Samsung Galaxy S8+

Samsung Galaxy S8+

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  • ZZZZ

noti5me, 30 Mar 2017Samsung makes memory chips in the millions. Yet this phone is s... moreDude, camera quality is not about the megapixels, its about the diafragma, dualpix technologie.

  • AnonD-279196

Megapixels are largely irrelevant more in no way means better. As for the memory... well they gotta sell something next year right ... :) thats a trick picked up from Apple that sell the same shit every year although you can make 10 times better product.

Otherwise everyone speaks of innovation but there hasn't been any proper innovation in more than 10 years (yes i include the first iPhone in that count as nothing innovating). All products are rehashes of already existing one just slightly better every year. Next year will be the same, until phone purchases start dropping rapidly no one is gonna even look at anything new to create and the ones that try are gobbled up by the giants that exist today.

  • Cristian

No super slow mo?? This makes me stay back..

  • Anonymous

S8 ××&ti, 29 Mar 2017So none of these are so called inovatie plz explain to all oif... moreiPhones 7 plus and the fastest processor in the world, no?!

Samsung makes memory chips in the millions. Yet this phone is set on 4GB ram only. This tells buyers of its miserly ways of business. Even it cannot supply 4500mah battery for all the new specs on offer. 12mp camera?? why not 23mp like XZ.

  • Anonymous

no 1000 fps video recording? Samsung really loves money...but not mine, not this time

  • mkara

Waiting for Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 with the same specifications and better looking phone.

  • keivin

6.2" inch with 3500mah battery lol

  • AnonD-657381

I like the phone. It got everything I like and want from a smart phone. Will definitely buy it whenever I got the money.
Good one Samsung, good one.

  • SCS

all were expecting 6 gb of ram and more internat memory with the massive battery like 4000mh ,even price is to high for this fitures huawei and xiomi is doing better then the samsung and what joke they are making in samsung galaxy s7 edge battery is-3600mh and in s8 withbigger screen smaller battery nice joke

  • Anonymous

why u all keep blaming on the battery capacity? iphone 7+ only 2900mah, what for s8+ need 4000mah?

  • Sameer

Regular user of Samsung .. but since note 7 I am disappointed.
S8 is not competitive looking at other phones in the market with 6 & 8 gb RAM.
Samsung is disapponting

  • Clinton

Not again man! How sad, no FM radio again!!!!!?
And that fingerprint sensor position again...hey?
What were you thinking?
Please bring back the FM radio for the Note 8 Samsung...please listen to reason.
We don't want to use our monthly data bundle to listen to the radio...we do not want to make the Telco's rich at our expense, hey?

  • Anonymous

Oh my god..... Why samsung still goes with a 4gb of ram..there are cheaper models in mrkt which has a 6gb of ram... And 3500 mah battry for 6.2 inches screen it really sucks for me.... Samsung already put 6 gb ram in their latest launched ph c9 pro... Then i can't understand why they do that.... Bt the design of the ph is unique n cool
Bt i will wait for note 8
Dont want to wste my half lakh in a 4 gb model

  • Anonymous

AnonD-649705, 29 Mar 2017And what in that blind fan ? At least yoy get what I mean and t... morewow you are so genius. If you don't see enough innovation then why don't you make yourself one.

  • Anonymous

dis laptop lol

  • Martin Tan

Why u all keep blaming on the battery? iphone 7+ is using 2900 mah also, still can last longer 1 day, what problem with s8+ 3500 mah?

  • Chook Fowler

Regardless, I still prefer to have a removable battery as sometimes phone issues are sorted faster by simply removing and replacing the battery.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 29 Mar 2017For everyone complaining about RAM or mAh, the SD 835 is more po... moresd835 not quantum leap from sd820, it just from 14nm to 10nm soc.
cant compare like jumping from 28nm to 14nm efficiency (sd810 to sd820)
but impovement always welcome to bussiness

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 29 Mar 2017For everyone complaining about RAM or mAh, the SD 835 is more po... morebut can't beat the realistic big screen, with long-lasting battery, the xiaomi mi max. it's cheaper too.