Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung Galaxy S5

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  • AnonD-237328

Diving, 25 Feb 2014I'm using LG G2 it is the best unit i ever had battery perf... moreyes,abslutely bro Lg g2 is very good phone.

  • the samesung

The only disappointing is no 2 k display,3 gzram n small battery capacity i just stick to note3

  • AnonD-149284

Where the hell is the exynos version ??? Was supposed to be the 64 bit Chip by Samsung

  • Diving

I'm using LG G2 it is the best unit i ever had battery performance display speed amazing unit.

  • AnonD-237328

Not good enough as compared to Note 3 and Iphone5.Samsung s5 Should be for Rs.20,000 and Not enough becoz it is Boring phone with dirty android.s4 is 10times better than that.lg g Flex is better than rating about s5 is 5 Stars out of 2.7 Stars where s4 is 5 stars out of 3.9 stars.

  • Markus

Hahaha, epic fail!! Bye bye Samsung. Welcome Sony! :D

  • Doctor

They should have changed the look its been the same for 4 years come on.

  • Anonymous

Samsung ur bullets in gun finish..ur slowely dead like nokia ithink iphone is better when iphone 6 is to iphone...

  • leos

DISAPPOINTED!!! I do not know what Samsung meant saying that they were listening to customers, not sure that anyone requested this useless heart rate meter. But I am sure 99% of users were requesting larger battery. And this dotted lather-like plastic is looks really ridiculous. I do not see any real improvement over S4.

  • ROn

I had expected many things from samsung but s5 is an huge disapointment .

  • Anonymous

Samsung Galaxy S(ame)5
I mean S(hame)5

  • Anonymous

Handy user, 25 Feb 2014We don't need waterproof smartphones. As no one would want ... moreyes we do : accident-prone people abound, drop phone in the loo, spill coffees on phone etc...go to the beach and have to leave phone outside and someone steals it from you.
Waterproof is a must for all electronics, well at least the portable/wearable ones :-)

  • kp

S5 ram is a major z2 rocks!!!!!


AnonD-182072, 25 Feb 2014Guys wait S5 premium edition... S5 metal edition... s5 ... morethats real funny....

  • hamoodxs


  • shatterstar

why such a big phone with only 2800 battery?

  • smarttyhere

WTF! no upgradation of RAM .same as of s4.poor design.who need water resistant phn.i had waited for 6month.grt grt disappointment.wud rather stick to s4.looks like samsung era has going to end.

  • k11

ram is a big disappointment....note 3 has more ram than s5

  • Anonymous

I expected it but what shocked me was the design terrible, I have used galaxy before then change to nexus4 now I'm using g2 and waiting for g3, I can noticed the big different from Samsung phone in most aspect Samsung sell cheap phone at very high price even the note3 back leather not truly leather it's still plastic but design like leather the side It looks like metal but still plastic design like metal, I guessed Samsung fooling their customer due to heavy ads to gain time to wake up Samsung fans try to use g2 and I can say maybe you don't want to go back Samsung anymore.

  • Anonymous

what an ugly design..its getting worst. S4 luks better than this