Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE

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  • ralph

LOL, 22 Jul 2021This tablet is trash - garbage screen, no audio jack, huge ... moreyeah, why samsung still using tft display..

  • abayomi

All this features cant be true mehn, going for it rn

  • LOL

This tablet is trash - garbage screen, no audio jack, huge price...

Kek, 19 Jul 2021Imagine wanting a tablet with MIUI 🤮atleast it will be powered by sd865 or more and cost far less. I can live with that.

  • Kek

arun5959, 17 Jul 2021Samsung has a virtual monopoly in Android tablet market in ... moreImagine wanting a tablet with MIUI 🤮

  • hoang559

Tab S7 FE has 2 speaker, not 4 speaker

Samsung has a virtual monopoly in Android tablet market in India. Imagine Tab S6 lite at Rs 30k!!!!powered by that worst Exynos 9611!!It is high time that Realme and Xiaomi come into this market and give Sammy boy a reality check.

  • Ali2020

Good job on the screen size Samsung, this tablet looks good but it's too expensive for what it is. Also instead of lunching a 4gb ram and 6gb ram version should have been at least 6gb and 8gb in my opinion. The 4gb ram version it's just a rip off at this point.

  • The Observer

Daniel, 13 Jun 2021Great decision. Actually, if you wait a bit longer Apple wi... moreJust buy the regular Tab s7. That's what I did. Good processor quad speakers 120ghz great display not as great as Amoled but display is nonetheless and you get an Spen. If you go for the IPad you will have mono speakers and have to spend extra money for the I pen

XiaomiSamsungHuawei, 03 Jul 2021Don't buy this tablet. Buy the regular S7 instead. IT&... moretotally agree with you, i am using tab s7 and it's wonderful

  • Anonymous

Yea, never buy any Samsung device in their first couple months. Wait few months and price drops by a lot like 100+ euros

This tablet is out in my local store. The price is very high, about the same with brand new regular S6 and slightly cheaper about $70 from regular S7. But the price is included with the official keyboard cover. I believe this could be a timed promo but I think when the promo is done the price could be easily dropped to $550ish. Historically, Samsung prices are always dropping after few weeks or even the Samsung themselves are slashing the price.

Don't buy this tablet. Buy the regular S7 instead. IT'S A MUCH BETTER CHOICE

  • ndrewwwww

AIYAAD, 28 Jun 2021tab s7 is much better . snapdragon 865 plus is much better ... moreof course tab S7 better than the FE one, cause it's the same as the lite version, the specs may be low but not much different like the S7, the price may not be far from the S7, pretty expensive but that's reasonable, because they still provide the Spen

  • anonymous

they could've kept the 120hz

JohnNy L, 19 Jun 2021Dont buy this. It is too pricey!! FE is suppose to be re... moreIs Samsung Galaxy tab S7 is much better s7 FE ... Samsung Galaxy tab S7FE has dual speakers while while tab S7 has quad speakers . And snapdragon 865 plus is much better than 750G ... 4G lte variant is much better than 5G battery drain band .... I would have recommended Samsung Galaxy tab F7 plus but the super amoled screen has a grinting when the brightness is low. In Saudi Arabia Samsung Galaxy tab S7 plus was not available, so I had to buy Samsung Galaxy tab s 7 and it's great to be honest....

Aldwin123, 20 Jun 2021I don't think so,.... It is similar to Tab S7+ except ... moretab s7 is much better . snapdragon 865 plus is much better than snapdragon 750g processor ... and 4g lte is better than battery draining 5g band

Anonymous, 21 Jun 2021The tab S7 is priced at 525 euro on Amazon in my country, a... moretab s7 is much better with Snapdragon 865 and 4G LTE variant is better than 5G

JohnNy L, 27 Jun 2021This is an awesome deal!!nope , (go for samsung galaxy tab s7 11 inch ) because snapdragons 750G chipset is not efficient and draims battery like hell ... tab s7 plus supermodel is great but with defects i.e green tint in low brightness... i am using Tab S7 128 GB 4G LTE Variant (not 5G) and its superb tablet for gaming asphalt 9, call of duty, smash hit, zooba, hayday and also great for media content cuz the LTPS TFT display is awesome and AKG tuned quad speakers are great ... Tab S7 FE is dual stereo speakers.... if 750G was great and efficient, i would have recommended, go for tab s7 4G LTE variant or 5G as it also supports wifi 6 too ....

  • Anonymous

Aizhere, 26 Jun 2021For only the equivalent of 573 euros in my country, u can g... more 256 gb tab s7 was introduced for about double that. You know these are just pricesfrom samsung not from shops? anyways this is 500 in 2 months