Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung Galaxy S5

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  • AnonD-100668

very poor,go with Note3 or s4

  • AnonD-48911

Ram 2gb or 3g? Note 3 has 3gb ram, how cum gs5 has 2gb?

  • Psan

I don't have money 2 buy this. if I had, I' ll Buy LG G pro 2 for sure ;-) your sales will go down Samsung...

  • AnonD-237240

Ugly Smartphone looks cheap

  • grandian

this samsung galaxy s5 can move apps to sdcard?

  • Aikato

Anonymous, 25 Feb 2014This is the first version and will be cheap. You need reasons... moreReally?

  • Handy user

We don't need waterproof smartphones. As no one would want to use their phone under water

  • mandp

A phone with a plastic surgery.

  • Rameez

2gb ram,432ppi, I think S4 is much better than S5...we are totally dis appointed with you bcoz we expect more from you..

Finally my opinion is just wait for Apple iphone 6 surely they will make something more than S5...grow samsung grow..

  • PasserBy

AnonD-237139, 25 Feb 2014Where is the 1. 64 bit CPU 2. display resolution 2k 3. res... moreAre you going to use those features everyday? like seriously?

  • Way finder

Anonymous, 25 Feb 2014no radio??That was the 3rd thing I noticed after the processor and resolution :/ y would they wanna remove the radio :(

  • Xperia

They call ot flagship? Maybe his is not their true flagship for 2014

  • comercial 478

gatt767, 24 Feb 2014Had great expectations but this one seems to be the worst ever g... morebut if it is metal it would be a lot more expensive like IPhone, so I think its good that they did it plastic, and I really dont care if its plastic or metal, if the phone has a good processor its awesome!!!

  • Nodir

Samsung learning producting phones from Apple. :( There are no major difference between S4 and S5 like iPhone 5 and 5S. I didn't expect this kind of SHAME!

  • Danyboy

changed the chipset detail.. Quad-Core Snapdragon 801 (MSM8974AC) SoC

  • AnonD-133810

Sammy, you failed with this's ugly and only 2 gb of ram, 70% of ram like always is ocupied by touchwiz...note 3 is mhch better

  • abu jawad

I think its good for s4

  • Aino

the next plastic

  • AnonD-237222

no no no are u kiding me man?
this phone made from plastic material and the price may be $7xx up, thats so bullSh*t :v

  • Kassiopeia

I thought by now Samsung would be investing on OLED technology and apply such on this S5 model. The specifications for this handset is fair yet the Note 3 has the upon hand. Please don't compare these handsets to the iPhone since it has a more minimalist approach and limited features which Apple has control of.