Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung Galaxy S5

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  • Larten

Disappointed ... I have HTC One and it's awesome ... I should be waiting for the next HTC's flagship or iPhone 6

  • AnonD-112964

S5 JUST FAILED!! What a totally rubish design, still plastic! Hideous phone! S4 is even better. Im wondering what the heck the designer thinks and imagine?

  • omg

You are actually not listening to the consumers.

  • salman

i was thinkinhg that the design of S5 will be outstanding but its so simple . i mean it should not S5.i am rarele disappointed

  • AnonD-237419

look is very bad but feature is awesome

  • Mr. T

No major improvement . S4's price has been cut . So no point of buying S5 . They re almost same except small improvement in camera and CPU . Boring . .............................................


I think I will not recontract for this. I will wait for iphone 6 instead. XD

  • AnonD-237412

Really Samsung. One of the most disappointing releases by you guys. At least you could have come up with some Super Amoled plus panel. I was planning to Buy this but I think will wait for something Like Next HTC flagship or LG G3.

I think may be SAMSUNG is going to launch new HIGH END series with skyhigh price tag later.

  • Pwl

It is isocell in camera?

  • Rated R

Know shit samsung will raise its price to almost 50K or 899$ crap go with note 3 instead

  • Optional

faris aljamalullail, 25 Feb 2014For god sake samsung !!! Why dont you change the model ? It... moreCheck the specs of sony z2 and tell me if the s5 has the best specs. Sammy let us down one more time

  • AnonD-237405

Is this you flagship????.. its just a waste . a baby with Note3 & S4 and some DNA from s4 active. cnt get anyother model??? how rubbish and unimaginative your designers are.. are you have any sence ??? oh total waste i was planing to buy this, may be samsung wil die soon like nokia.....

  • VK

what the hell is that???? plastic again!!!!!! nooooooo I'll go for SONY XPERIA Z2 much better then this ugly phone!!!!!!

  • AnonD-98370

Samsung Galaxy Fail 5

  • khalifa

i am so disappointment ! I WILL KEEP MY S4
same bad UI
same Design
same Screen resolution
almost same battery 2600 to 2800 only
same speakers
heavier from 130 to now 145
thicker from 7.9 to now 8.1
no FM radio
same build material plastic :'( sorry this time Samsung i will cheat on you >>> HTC OR APPLE

  • Anonymous

old brandy new bottile

  • Banda

What's So Amazing..? What is its Unique Specification that can drag one to buy this phone. Passe Model with Old School Hardware Keys, 16MP Camera, Same Old Plastic with dot design.. Not alteast Stainless Steel nor Faux Steel, All Chrome Coated Plastic Body, with mere 5.1" Screen.. 2800mAh Battery..???
At least I thought, it would carry a 50MP Camera as Nokia Lumia 1020 carries a 41MP one. (x)
A Stainless Steel Back Cover As Nokia 701 or HTC (x)
A Full Touch Keyless Front Panel(x)
Atleast 9" SAMOLED Screen with 1000nits of Brightness and 1000:1 Contrast Ratio (x)
Cost in INR: May be 56,540.
If this same amount is out for FD for a term of 2 Years from Now at 9.25% ROI, it would fetch an amount of INR 67,887, with Annual Yield of 10.03%.
Out of Expectations

  • AnonD-114814

Eiji, 25 Feb 2014Am I the only one disappointed here ? To me, it looks like... moreYet I can not wait lg g3 coming in May this year. who will have 2k HD display, Snapdragon 805, Adreno 420, 16 mps ois camera, 3GB of RAM, FM radio and much more,. LG has always had innovation in technology, how those mighty rewards and recognition to many fairs. s5 disappointment and Samsung as a company

  • faris aljamalullail

For god sake samsung !!! Why dont you change the model ? Its bloody bad design omg !? The specification i think no doubt its the best phone in the world yet but the model probably the worst in the entire universe.

  • AnonD-129996

This is not a flagship. It is flagsh't. how dare Samsung is to mention this as flagship. Very dissapointed