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Samsung Galaxy S8+

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My heart is fallen love with this phone please lauch as soon as possible with dual sim , glossy black color, separate micro sd card slot, over 4000amah battery with other latest features as soon as possible. Sammy don''t let try to cover loses of Note 7 devices from this phone. release phone as low as you can. then only you can have good sales and huge market share. available this phone in Sri Lanka ASAP. hope this will launch in MWC 2017.

  • AnonD-195701

Mobilemaster, 15 Jan 2017Yes, I believe it is pointless to view 4K content on such a smal... morefirst off this phone isn't 4k... and no i can clearly seen the difference between my 5.5 inch 1080p a7 and 5.5 inch 720p j7.i can see the individual pixels in the j7. is just horrible

  • Anonymous

Samsung obviously loves to make their flagships bigger and bigger.. no wonder by 2020, we might be seeing a 7"-7.5" Samsung Galaxy Edge with 4K displays and a 12GB RAM. Hahaha!

AnonD-622788, 15 Jan 2017Megapixel is not everything but one of main thing haha.. we cant... moreBy 2020, we'll have a 16MP iPhone. Apple used the same 12MP cameras for the 6, 6s and 7 series.Before, it was 8MP on the 4S, 5, 5s and 5c. That means maybe the 7s will have 12MP and the 8 will have 16.

  • TechLord7

Glorious 2160p at 60fps are yet to arrive. I will look forward to that heavily.

  • AnonD-374681

I really hope this is a reality.
I've been waiting for a true flagship phone to replace my Xperia Z Ultra for a year now.

To all those who say it's too big: no, it's the size it is, and if it's not for you, move on. There's other phones you might like that others would say are too small.

  • Anonymous

When will it be ready for sale. Can't wait. when will the next note come out.

AnonD-227534, 14 Jan 2017Wait you mean its the same quality viewing a 4k vid on 720p alph... moreYes, I believe it is pointless to view 4K content on such a small screen, but on TV's things are not the same of course. If we are talking about HD video, of course there is a difference between HD and 4K on a 6+ inch screen, but the difference between Full HD and 4K on such a small display is not noticeable I believe.

  • AnonD-633251

Looking at the bezels of the samsung galaxy s8 phone the 5.7 inch screen size may just end up being the same body as the S7 edge which had a 5.5 inch screen so it won't actually be any bigger but S8 plus is 6.2 inch now this is crazy and the only screen difference compared with S8......

  • AnonD-622788

AnonD-632928, 15 Jan 2017Megapixels Are Not Everything , We don't Require 16mp Or Anythin... moreMegapixel is not everything but one of main thing haha.. we cant deny that year by year smartphone camera resolution is rising . Maybe we can see iphone with 21Mp by 2020

  • Anonymous

It's too big

  • Fandroid

Literally cannot wait to get this phone!this will destroy apples 7 and 7 plus.
It's gonna be a beautiful and powerful piece of technology

  • Anonymous

my next phone, hopefully it comes out before may

  • 0mid46

the dearest knowledge seekers.the best possible specs.but still some missing!bluetooth5,infrared,radio.dlna!!!?Also no prediction for next android upgrade or update is mentioned!!!battery size and the real screen size to body ratio has been forgotten to be mentioned!6.2 inches of whole body screen is really a smart choice plus 8 gigs ram....Justice Rights writes Omid12Omidvar moral guidelines....

  • Anonymous

my next phone.......

  • AnonD-632928

pspontop, 14 Jan 2017very good specifications bt camera just 12mp doesn't make any ... moreMegapixels Are Not Everything , We don't Require 16mp Or Anything more than that to get a good quality Image

  • AnonD-450518

Yeah it would be nice to have FM radio though, this feature is gone from most major flagship smartphones of today sadly. I still think its an essential without the need for data connection, unfortunately its going the way of removable batteries & 3.5mm headphone jacks.

  • tgcvj

AnonD-227534, 14 Jan 2017Sure..!! I won't be a fool and buy a galaxy s8 has a note 7 disp... moreNo its using a new display its using RGB not Diamond Pentile

  • Anonymous

The problem of Samsung very fast the drain the battery compare to the other smart phone you can fix this matter....

  • Anonymous

Alien , 13 Jan 20175.7 (recalled note 7's) and 6.2?? Ever heard of people wanting t... morethe phone will be as big as the s7 edge - but the SCREEN will be larger... won't make a difference if you're using a 5.5-5.7 inch phone now. some people like to do other things on their phones besides read texts and browse Facebook. some people like to game, watch movies, read books etc etc. a larger SCREEN will make this better/easier to do so. flagships are only getting bigger and better, remember that friend.