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Hey, it's better battery than my Z Flip3 at least.

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    • 12 Aug 2022

    Bruh why 3700mAh?

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      • 12 Aug 2022

      ThatTechDoge135, 11 Aug 2022It's USB-C 2.0, not USB 2.0. It's the second edit... morepls check this,

      usb 2.0 bandwidth

        Anonymous, 11 Aug 2022I'm surprised to see Samsung managed to give bigger ba... moreI fully expect the Flip 4 to get better battery life than the base S22 because: 1) the SD Plus Gen 1 chipset has been shown to be much more efficient than the SD Gen 1 chipset that the S22 uses and 2) the adaptive refresh rate will supposedly range from 1hz - 120mz on the Flip 4 while it only ranges from 24hz - 120hz on the base S22.

        And the fact that the Flip 4 has USB-C 2.0 instead of USB-C 3.2 is negligible and is something that isn't going to matter for 99% of people who buy the Flip 4.
        I'm more bothered that Samsung Dex still isn't going to be available.

          The Flip, 10 Aug 2022Dang. I think I'm getting the Flip 4 and I'm not ... moreChill. 600$ on GoogleFi.

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            • 11 Aug 2022

            AlienKiss, 11 Aug 2022As a heavy duty smartphone user that is only using high-end... moreWhy do you comment ? Nobody cares about what you like or not.

              Fast charging 25W!!!! come on Samsung...

                As a heavy duty smartphone user that is only using high-end flagships, the Fold and the Flip NEVER interested me for one reason: they don't have the SD card slot. (the same fate for the iPhone)
                FYI, people don't necessarily want more storage space (even though it's always better to have more), they're asking for a SECONDARY HARD DRIVE that is SWAPPABLE.
                When they will invent the swappable microSSD for smartphones, ONLY THEN you can say that the SD card is old technology. Until then, there's nothing else better and it's still manufactured every day.
                My 1TB SanDisk Extreme PRO SD card says hello.

                Peace ! 🌈👽💋✌️

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                  • 11 Aug 2022

                  I'm surprised to see Samsung managed to give bigger battery for the Z Flip4 despite having similar overall dimension as the Z Flip3. That said, it has a larger screen than the S22 that has the same battery capacity, so it's unlikely that the battery endurance rating will be equal. But seriously, USB-C 2.0? Give me a break! This is a flagship-grade phone for Pete sake!

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                    • 11 Aug 2022

                    SerginSvg, 09 Aug 2022no other sells bendable phone with those lowly price,lol. a... morewhy must apple ?

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                      • 11 Aug 2022

                      its just ridiculous...

                      europe...the 128 g 8 ram = 1200 euros

                      canada ...the 512 g 8 ram = 900 euros

                      samsung are crazy .....they want to exploit europe snd squeeze us to the last drop but i said it before no more samsung in my family and no more samsung for my customers...i used to sell 99 % samsung devices now not even 10 % oppo realme xiaomi half the price

                      ucan get a phone a tablet and a ps5 for tht price they are insane....

                        Anonymous, 10 Aug 2022USB 2.0 LMFAOIt's USB-C 2.0, not USB 2.0. It's the second edition of the USB-C port, with USB 3.1 speeds.

                          Dang. I think I'm getting the Flip 4 and I'm not even that interested in it. SMH. Check this out...

                          Samsung will offer $900 credits if I trade in my Flip 3. I also get the free storage bump to 256 GB. That's my biggest regret getting my Flip 3. I chose 128 GB. Once I got into retro gaming emulation, I had to keep deleting ROMs especially PS2 and Wii because they took up so much space.

                          I still have like $500+ left paying off my Flip 3 on a 36-month installment plan. I paid 4 months in advance once. I'm only adding maybe $100 more to it. That's $4.17 if 24 months more or $2.78 if 36 months more. I have to do this. It's going to be annoying setting up my new phone again and I'm no fan of the glossy sides. But that trade-in deal with all the pre-order credits is too tempting.

                          Adding $100 cost is only adding about 4 more months of installments. Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 manufactured by TSMC with faster cores and upgraded Adreno 730 GPU + 3700 mAh + 256 GB is going to make a Flip 4 a much better emulation device than my Flip 3. No more throttling when there is hot weather. Ok, maybe a little. But not as notorious as the 888. My Flip 3 never really overheated though.

                          It hurts to let go of my Flip 3. I grew attached to it. But I must trade it in. Samsung is making me an offer I can't refuse! Flip 3 only had a $300 trade-in value last month. Plus, I want YouTube Premium for 4 months because I hate ads. The weird thing is, I'll probably still be using my Razr 5G as my main phone. The cover display experience is just so much better on it over the Flips with that SamSprung widget.

                          Here we go again. Going have to buy a new case. I don't like the one Samsung is offering for free with the ring loop. My Araree case which protects the hinge scratched up the back of my Flip 3. A faint hairline scratch at 1.5". It ticked me off so much. While my Razr 5G is the glossy black one. Not my preferred color choice. I snap off the cheaper case with no hinge protection and my Razr 5G still looks sexy and flawless.

                          The Razrs are the better-looking devices with the better cover display experience. It's just the previous two had to be stuck with Snap700-series SoCs. The new Razr gets the flagship specs but then is more ugly. Neither Samsung and Motorola got it right in 2022. Flip 4 looks the same as the 3 with ho-hum upgrades. The new Razr is far better internally but worse in design.

                          Samsung has got all of us on a yearly and endless upgrade loop with all these trade-ins and free perks. It's cool but it's also kinda annoying for me because it takes a lot of time setting up my phone. Then more money buying another case and other accessories. New bugs can also start popping up that you didn't have with the previous one.

                          Had Samsung only offered $600-$700, I would've said no. But it's $900! That's how much I got my Flip 3 for since I got a $100 refund because I wanted to return it after 2 days because of the annoying crease but didn't once they offered that $100 refund. All this feels like an arranged marriage. Not true love. Just feelings under certain conditions. LOL. I guess I can't get too attached to my Flip 4. Because I'll likely trade it in again for the Flip 5. The endless loop continues...

                          ~We're caught in a trap~
                          ~I can't walk out~

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                            • 10 Aug 2022

                            No telephoto camera.just funny update.

                              Well better I get asus zenfone 9
                              Just hope there no manufacturing issues like zenfone 8

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                                • ib6
                                • 10 Aug 2022

                                Anyone knows whether the dual sim available?

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                                  • Costa
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                                  • 10 Aug 2022

                                  Does it have aptx adaptive codec?
                                  Without aptx adaptive, i will skip Samsung!

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                                    • 10 Aug 2022

                                    Same laste year's specs of both flip and fold
                                    Too boring and disappointing too

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                                      • p37
                                      • 10 Aug 2022

                                      Now let´s see what Motorola can do this time.

                                      What a dissapointing phone...."meet the new boss same as the old boss"

                                        So many jealous bots here. No need to change.

                                        Samsung owns 74% of foldable phone market share.

                                        Glad they remained best neat clean design.