Samsung Galaxy S8+ expected to be more popular than Galaxy S8

Himanshu, 24 April 2017

Reports in South Korean media are suggesting that the Samsung Galaxy S8+ is expected to surpass sales of the standard Galaxy S8. These reports are citing a Yuanta Securities report which says the annual sales of both flagship models combined is expected to hit the 50.4 million mark.

The report further says that of the total 50.4 million units, the 6.2-inch Galaxy S8+ will have a share of 53.9%, or 27.1 million units.

The device recently received its first update, which brought along Android security fixes for April. It comes in 64GB and 128GB storage options - the latter one is currently facing supply shortages.

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Reader comments

Again screen area of 6.2 inches is close to 6 or less inches on S8+ cuz of its different diagonals which is 18.5/9 so screen area of 6.0" phone with 16/9 will be 99.24cm square and screen area of 6.2" S8+ with 18.5/9 is 97.55cm square

it has a 6.2" screen, all of which is usable in video and app mode, what setting is 16:9 on video? is it fit to screen which leaves a black bar either side vertically? all the other modes look perfectly fine especially crop to fit, and unlike the S7 ...

I think it's natural that most ppl are obliged to go with S8+, most of the ppl preferred the S7 edge over the small one and it has stellar battery. Going with a bigger screen and 600mah less is a major downgrade. That's reason number one. And reaso...

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