Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G

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  • EePee

Abu , 22 Jan 2022Please don't buy this piece of is the 34th... moreExpensive phones are expensive to replace. they most likely need "Approval" because they need to work out what the source of the problem is.
If they can repair it and save themselves money over sendng you a brand new replacement hone worth £1699 then they will, otherwise whats the point of selling them when you can get a new one for free

  • EePee

SigmaR, 24 Jan 2022the inside screen can't be great for media consuption.... moreAspect ratio doesnt mean your experience is bad tho. Like yeah theres black bars and some empty screen but that doesnt take away from how good the screen is or the speakers or the overall experience. The majority of phones now have black bars when watching media its just something we need to get used to.
Weird aspect ration does not mean bad media consumption, because to repeat myself, the media consumption experience is fantastic.

  • EePee

NeoGul, 23 Jan 2022Quite common now. The reported cases now top that of the Fo... moreI havent had the issue myself and ive seen its a minority of the phones are having issues like this, just a shame though about these kinds of issues but to keep in mind its still very early in its development. it may be the 3rd generation but look ow many generations smartphones as a whole took to start getting good

  • EePee

SigmaR, 24 Jan 2022the inside screen can't be great for media consuption.... moreDont understand why you would try to tell me a problem with the phone im holding that ive never seen. Yes the video doesnt fill up thd full screen, but that doesnt make it bad? The screen is a big gorgeous Amoled panel with great colour and a resolution thats just right for something this size.
Media consumption is fantastic.
Trying to tell someone who owns the fold, that the fold is bad at something when they dont think it is doesnt make sense.

EePee, 22 Jan 20223rd month in now and i am in love with this handset. Phenom... morethe inside screen can't be great for media consuption... the ratio aspect is all wrong

Abu , 22 Jan 2022Please don't buy this piece of is the 34th... moreQuite common now. The reported cases now top that of the Fold 2.
The problem with repair or replacement of the inner screen is that it costs almost 75% of the phone's price.
Quite unfortunate for such an "investment"

  • EePee

3rd month in now and i am in love with this handset. Phenomenal build quality, the inside screen is amazing for media and gaming and the outer display is perfect for a quick check of messages and texting or checking some notifications. Camera quality is like a solid A-, i wouldve preferred a similar setup to the S21+ or Ultra but overall still good quality with some nice colour tuning (in my opinion).
Spen is great for notes and general use aswell.
Battery is overall really solid. I easily get a day out of this with no concerns over leaving the house with less than 100%, that was one of my biggest issues with the Note 20 Ultra, because im in an exynos region, the battery was attrocious. i was charging my note 3 times a day on regular use but on the fold, despite its smaller battery and bigger screen and upgraded chipset, im easily getting a whole day out of it on one charge.
Performance is superb aswell, runs games like a dream and xbox game pass is a must have for a phone like this.
Durability wise its been fine, ive dropped it a number of times now and there isnt a scratch on it.
Speakers are absolutely amazing, i adore the sound they give. great volume with nice bass and its just brilliant.
No sd card slot but thats not major
Camera couldve been better
i would like more custimisation of the split keyboard.

Overall so far the phone is an easy 8.5/10
I used to be a folable hater and i honestly couldnt go back from them now!

  • Abu

Please don't buy this piece of is the 34th day I am using the phone and the complete display has gone for a toss.When I contacted the service centre instead of replacing such a high end phone they are repairing it which is also due for approval. So buy it at your own risk.

  • Anonymous

Miko, 03 Jan 2022Upgraded from Note 10. Fold is a good looking phone, eye ca... morethey have the same aspect ratio though

  • Anonymous

Upgraded from an iPhone 11 pro max, and I can honestly say i've missed Samsung.
Most people are comparing the front screen of this phone to standard smartphone designs, but for me the front screen is the perfect size for a daily use. The inner screen is absolutely amazing but it requires some care to use. The battery life in comparison to my iPhone 11 is slightly similar, but lets face it we all have wireless chargers and cables at work, in the car and home so that's really not a downside.
Productivity with the inner screen is absolutely amazing as you can run multiple apps simultaneously and I honestly get carried away with the s-pen.

  • Masafuso

IvanDGreat, 15 Dec 2021at current, photos taken by whatsapp camera are out of alig... moreSame happens to me, and Dual Whatsapp can't receive or send any media like voice, image or video

  • Miko

Upgraded from Note 10. Fold is a good looking phone, eye catching at all times. Battery is less than expected, unfortunate. Main display eats battery life. Aspect ratio is better than Fold 2 but still odd at times. No SD slot and S pen fold edition doesn't work on the cover display. Overall rating 7/10
Regret not getting Note 20 Ultra over this

  • Ebin

Not bad and not upto a flagship phone...I mean per the price camera should be better...regret about this

  • Anonymous

Please tell me where you can buy inside screen for Z fold 3?

  • Jack

Small screen resolution 🤬

  • EP

Ace, 15 Dec 2021Hey what's the battery life, from people that have one... moreEasily a day on average use and a bit under on heavy usage. Im in the uk and the battery is 10x better than my note 20 ultras.

  • EP

Anonymous, 16 Dec 2021If your phone heavily damaged you have no way to spare your... moreAs someone with a fold3 buds 2 and a watch active.
Grow up tinfoil man

  • john

The Note series should be transformed in to Z fold, not the S series

  • Anonymous

Mega 6.3 was a better size then this , unfolded this almost as big as ipad mini . What a waste

$1900 seems kinda steep. you could get 2 iphone 13s for that much