Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung Galaxy S5

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  • AnonD-237306

Apple must be laughing their asses off right now. Major disappointment Samsung. I've been using your phones for years and now I feel a brand switch is imminent.

  • Naqsh

Anti Climax.

  • Ex Samsung fan

Is that the best Samsung has to offer? Whahaha... SONY Xperia Z2 all the way!

  • AnonD-79047

Galaxy Note 3 so much better than this Galaxy S5. Not good what i expected.

  • AnonD-237292

Biggest let down in Samsung history. Any one of the concept models would have been better than this POS. Nothing new/or exciting about this phone at all. Are they even trying anymore????? Way to throw in the towel to your competitors, Jumping ship the Sony!!!!!!

  • Naveen Farook

Are Samsung designers being paid by Apple? What the hell is wrong with them? I see Samsung is in for a surprise this quarter and the next. Hope they realize their mistake in selecting shitty designs and get their act together soon. At least, learn after seeing what happened to Nokia.

  • AnonD-8044

I think its obvious to everyone now that the Samsung Note is their flagship it's just shame about size for me personally.

  • AnonD-182072

Guys wait
S5 premium edition...
S5 metal edition...
s5 lite edition...
S5 dual edition..
S5 Mini ...
S5 advance..
S5 Neo..
S5 Pro ...
S5 Lite duos
S5 mini lite editions are coming may be they will announce these editions starting from today 25,26,27,28......

  • giratina2009

kobbycarson, 24 Feb 2014note 3 has 3gb ram Its os of kitkat consumes less ram, so 2gb ram is packed inside.

  • Anonymous

this device is a complete bust.. Samsung are you kidding us how about calling it Galaxy S4 neo???

  • AnonD-237240

Ok i'll go with the Nokia or Sony, so Goodbye Samsung.

  • AnonD-89174

AnonD-237281, 25 Feb 2014is this the real spec of S5 , look like not what i accepted... moreUnfortunately this is your most awaited epic fail device. Just accept it. Sony Xperia Z2 and Nokia Lumia 1520 for the win!

  • AnonD-89174

This phone is nothing now compared to the Xperia Z2. From the design all the way to the internal specs. Z2 uses a new generation of chipset and it has 3GB of ram for better multitasking. The S5 is almost on par with the Z1's specs. Sony will take the crown this time. I would rather carry a brick with a classy style than carry a plastic douche bag with this phone. Note 3 is way better than this! Samsung is going down now. Sony and Nokia know what their followers need and want.

  • Anonymous

FM is missing and this is serious SAMSUNG.....80% of world still listens to FM on phone.....Guys u just lost half of ur buyers becoz of this single feature.

  • Bravo

No FM Radio....yes,yes,yes,bravo,i hit the jackpot,million thanks samsung.

Still 2GB ram....outdated

5.1"....not big enough

2800 mAh battery....lower than expectation.

Water thanks and no need,i don't purchase a new phone and dip it into water.

Great thanks samsung for all the above specs,as i have pre-order my G PRO 2 even before the s5 specs are out,great you never disappoint me,i have made the right choice of G PRO 2,never regret....cheers,my G PRO 2 will eat you out.

  • AnonD-237275

therons, 25 Feb 2014don't worry. S5 will coming : 1. S5 premium metal edition ... moreI think it already exist now.. called the Z2 :P

  • AnonD-237284

Samsung, you was nice! now...mmmm

  • AnonD-237277

Everything is same as old models leks of creativity like nokia or htc

  • AnonD-237281

is this the real spec of S5 , look like not what i accepted , 2K display 3G Ram atlast .?

  • LOL

Its a big LoL :)

The Samsung Galaxy Note ll is far much better than this new shitty S5 .