Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G

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  • techmad

Macaulay Culkin, 31 Aug 2021Battery protection on this is great. Doesn't charge be... moreDid you observe any depreciation in SOT of phone after making the Battery Protection change and only charging the phone till 85% instead of 100%?

Battery protection on this is great. Doesn't charge beyond 85%. Practicing the 20-80% or 40-80% works. You can extend the battery life by about three times. From 500 charges going from 1-100% to 1500 going from 20-80%.

My Pixel 3's battery benefitted the most from this and no noticeable battery degradation. Flip 3 doesn't charge very fast but that's also a good thing. Fast charging generates too much heat. Samsung just needs to improve the functionality of the cover display through software updates.

  • TigerEagle

Superb and Awesome Flip Mobile Phone but Too pricey and Too costly

  • techmad

Wayne, 30 Aug 2021Getting mine today, from, Tmobile in the US. It was delayed... moreThats great to hear. Im kinda bummed out as Ive not potential shipping dates noted and theyve already pushed back the shipping on Galaxy Buds 2 twice now. My Flip 3 is the Exclusive White color version so perhaps will take a few weeks more from the looks of it. I'm anxious to see some Real pictures of these so called Exclusive colors that no one seemed to have gotten a hold of yet.

  • Wayne

Getting mine today, from, Tmobile in the US. It was delayed slightly due to green being in high demand(what I was told).

  • techmad

Pre Ordered my Flip 3 back on 15th (Here in US) but so far no date has been mentioned of when the phone will ship. Ive seen all reports that orders are getting delayed but are there folks in the US who preordered the phone and got the device?

  • Anonymous

I understand the z fold but what's the point of the z flip

  • TigerEagle

Superb and Awesome Mobile Phone but Too Costly and Pricey

Doom Doom, 26 Aug 2021Most people don't want huge brick in their pockets, th... moreThe problem with this is that it still feels like a brick opened or closed.

166 mm tall
72 mm wide
183 g heavy

I use a case that adds even more dimensions especially in thickness. After using a foldable for a day, I'm now questioning their usefulness. The crease bothers me a lot more than I expected. Next is it's added dimensions. It's a chunky phone.

  • Anonymous

flagshipper, 22 Aug 2021The battery result is horrible. Like really horrible. Rem... moreMy phone is the mi 9 , after 2 years and a half ,the batterie is bad for gaming ,It decharges quickly while gaming ,really bad for gaming ,but still it's a very good phone,I like it ,no bugs at all great specs ,second hand for 280$ last year

  • Anonymous

If price is 1000€ and there is no exynos ,it will be very good and very unexpected from Samsung because it overprices it's phones more than apple now
The only problem is the 3300 batterie with 120hz wich will be complete trash

  • Notthern-matz

Dh, 25 Aug 2021Guys anyone's know how to check whether our samsung ph... more...just go to "Phone INFO" in Google Playstore - a free and a Pro Version...
Esp. helpful when you use custom ROMs.

Hope that helped...

  • Northern-matz

Tranken, 25 Aug 2021ikr, that's the only problem preventing me from consid... moreI guess all in all no bad Idea.
But: What for the outer screen if you can't use it for WA etc.? You HAVE to open the phone :(

Pro: Good condition from Samsung-promotion to sell-in my S20 FE 5G for nearly same price I paid last year.
Gorilla Glass 6 is fine against falling from height - weaker to scratches.
eSIM is supported - so TWO providers possible.
Cam seems to be nice - I don't need 6 extra-special-wide don't know what...
If you take a cover it will be thicker - so NO cover and next year another promotion with scratched body ;)

  • Doom Doom

Most people don't want huge brick in their pockets, that's why foldables are appealing.

  • Anonymous

And of course reducing the internal storage to half. Bravo sampple.....
And a battery bump would have been dramatically more meaningful than shaving off tiny hairs of size that physically won't be noticed by anyone.... except for finding out it won't fit properly in an existing case that isπŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ˜’πŸ˜’ yes duh camera cut out. Not the point.

JdRDMS, 22 Aug 2021Lack of innovation? You mean like IPX8 on a foldable? Also ... more> "bigger outer display"
> *proceeds to whine about the display not being big enough*

Give it up.

JdRDMS, 23 Aug 2021Ah yes, my favorite video call experience, a 1.9" scre... moreOh yes my favorite all-around experience, a god damn hole in the display. The majority of people have to suffer a display broken straight out of the factory because the minority use video calls.

JdRDMS, 24 Aug 2021Clearly we do because you're moaning about it.So if I were complaining about the phone why would you have to tell me not to buy it.

  • Dh

Kekionga, 24 Aug 2021only 4 colors available in the 256gb version. matt black, p... moreGuys anyone's know how to check whether our samsung phones are Original or fake ?

gringo, 25 Aug 20213300 mAh for 1200€ ... w.t.f is that joke ???ikr, that's the only problem preventing me from considering them