclusion ;)

  • AnonD-218710

There was a hype created, before launch leaks pic showed no side bezel ad round surface with metal body. Sammy could nt afford to lower its profits, ad had a vent to take risks. It has done it lets see another 800$ cell wth no rocket science added. Its a blunder on purpose it can afford. I sure will gurantee will never buy it. Will Look fr S7 maybe.

  • MasEnha

Anonymous, 28 Feb 2014Samsung Phone have only 1 year validity, and after that it start... moreWhat issue did U get? My S3, which I bought during launch is in perfect shape. I have 3 friends whose using xperia, all of them having battery issue (on less than 1 year). Heard Sony's after sales service is very bad in my country, unlike Samsung.