Samsung Galaxy S6 edge

Samsung Galaxy S6 edge

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  • chopsticks

As a Samsung GS 1,3 and current 4 user,missed the GS5 out as it was no obvious improvement on the GS4.
GS6/ Edge looks the bomb to me.

Reviews agree. Let's see.

  • sam

one bad feature is that it has no external memory. if something happens to the phone all my data will be corrupt. and if the pictures are saved in cloud, the quality will go down and internet is required to view the pictures.

  • m86k

AnonD-365011, 12 Mar 2015also I find that people lose their wallets than their phones mor... moreYes indeed and that's why i leave my credit card home ;)
I don't want to loose it or to break it (happened to me once during a cold winter).

  • chandan

when it is going to launched , waht is the expected cost

  • AnonD-365011

m86k, 12 Mar 2015As for me, i'm often out without my credit card. Such a feature ... morealso I find that people lose their wallets than their phones more frequently when they go out. Some people check their email, facebook, and online news updates every 15-30 minutes; but people don't really check their wallets besides buying somethings...

Much better we leave our wallets home and let our S6s do the job when we go out.

  • m86k

Z4 nobody knows nothing about it (excepted the supposed leaked chassis), so all talking is pure speculation.

  • m86k

AnonD-365011, 11 Mar 2015Some people put lots of coins into their wallets, so it may be a... moreAs for me, i'm often out without my credit card. Such a feature would come in handy when i've got something unexpected, like a quick date or something to buy instead of postponing as i'm used to do.

  • AnonD-365011

sammy, 11 Mar 2015dear sir, what is so exciting with paying by phone? please te... moreSome people put lots of coins into their wallets, so it may be a burden when carrying a heavy wallet walking around, shopping at a store.

Also some people hold like three to four credit cards/debit cards. With Samsung Pay you just save all the credit cards information to the device then you don't have to carry that many cards everytime you go out. It's personal preference.

I know Z4 is coming out this year. I heard that Sony change their plan that they will release one flagship per year. Hope they don't struggle anymore in mobile market. I also admire Xperia series as much as I do with S series, but I hardly see any major changes from Z2 to Z3.
Maybe Z4 will become another story, good luck with that.

  • AnonD-353013

Anonymous, 10 Mar 2015got this from while browsing. the biggest problem wit... moreYes, Daytona arcade game has a nice burn in of the word Daytona in the top left corner.
Alright, for the second user of a display model phone, they might get a little screen worn unit.

I cannot think of too many people who actually leave a phone running at full brightness 24/7 with a static screen on.
Cause that is the worst case scenario that would lead to that effect.

Y'know how plasmas are downtalked for screen burn in (a problem common on sets in the nineties); did you also know that LCD screens can have the same effect.
It just takes a lot of time displaying a static image.

Plasmas burn in (on modern sets) is only really problematic for the first couple of hundred hours, and even then, will massage out with a little usage of regular moving pictures.

But it is an ACTUAL ISSUE with plasmas.
I reiterate. LCD can do this too.

SO who cares if every screen technology can have issues from uneven wear when fed a static image at high brightness for inordinate amounts of time (more than one owner would care to look at it, due to, you know, needing sleep)

For regular use it is a non issue.
My plasma had a recalibration done at 2000hrs so as to get my colour accuracy top notch.

Which my OLED Note 4 has out of the box (when running 'basic' profile for the screen)- the best/ most colour accurate screen on the market.

Sure my s2 had too warm a white balance, a yellow tinge to white screens if you will.
Modern Samsung phones actually come with a range of profiles though to suit a users tastes.
And if after a couple of years the blue pixels have magically worn out due to silly usage habits, no doubt someone will have released a profile that gets the screen back to a good base. A simple profile.. like what I ran on older OLEDs to make them perform better,.. and what I run on all my LCDs to make them look better,.. and what I do to any screen to make it better.

So who cares!

OLED is the best we have. Savvy consumers snapped up the last great plasmas (Panasonics) knowing they would tie us over until OLED sets arrived. (at an acceptable pricepoint).

When apple asked samsung for OLED (and samsung denied them) apple exec walked out of the meeting and said "at least our screen are colour accurate"; so samsung created a user profile system so users could have THE MOST ACCURATE DISPLAYS on the market.

Oh, my Galaxy S still runs perfect (though had a naturally warm and over saturated balance out of the box), and of the five other OLED devices in my house, they are all flawless (not even stuck/dead pixels)..

OLED doesn't go high power drain at huge resolutions, and with the exception of a pure white screen (which I would turn the brightness down on anyway), they have no negatives. I can handle a slightly higher than LCD power draw on a white screen if my media and EVERYTHING ELSE benefits from OLED goodness.

