Supply issues hit Samsung Galaxy S8 sales in Korea

Himanshu, 20 April 2017

Korean pre-orders for the Samsung Galaxy S8 started shipping a couple of days ago. The first day saw 210,900 units being delivered, but the number fell to just 63,400 on the second day. Reason? Supply issues.

Reports citing Korean carriers are suggesting that it's the Galaxy S8+ variant with 6GB RAM and 128GB storage which is facing supply shortages.

This shouldn't really come as a surprise as the tech giant had previously made it clear that the model in question will arrive a bit late for some of those who've pre-ordered it.

With a total of over 1 million pre-orders, the Samsung Galaxy S8 became the most pre-ordered phone in Samsung's home country. Not just that, around one-third of those units have already gone online, while official sales are yet to begin (April 21) - this is also a record.

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  • AnonD-117739

A phone that has minimalist options will always be faster and I use both and if you watch the videos the difference is not that huge in speed. S8+ beats all IPhone 7 apps in opening, iphone 7 is only slightly faster in opening games but that's unders...

  • Anonymous

Not in UK. Galaxy S smartphones have higher resale value compared to iPhones.

  • AnonD-638825

I am not, i have used enough flagships to understand what really slow means. I suppose some people have a different perspective and perceveing. How would that be, low end android phones can barely drag themselves in most cases, even on Marshmallow or...