Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung Galaxy S5

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  • AnonD-237272

im very happy with my S4...

  • Anonymous

Samsung copied waterproofing from xperia smartphones.

Now Apple will really sue Samsung for using S5 because Apple is the first to use it in iPhone 5s.

  • CJ

This is the worst Galaxy yet and I had the 2 3 and now the 4 Samsung is about to lose me as a cutomer.

  • Anonymous

therons, 25 Feb 2014don't worry. S5 will coming : 1. S5 premium metal edition 2. S... morethey cant do this. people who bought the s5 now will be extremely mad at samsung.

  • therons

don't worry. S5 will coming :
1. S5 premium metal edition
2. S5 3 gb ram edition
3. S5 20.7 mp camera edition
4. S5 exynos edition
5. S5 neo edition (cheaper)
6. S5 mini

just wait... LMAO

  • pervysage

wtf! What is Samsung doing...? I am shocked that this is s% as I thought they learned their lesson last yr with what happened to the S4. Because of your failure, Sony will eat the crap out of you. Then again, I think this will be HTC's year, this is if they fixed their camera, battery and include memory card. Well, LG has a weird release for their G2 last year. Think they dont want to compete with other manufacturers and just getting those disappointed customers on what the current market has to offer.

  • DD

Well done no FM Radio again.. Wait for S5 Mini then put in Radio???

  • AnonD-179821

3 months back i traded my s4 with lg g2 because of the snapdragon 800, optical image stabilization and an awesome screen. but i was expecting that Samsung will compel me to come back on s5.....
but its a huge disappointment. can anybody tell me any noticeable difference between s5 and s4 active LTE-A. both phone are IP67 water proof 1080p screen, snapdaragon 800, cam is 16mp instead of 13mp which is not a huge difference and above all both have ugly design.
my G2 is far better and i m definitely looking foe g3...
bye bye samsung

  • Note3User

RAM 2 GB not enough

  • Babylonian

This new S5 looks awful - omg i expected a lot more from samsung

  • AnonD-208848

S5 is the beginning of the end for Samsung, after all this waiting bad quality manufacture and Z2 is better, its the era of SONY now.

  • techmaster

gatt767, 24 Feb 2014Had great expectations but this one seems to be the worst ever g... morethey were going to!
i guess they thought they shud save the idea or smthin
metal chassis

  • Subhankar

Please edit that galaxy s 5 has snapdragon 801 not snapdragon 800

  • Anonymous

Samsung doing again great job SGS5. It looks awesome! Everything is perfect! Samsung S1 and S4 design combination...Thanks to Samsung not much bigger size which is not easy to handle..

  • Anonymous

A nano SIM?? What was wrong with the Micro SIM??

  • AnonD-156880

Wow..... Again Samsung introduced brand new old Samsung galaxys4.... Great hats off to the designer.... I will never buy Samsung phones again.....

  • jskm

Enough of criticism! U have not seen the invitation of samsung of MWC which says EPISODE I, which means GALAXY F Series of metal casing with premium look is yet to be unveiled with octa core and other innovative feature so wait for the surprise!!!!!

  • Anonymous

What the hell happened to Samsung?Note 3 was amazing.2gb ram is not very good for an android device especially touchwiz.

  • AnonD-210066

This is ugliest galaxy device I have seen

I think it's end of Samsung Nokia is back with bang