Samsung Galaxy S9 stars in premature hands-on photos

Peter, 21 February 2018

Tired of cases and 3D renders of the Galaxy S9? Well, the floodgates have opened now and hands-on photos of the actual device were inevitable.

The photos show the front of the upcoming flagship as the phone boots up as well as the back with the redesigned camera/fingerprint reader assembly. There wasn’t any doubt on the matter, but you can see the Bixby button on the side – it hasn’t gone anywhere.

Leaked Samsung Galaxy S9 hands-on photos Leaked Samsung Galaxy S9 hands-on photos
Leaked Samsung Galaxy S9 hands-on photos

This is the Black color option, one of four color options to be available at launch.

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Reader comments

  • Anonymous

oops forgot to tell you this: the reason why sony dont use edge screen is Not because they dont want it. it is mainly because the "Cannot" do it. They dont have abilty to do it.

  • Anonymous

LOl. you'll change your mind again if someday sony decided to copy samsung. like when you say that now you love less-bezel design

I can understand why S9 looks boring in design because the curved edge corner lost some view of the display, I call it immature design just like the notch. Second is the camera+fingerprint scanner+flash's platform which cannot match with the whole ph...