Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung Galaxy S5

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  • JC

We're all expecting too much....clearly the S5 is a modest upgrade of S4.....
If samsung follow apple, like 4S/5S convention showing the ph is a small upgrade, then no one would be too disappointed.....

  • AnonD-237393

very very ugly

  • Eiji

Am I the only one disappointed here ?
To me, it looks like mix of S4 and Note 3.
Nothing special in design.
I think that G2 can fight this phone sholder to sholder.
And LG G3 will beat this.
Jusy my opinion.
Its not that bad, but it could be much better.

  • EVAN

i am a big samsung fan could not wait for s5, but now thats it is here i am soooooo disappionted in samsung really. they should have made a winner but they failed, now i am thinking of staying with my s4 no need getting the s5 that disappionted me those specs is a shame and the phone is just plain ugly.

  • Stanmathe

I have to bow down for the S5, Samsung is the best phone in the market. This phone have fingerprint recognision, so I thank Samsung for coming with such amaming technology. I am grateful

  • Dani

Samsung Galaxy note 3 have 3 GB ram but it's ram is 2 GB

  • catman

Many here ask for more RAM.. 3,4,5??.. how many apps you can use in one time? 10, 20?.. remember more RAM more power consumption.. then you'll complain about power. Not to back Samsung. . But 2GB RAM is sufficient... use it efficiently.. delete or disable apps that you don't use.. I use nexus 4 with 2GB ram.. suck power like hell.. 2GB is enough for me.. just put back the radio Samsung. . Put back the radio. Always.. like before.

  • Anonymous

Where can i get a 128gb micro sd card ? :-P

  • Amir

Guys just check the link below.what do u think?

it's copying from back cover.isn't it?

Galaxy S5 is so disappointing!!why they were in rush for announcing this phone?
anyway will not buy S5.will buy galaxy s4 black edition instead.
viva galaxy S4.

  • Ruch

this is the time for Apple to come back and destroy Samsung market! S5 is a shit , same ugly galaxy shape with plastic body.... LG will take place of Samsung very soon!!!

  • AnonD-188404

No fm radio ? Wtf lame ~

  • nik

I love my s4 market cracked by s4 will be down by s5..I think apple is laughing

  • raymond

Specs are great but I was expecting for a new design with this phone still it looks like GS4 just have some upgrade with the specs.

  • hash media

wonder full soooper smart phone

  • Anonymous

AnonD-156880, 25 Feb 2014Wow..... Again Samsung introduced brand new old Samsung g... moresamsung sucks :)

  • AnonD-81552

Really very bad letdown bad designed

  • AnonD-89527

Its gonna get its Ass kicked by HTC M8 as the Samsung S4 got kicked off b M7

  • U Ram

really wonderful

  • atemlos schiller

Samsung done great job

  • AnonD-24935

I Am Very Dissapointed That They Didn't Mention Anything about The Exynos Version in the Event..Who the Hell Cares About Snapdragon Version....and About the Design i expected more Bezel screen like LG G2 ......Right Now My Galaxy S4 looks Better and more Pocketable than This New Crap........Samsung U Just Dissapointed Us...