Samsung Galaxy S6 edge

Samsung Galaxy S6 edge

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  • jay

where can i buy one unlocked?

  • AnonD-342102

Today I've seen this device benchmark score. It's shown beastly performance on benchmark. S6 edge score 70349 on antutu. :O

  • Savor

The Samsung Galaxy S6 edge is perfect for Material Design and gesture swipe fans like myself. The thing looks cool and might be the best smartphone design of 2015. I don't see any other company surpassing it. They nailed it as S6 edge makes all other phones from an older school generation.

With all that said, I had to do a double take on the SAR level. Is it really 1.58 for head? That is dangerous levels. Samsung was known for low SAR years ago with the earlier Notes and S3. SAR may not mean much now to some folks but wait you end up with a tumor.

  • antu

jusin, 13 Mar 2015antu,,, you said "from your experience" i suppose that... moreFrom my hand on is available right now.please check your nearest samsung store.

  • m86k

AnonD-365011, 13 Mar 2015There is a news saying that S6 Edge might come out with Marvel S... moreI think if Samsung decides to make this marvel limited edition, the phones will be available around movie theater release. Apparently, 3 weeks after "official release date".

  • AnonD-365011

There is a news saying that S6 Edge might come out with Marvel Super Heroes themed designs.

Anyone getting this? Or should just buy the Edge once it hits the markets?

I love that Iron Mam design, but I don't like to wait too long to get one of these.

  • Anonymous

Plse make phones of removeble battery and non removeble battery to give us options

  • Rahul-S

I have one question? The screen size of the Galaxy S6 Edge is 5.1 Inch. I want to know that does this screen size includes the edge screen on both side? OR the screen size of S6 Edge is 5.1 inch + Edge screen on the both side extra? Does it mean that with Edge screen included, the screen size of S6 Edge is almost 5.3 inch with edge screen on both sides? Pls clarify this if anyone know anything about this.

  • sammy

sam, 12 Mar 2015one bad feature is that it has no external memory. if something ... moreexternal memory is the things of the past, I explain that in my previous posts why, also I have no problem with none removable battery,
however I have a big problem with not having a water proof feature, and certainly ridicules pricing considering there is nothing special about this phone and soon all the features of this phone will be absolute STANDARD across the board in upcoming phones.

Samsung has not delivered anything innovative and special, I believe they would not sell this unless they introduce a water proofing version WITHOUT loss of processing power or size,

there is NOTHING special here and as a big Samsung fan I am honesty so disappointed

  • Assure

Curved edges, is no registered trademark,BB and now Apple has announced curved edges in 6S. There is no big catch n inflating the price, to encash customers opinions. Paying fr a Sammy Curved Hdtv is same too.

  • seriously

sam, 12 Mar 2015one bad feature is that it has no external memory. if something ... moreoh dear, oh dear sam,, now what are we going to do with you!! then i think this is not the phone for you, and stop taking to many pictures using your phone!!! get a camera !!!

  • jusin

boss from Nature, 13 Mar 2015I went to Frankfurt satar. to tak a look of gs6 edge.from this e... moreboss,, who uses the loudspeaker on a phone? use earbuds or headphone.

  • jusin

antu, 13 Mar 2015From my experience this thing has cool camera,best display,faste... moreantu,,, you said "from your experience" i suppose that means experience in "reading the specs" but not the actual hands on experience, right?

  • jimmy

I thought camera is 20mp not 16?

  • antu

From my experience this thing has cool camera,best display,fastest processor.

LaudSpeaker is not good.

  • m86k

Some user on reedit is claiming to have an unit temporarly, and he's answering a few questions :

  • boss from Nature

I went to Frankfurt satar. to tak a look of gs6 edge.from this experience i just figure it out,this thing have a realy awosome look And the display is the best display,i have ever seen.But the laudspeaker is not good as much note 4.but the camera is fast.
At the end it is better than the previous gs5.

  • chopsticks

As a Samsung GS 1,3 and current 4 user,missed the GS5 out as it was no obvious improvement on the GS4.
GS6/ Edge looks the bomb to me.

Reviews agree. Let's see.

  • sam

one bad feature is that it has no external memory. if something happens to the phone all my data will be corrupt. and if the pictures are saved in cloud, the quality will go down and internet is required to view the pictures.

  • m86k

AnonD-365011, 12 Mar 2015also I find that people lose their wallets than their phones mor... moreYes indeed and that's why i leave my credit card home ;)
I don't want to loose it or to break it (happened to me once during a cold winter).