Anyhow I won't argue with idiots (they will drag me down to that level and beat me with experience); harsh, but I totally don't get the timewasters kicking around on these threads with phone envy..
Every time they are told why they are barking up the wrong tree they change to some new obtuse and inane argument.

These phones are awesome. Deal with it.
If you want to rant and rave about some other awesome phone, go finds its thread and rant and rave there..

Why anyone has to waste their life writing ill is due to other issues in their life.
Maybe the local milk company doesn't make a nice flavoured chocolate milk.
Myself, I have Bannister Downs, one of the best chocolate milks in the world, and I have no issues I have to release to countless others in a phone thread.
The technology is here. Deal with it Peoples.. just deal with it.

  • sammy

AnonD-365011, 11 Mar 2015 is my opinion. S6 may seem overpriced for some p... moredear sir,

what is so exciting with paying by phone? please tell me that?
I use my card, the system works and it is fine
these gimmicks are just to fool the consumers, Samsung is offering nothing extordinary with this phone,
I admit the screen and interface are good and perhaps better than anything else in the market (at the moment), but that aside Samsung S6 and Edge are nothing innovative at all, and certainly very pricey.

did you know Sony Z4 will be coming to market soon and will be the most advance phone ever been made by anyone?

in 2 months time sony will throw a cold water to Samsung face and I tell you these phones will be struggeling to sell.

I am Samsung fan, I never had anything else but Samsung, but I am tired of seeing Samsung being STOPPED being innovative enough, they are no longer exciting, and certainly failed company soon,

they should have at least throw in the water proof feature with this phone, but they couldn't even achieve that!

  • AnonD-213026

Anonymous, 11 Mar 2015and yeah i mean the sorry-i am arguing with you doesnt mean that... moreummmm no. the advantages are numerous whereas the disadvantages have virtually all been addressed and corrected with the more recent phones sporting it. keep hating.

  • Oats

The S6 will have allsorts of problems just like the S5 when it comes to software. There's nothing the Samsung S5 offers new to the plate except it's huge and even though they have tried to make the h/set look premium it still looks cheap compared to the likes of the HTC, Iphones and LG3. Never go back to samsung again

  • kaneoboy

i dont think samsung have improved the phone enough compared to the s5 really disapointed with the phone

  • AnonD-365011

sammy, 11 Mar 2015I am posting this again to have a fresh discussion about this to... more is my opinion.

S6 may seem overpriced for some people; however, it does have other much improved aspects worth a try.

Its rear camera, despite being only 16MP, takes better pictures than some 20MP.

It has quick charge that you only need to charge it for
ten minutes then you can use it for four hours.

Samsung Pay is compatble with most payment systems offered by the stores that accept credit card.

  • Anonymous

sammy, 11 Mar 2015I am posting this again to have a fresh discussion about this to... moreI just don't buy your argument. You sound so defensive. So typical of iphone fanboy. You cried expensive but consider buying an iphone which cost more while giving less.

  • m86k

AnonD-308243, 11 Mar 2015the green emerald s6 edge looks absolutely out of this world. re... moreTotally right mate. Still, i'm not decided about the color. Green to be unique and elite, Black to stay stealth or Gold Platinum to show off the magic

  • AnonD-308243

the green emerald s6 edge looks absolutely out of this world. reminds me of the first time i held an s4 i9500.

  • sammy

I am posting this again to have a fresh discussion about this topic:

Please someone come and explain to me why should buy this phone at such a ridicules price?

why Samsung think he is giving us something which is worth nearly 1000 Euro!! ????

I always had Samsung, I love Samsung products, but this phone is really offering me nothing which is not already in the market or coming to market soon!

no SD card, no battery removable , no water proof, HIGH PRICE!

I really don't care bout the SD or Battery, BUT water proof is important if you are paying that sort of money, don't you think so?

Samsung failed yet again to deliver what people really want, with such a ridicules price they will not shift this as fast as they want, I will not buy it nor the S6 version because they have added nothing special at all, wireless charging is nothing special soon become a standard in all of the upcoming phones,

as much as I hate it, but for the first time I might consider Apple products, you know what you get for your money at least, with proven concept

Samsung need to sell this at 600 Euro max, or he will be out of competition this year.

lets discuss this further any comments are most welcome...

  • AnonD-359663

Anonymous, 11 Mar 2015yeah but recent ips tech advancements do allow for ectreme black... moremight want to look into these links, It's clear that amoled is better in every way.­-best-smartphone-display-y-1690515387­_1.htm#Conclusion­ut_1.htm

  • m86k

Blacks can't be matched with oled technologies. If people don't make the difference, it's just because they don't need them / want deep contrast. Especially for reading ebooks.