Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung Galaxy S5

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  • AnonD-77892


  • Anonymous

Why so big ??? A lot of people that doesn t buy samsung s-series and prefere iphone is beaucause the gigantic size . I understand note , mega , grand to be gigantic , but s-series should be 4-4.6 max inch is enough
I wonder if thay put top perfomance like 20 mp , xenom , octa core 2.5ghz 4gb ram 32gb/64gb/128gb and only 4.3 inch that will atracted a lot of more people .

  • Akshay

AnonD-222610, 05 Feb 2014Samsung always being the first most powerful device in the market.Again the Biggest giant of mobile phone rises..Everyone should alart..Be carefull.

  • brknl

7.5 mm and 15 hours web browsıng

  • Akshay

Again the Biggest Giant of mobile phone rasies..Everyone should be alart..Be carefull...

  • AnonD-222610

Samsung always being the first most powerful device in the market.

  • someone

it is just some opinion from samsung fans

  • Imran Nutkani

When will the King of the Mobile Phones unveil?

  • AnonD-118301

the display is a bit too large...; but the rest seems ok...

  • viky

no 2160p video recording..