Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung Galaxy S5

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  • Vash

AnonD-125619, 25 Feb 2014seriously samsung? this is not we hope for s5, its more like S4s... moreSamsung no innovation copy cat very disapointed

  • Shareer

AnonD-11696, 25 Feb 2014Samsung, come on, this is not what I expected from you, I'm real... more100% agree with u,
Samsung really disappointed with the launch of S5.
I was long waiting and reayd to buy but after seeing the spec. I decided to stay on S4

  • manoj

Doesn't look as elegant as s4. its weight has also been increased which is not a good proposition. overall not an impressive launch

  • Heero

I found Galaxy S5 is using S801(S800 8974AB), not only S800.

  • user56

I had big expectations as always this time samsung disappointed me alot. Not gonna spend my money again on samsung it's very similar to s4 the back design looks cheap it doesn't feel like ur holding high price phone even grand 2 have back cover similar to note 3 that feel good in hand. 2gb ram r u kidding your customers? Samsung you copy features of others and pay fine then copy design too because ur designing engineers are outdated!Goodbye samsung s4 was my last phone from Samsung .

  • CM

With galaxy making good revenue, samsung s5 failed to showcase remarkable upgrade of chipset design, futuristic looks along with 2k display.time to switch to other great companies?

  • AnonD-11696

Samsung, come on, this is not what I expected from you, I'm really disappointed, I expected 4 GB of RAM and an Octacore at 2 Ghz and much more hardware, design & software improvements, not like what Apple just does (add a new feature and call it the next major thing) but I really didn't find such improvements in the S4 and S5 today, also, I'm not sure why on Earth did you remove the Radio FM feature from the S4 and still kept it removed from the S5 despite the major disappointment that was circulating over the Internet the last year, Yes, we use FM in 2014 and it's an essential in worldwide emergency precautions to have one, definitely not upgrading.

  • malti

this the worst ever samsung phone, and much much lower than my expectations. congratulations samsung! u r the loser in 2014. i had waited for 6 month to see this phone, but what did u do samsung with my wishes. f

  • saffwan

what is this? i can't believe that it is S5 and there is no radio. samsung is making people fool.

  • Lucifer

Only 2gb ram?? Note 3 has 3gb ram how come s5 has 2gb ram ?? Sony z2 has even 3gb ram.. Big disappointment from s5 in terms of ram and design. They should have better! :(

  • i3loomy

Well guys, this is not the 100% correct. Just wait for the full release and if i must remind all of you that last time you guys freaked out about the S4 and the Note 3. So how about giving Samsung the time to actually publish the right specs.

  • AnonD-100668

This is not s5,this is s0.Don,t buy this phone,go with note 3, sony t2 ultra & iphone6.

  • Sammy

This would be bad if other company like LG, HTC and Sony will make there flagship with octa cores and 2k displays and newer chip installed.

  • AnonD-237248

I was very excited about samsung galaxy s5 but samsung really disappointed me. Is this really samsung galaxy s5. Rumors was it might be have 64bit processor pixels density will be 561ppi.

  • Atharkhan786

O come on Samsung What is this ?????
You didnt even update your Ram. Samsung u are killing yourself. Now i came to know that s4 is precious thing as after a year we got this update. Sony Z2 is far more better than this. Even China Mobile Gionee E7 has the same specs. Great dissapointment

  • Xxx

Big time let down by Samsung. After almost one year, this is what you bring to the table. Are you following the foot step of nokia? Do you want to put yourself in shit hole? Come on,it's time to reshuffle your designing team. Totally unsatisfied. I will skip this so does S4.

  • Anonymous

Well good the IP 67
the bad no optical image stabilization
no dual sim

  • AnonD-195163

Samsung is making tons of money every year...

And they just can't hire a better designer?

Really don't understand what is happening to Samsung...

  • Samsung

Lol, I didnt expect this coming, :D I thought it would be running octa core, 2k display resolution and a more powerful chipset and a unique design. I think i'll stick with my Note 3 on this hehehehe,

  • Naveen

Big disappointment with the design, worst design no change in design. Specification sucks. They can call it as Galaxy '0' not '5'.