Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung Galaxy S5

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  • tuff

lumia 1020 is 41 pixels while S5 is struggling with 16.let see this surpassed

  • torpe7

Note 4, 07 Feb 2014Is That Mean Note 4 come soon ?the note 3 was only released late 2014 so expect the note 4 late 2014 early 2015. probably with a galaxy gear v2

  • ckp

We need fm radio too please. I hate it when there is no fm radio, after all this high end price tag.

Note 4, 07 Feb 2014Is That Mean Note 4 come soon ?Note 4 only in the second half of the year.

  • siddhss

benchmark suggested 2gb ram, is it true ?? and yes gsmarena....plz add info of exynos version......

  • Note 4

Is That Mean Note 4 come soon ?

  • AnonD-191712

wants a 4.8" inch Amoled and small bazel phone from sammy....

It will be a much better device than the Galaxy S4. I hope they will add a radio on this one. Wireless Radio is not the same with the FM Radio.

  • Hos90

Micro usb v 3.0

  • AnonD-122041

consider to have a 4.7" dual sim version too.

  • AnonD-231261

I've heard that Samsung will also be releasing 2 versions of the Galaxy S 5. 1 using the Qualcomm Snapdragon CPU and the other using their own Exynos 6 CPU.

I just hope that the Galaxy S 5 will still feature hardware buttons as I hate losing screen space to software buttons.

  • Anonymous

ali.m, 06 Feb 2014infrared yes ? !With infrared you can use the phone as a remote control for your TV and so on...

  • Joe7

no radio!? why samsung?

  • pannu

galaxy s5 big power phone and nice feature

  • Sam

Qualcomm Snapdragon 805? Wow!

This chip-set has a new Adreno 420 GPU, with up to 40 percent more graphics processing power than its predecessor(Adreno 320), the Snapdragon 805 processor is the first mobile processor to offer system-level Ultra HD support, 4K video capture and playback.

  • Anonymous

eu, 05 Feb 2014u master made my day.Actually hope AIR will a bit sooner. Well he wanted to know when the king of mobile phones was going to be released . I gave him a legit answer. I don't really know you can never tell for sure , it depends what theyprioritize first but I'm thinking probably march.

  • AnonD-231122

Samsung galaxy always best

  • ali.m

infrared yes ? !

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]sim card is not big deal
sony or htc or Samsung all better than
android os the best os in our days
you can see the sales and popularity
another thing
android in its all versions give the user more options than we can get from Apple i phone

i will not talk about applications and their options which we cannot compare with little Apple store
you can try xperia z or galaxy s4 HTC one before reply to me

  • Anonymous

So much high res will be the biggest battery sucker......nd 3200 mah is also not very high seeing the specs...a 4000 mah would be m8 is my bet...better build,looks are more elegant and classy....unlike an ugly plastic over hyped samsung with heavily gimmicky offence but m8 is way better in simplicity and functionability