Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung Galaxy S5

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  • Bravo

No FM Radio....yes,yes,yes,bravo,i hit the jackpot,million thanks samsung.

Still 2GB ram....outdated

5.1"....not big enough

2800 mAh battery....lower than expectation.

Water thanks and no need,i don't purchase a new phone and dip it into water.

Great thanks samsung for all the above specs,as i have pre-order my G PRO 2 even before the s5 specs are out,great you never disappoint me,i have made the right choice of G PRO 2,never regret....cheers,my G PRO 2 will eat you out.

  • AnonD-237275

therons, 25 Feb 2014don't worry. S5 will coming : 1. S5 premium metal edition ... moreI think it already exist now.. called the Z2 :P

  • AnonD-237284

Samsung, you was nice! now...mmmm

  • AnonD-237277

Everything is same as old models leks of creativity like nokia or htc

  • AnonD-237281

is this the real spec of S5 , look like not what i accepted , 2K display 3G Ram atlast .?

  • LOL

Its a big LoL :)

The Samsung Galaxy Note ll is far much better than this new shitty S5 .

  • AnonD-19086

galaxy s5 is the best if xperia z2 never exist in the world :)

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 25 Feb 2014A nano SIM?? What was wrong with the Micro SIM??Whats the wrong with samsung ?

  • AnonD-237272

im very happy with my S4...

  • Anonymous

Samsung copied waterproofing from xperia smartphones.

Now Apple will really sue Samsung for using S5 because Apple is the first to use it in iPhone 5s.

  • CJ

This is the worst Galaxy yet and I had the 2 3 and now the 4 Samsung is about to lose me as a cutomer.

  • Anonymous

therons, 25 Feb 2014don't worry. S5 will coming : 1. S5 premium metal edition ... morethey cant do this. people who bought the s5 now will be extremely mad at samsung.

  • therons

don't worry. S5 will coming :
1. S5 premium metal edition
2. S5 3 gb ram edition
3. S5 20.7 mp camera edition
4. S5 exynos edition
5. S5 neo edition (cheaper)
6. S5 mini

just wait... LMAO

  • pervysage

wtf! What is Samsung doing...? I am shocked that this is s% as I thought they learned their lesson last yr with what happened to the S4. Because of your failure, Sony will eat the crap out of you. Then again, I think this will be HTC's year, this is if they fixed their camera, battery and include memory card. Well, LG has a weird release for their G2 last year. Think they dont want to compete with other manufacturers and just getting those disappointed customers on what the current market has to offer.

  • DD

Well done no FM Radio again.. Wait for S5 Mini then put in Radio???

  • AnonD-179821

3 months back i traded my s4 with lg g2 because of the snapdragon 800, optical image stabilization and an awesome screen. but i was expecting that Samsung will compel me to come back on s5.....
but its a huge disappointment. can anybody tell me any noticeable difference between s5 and s4 active LTE-A. both phone are IP67 water proof 1080p screen, snapdaragon 800, cam is 16mp instead of 13mp which is not a huge difference and above all both have ugly design.
my G2 is far better and i m definitely looking foe g3...
bye bye samsung

  • Note3User

RAM 2 GB not enough

  • Babylonian

This new S5 looks awful - omg i expected a lot more from samsung

  • AnonD-208848

S5 is the beginning of the end for Samsung, after all this waiting bad quality manufacture and Z2 is better, its the era of SONY now.