Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G

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  • Yvil

Just got the Flip 3, it's awesome, way better than I thought. Don't judge it until you have had it in your hands for a day, it's a flipping cool device and definitely don't listen to people who only judge it on specs

Support aptX HD & LDAC?

  • Anonymous

I love my phone but for the love of god if you buy any color other than black get a non-slick case for it. I went caseless for a few weeks and my green phone was sliding all over the place, even in my hands or sitting on my leg. Already dropped it due to this fortunately there was no damage.

Also, in regards to battery life, during active usage it would last from 100 to 0% in roughly 10 hours just surfing the web. In standby, I left my phone at 90% and not charging overnight. When I woke up 8 hours later the battery was at 51%. It took 30 minutes to charge back up to 91%. Regardless of the battery, I love this phone.

^ Downloading this app made the cover display way more useful. But it's still a bit buggy. The polish for all foldables just won't be there yet. Optimization just won't be there. But that's just how it's going to be with something new.

  • Anonymous

For those who are buying this phone for daily use and decent gaming just forget it. The cooling system is a bit crap and it has limits to maintain the temperature so the SD 888 in this phone become worse than SD 765

  • Mr Jones

Thomas, 12 Aug 2021Great design with less battery.. Samsung is killing giants..My Note 10+ Specs are similar to your S20, yet it is 2 years old. Did you downgrade to the S20? I didn't, but moving / changing to the Flip and future.

Fintoyu, 04 Sep 2021This joke has the specs of an 150 euro phone, but with fold... moreO really ? Can you find me a Snap 888 phone for 150 euros ? Not to mention AMOLED display, 8/128 GB, Victus, wireless charging...

  • Anonymous

Fintoyu, 04 Sep 2021This joke has the specs of an 150 euro phone, but with fold... moreIt has a snapdragon 88

This joke has the specs of an 150 euro phone, but with foldable display. So we pay 850 euro just for the fold ??

  • Resp1k

Poor battey, ultra slow charge... Need to charge battery 2 times per day and charging time takes 1h 50m from 1% to 100%, poor main camera, selfie camera cant recognize my face to unlock the phone...this is 1100 eur phone, i am very disappointed, my oldie Huawei p30 pro was much better: 2.5 y.o. phone - 1 charge 1.5 day, face id at night - no problem. charge time 40 min 1%-100%. 500 eur phone 2 times better than 1100 eur phone. Disappointment!

joe nodden, 25 Aug 2021> "bigger outer display" > *proceeds to wh... moreYep you completely misunderstood me, as expected. The Flip 3's display is good for displaying notifications and taking selfies without having to open the phone, which the original Flip's tiny screen sucked at. You can actually fit text messages on the Flip 3's because the screen is bigger than most smartwatches. However, 1.9" is still horrible for video calls, and when you add more than two people to the call, they'll be occupying CENTIMETERS of space on the screen. You really need to stop with the blind hate posts, they accomplish nothing but make you look like a moron.

Anonymous, 29 Aug 2021I understand the z fold but what's the point of the z flipIt's tiny. It's quite fun to look at shop clerks when you tap and pay with the phone without opening it.

techmad, 31 Aug 2021Did you observe any depreciation in SOT of phone after maki... moreBasic numbers makes it very safe to say, if you use 15% less of the battery, you have 15% less battery life. :)

  • Anonymous

I just got the Z Flip 3 a few days ago, I knew battery was a sacrifice and didn't expect much. I sent my phone back after 2 days of usage. Here's why:

When I first turned the phone on, during boot up I noticed the phone got incredibly hot. This was by far the biggest issue, and it's not the bottom half of the phone where you hold, it's the top part.

The phone got hot wirelessly charging, something I've never come across on any phone I've had before. It also stayed warm even if the phone wasn't being used.

The battery: I took it off charge, it was 100% didn't use it for anything, I went for a 40 minute drive I then looked at the phone and the too half of the phone was absolutely boiling.

I then noticed it lost 11% battery while not being used. On the second day, I noticed the physical volume buttons became spongey. Like they were broken. I powered the phone off because I wanted to send it back, I came back couple hours later, the physical buttons were clickly once more. I thought maybe I was imagining things. About 10 minutes of the phone being on, the volume buttons went spongey again. So from my experience the heat is doing something to the physical buttons, when the buttons got like this they were randomly turning the volume up and down.

The battery example I got with hardly any use in those 2 days, I went from 100% to 24% in 4 hours 35mins. That's with hardly using the phone. That is also with just 60hz screen, also with brightness at around 50% and also on screen off...

I didn't use the phone for majority of that time and it still drained while the phone wasn't used.

I can also see why they couldn't get this phone a dust rating. It attracts dust like no other phone I've seen, and I'm talking that main display, everytime I was opening the flip it had dust all over it, so it must be something to do with materials.

Another thing I noticed the screen to the left of the camera on the main screen was starting to warp slightly, probably because of the heat.

I thought maybe these were issues with just my phone, maybe a bad egg. But I got it exchanged and had the same thing with heat issues.

  • techmad

Macaulay Culkin, 31 Aug 2021Battery protection on this is great. Doesn't charge be... moreDid you observe any depreciation in SOT of phone after making the Battery Protection change and only charging the phone till 85% instead of 100%?

Battery protection on this is great. Doesn't charge beyond 85%. Practicing the 20-80% or 40-80% works. You can extend the battery life by about three times. From 500 charges going from 1-100% to 1500 going from 20-80%.

My Pixel 3's battery benefitted the most from this and no noticeable battery degradation. Flip 3 doesn't charge very fast but that's also a good thing. Fast charging generates too much heat. Samsung just needs to improve the functionality of the cover display through software updates.

  • TigerEagle

Superb and Awesome Flip Mobile Phone but Too pricey and Too costly

  • techmad

Wayne, 30 Aug 2021Getting mine today, from, Tmobile in the US. It was delayed... moreThats great to hear. Im kinda bummed out as Ive not potential shipping dates noted and theyve already pushed back the shipping on Galaxy Buds 2 twice now. My Flip 3 is the Exclusive White color version so perhaps will take a few weeks more from the looks of it. I'm anxious to see some Real pictures of these so called Exclusive colors that no one seemed to have gotten a hold of yet.

  • Wayne

Getting mine today, from, Tmobile in the US. It was delayed slightly due to green being in high demand(what I was told).

  • techmad

Pre Ordered my Flip 3 back on 15th (Here in US) but so far no date has been mentioned of when the phone will ship. Ive seen all reports that orders are getting delayed but are there folks in the US who preordered the phone and got the device?