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iAmNo0ne, 30 Aug 2021So far, I finish the day with 20% left. I watch videos, pla... moreAbsolutely..right on..I can't wait to get mine..I no im going to love it

I'm not surprised.

  • KD

audio jack should be in - For all flagship phones (Samsung)

  • Joker

Samsung is dead since 2014. The last phones that really called a phone were note4/s4 / galaxy alpha and oldest
I dont know whats going on with companies nowadays we dont see cell phones we see bricks still using my galaxy alpha as my last best android phone and rip to all android oems and having a new *phone* called iphone 12 mini that feels like a *****phone***** and very satisfied
We are in 2021 nearly in 2022 and still bricks have 4000 mah batteries !!! Wth is going on ? I dont care about the power effecient lie because its all a lies if u want to make a brick like this then put a 8000 mah battery at least to make it feel really practical

Truedroid, 30 Aug 2021My only concern about edge displays is about red lines, I ... moreLCD screen displays have a lifespan of an average of 30,000 to 60,000 hours, so what happened to your 2015' S6 Edge is not unusual. It's a 6 years old phone. What do you expect?.

My only concern about edge displays is about red lines, I had a Samsung s6 edge, actually it was incredible device, I loved it but after several years display got a problem, a red line problem! I hope this device won't have such problems

uknowme, 29 Aug 2021I read here many complaint battery small.. yes initially I ... moreSo far, I finish the day with 20% left. I watch videos, play games, constantly listen to music, edit documents, take notes. Brightness at about 70-80%. Refresh rate high.

The battery seems more than enough this kind of usage.

Samuel Mwangi, 25 Aug 2021It can be fitted with two batteries 🔋 one each fold instead... moreI read here many complaint battery small.. yes initially I same as you guy… so big screen 4K battery? Use for 1 hour? Mini tablet 4400k? But after that I realise the weight…. Even with this small battery already 272g… if fit 10000mah you want carry 1kg phone going here and there hahahahaa. Weight vs mah

What to do the hinge for folding is very heavy…

From this I also realise why phone now mah is small .. all around 5k to 6k mah… actually battery is very cheap 20000mah you also can get less than 30 usd… why manufacturer don’t put 20000mah in a phone … it is the weight.

This useless fold 3 is heavy even with 272g… and small mah very fast no battery … try with 120hz screen if not believe me hahhaa.

Z flip 3 ? Except can flip not sure what advantage but the small screen at back is for easier not need your flip and unflip the phone very often for those lazy… if that the case why need to buy flip phone… another failure… Samsung just make s21 fe better is enough

WhiteDragem, 23 Aug 2021Long time GSMArena’er here (since the start); has been awhi... moreYour teacher don’t teach you to make it short? Just says summary and key pointtttttt

  • Miltspoon

Miltspoon, 28 Aug 2021I have had my unlocked Z Fold 3 for 3 days Model Number SM-... moreUPDATE: After watching me use my Z Fold 3 my wife wants one. I had another Samsung phone ordered for her but she asked if I could cancel it and order her a Fold 3. Of course I did and hers should be here very soon. I really like mine.

Hey- few people seem to mention one of the brilliant implementations that Samsung have made with these Fold devices and the optical fingerprint reader (the best I have ever used on a phone and equalling the best I've had in a high end laptop)...

It doubles as an optical track pad, and can be used to slide down the android taskbar/notices screen, and a second swipe will bring down the full quick buttons access panel.

From a daily driver perspective this proves easier than sliding a finger from the top of the screen, and by habit, sometimes has me trying to find the optical fingerprint reader when I have the 'tablet' in landscape mode (sometime I have speakers up top, sometimes on the bottom half as it is mostly found)..

This is akin to being four feet from the volume button on a TV or dial on the home amplifier and walking 8ft to find a remote elsewhere..

The optical fingerprint reader is refreshingly quick, and when I transitioned from the nice (fast) one on the Sony Xz to the screen finger print readers on the Note 10 and 20 series I seriously missed the older tech.

The trick to the Samsung folds is to find the right chewyooube clip that guides how to set up the device- there are so many great tricks to employ; I seldom use any other tablets anymore... (I trust the Folds feature set)

Having the research pages browsed at home last night with you in the store the next day (only a fold away) is handy...
Although, unlike others I am VERY HESITANT to use the fold in public needlessly. I find the 'tall' front screen great for media selection (eg casting video to home kit or selecting songs in a playlist), and 'at a pinch' very useful.

I do not miss having 120hz on the front panel (Fold2 user), as the full fold experience IS the inner panel, and EVERYTIME I use it it is a refreshing Android experience... It doesn't grow tiring having access to a large panel and for years I have lamented how uselessly thin all our products become (what a useless spec war) that gets in way of usability (ie a camera with an actual grip is a better camera body to use but many manufacturers shrunk the grip away to have 'smaller dimensions- I literally buy grip extenders, and for phones I have bought many TACTILE covers that make holding the phone I hand feel secure).. Thin phones do not sit in the hand well, and wide phones do not sit in pockets well.
The Fold is very pocketful, if heavy (you will always know where it is). The on-screen keyboard is big enough to enjoy typing on.

Written from a Fold ;-)

  • Miltspoon

I have had my unlocked Z Fold 3 for 3 days Model Number SM-F926U1. I traded a S21 Ultra for it. I really like this phone so far. All screens are very crisp. It is a fast phone and gave me no trouble switching from old to new. The Sound is very good. it also paired quickly with my Auto GPS System. Be prepared to show it to many people if you use it in public. All I did yesterday was show my phone to people when would take it out to use it. The only Negative things I have to say about the phone, not a deal breaker, I do not like the fingerprint sensor very much. And it is just a tad to narrow when using as a regular phone. This is a heavy phone so be prepared and I like it because it is heavy. I am very glad I bought it. And with the Samsung trade in program you can't go wrong.

WhiteDragem, 28 Aug 2021I do not see an issue with the Note series not being out th... moreThese used to make sense to me focusing only Samsung as my OEM of choice, I had the worse battery life with the Note 8 and a dead screen without any fall, then I bought the Mate 20X - and had my first reality check.
I got the Fold 2 to get my communicator feel and use again, but the battery life was like the Note 8, and simply impractical in a lot of ways. Also the promised esim functionality never happened TILL DATE.
I then got the Mi Mix Fold by Xiaomi from 28mobile, with a 5050mah, the difference was night and day (the batteries are split on both half's of the phone. It also has a better cooling system which you would feel on everyday use. The outer and inner screens give a better and satisfactory phone - tablet combo unlike my 2 in which case the outer is too impractical to be a phone and the inner is too small to be a tablet. The desktop OS on the inner screen is enhances productivity on so many levels and entirely eliminates the limitations of the Fold 2, in terms of multitasking.
Very vital also is the inclusion of a dual nano (physical) Sim card capability - something Samsung couldn't and still can't achieve.
I think one has to wake up to the reality of spending so much for crap.
My only limitation at the moment with the Xiaomi Mi Mix Fold is that I want to do away with Google all together and have the Harmony OS as my alternate OS to Apple.
My Mate 20X will be getting the Harmony OS 2, and I sincerely hope that the Mi Mix Fold (being a Chinese company) will adopt the Harmony OS.
My alternate when upgrading would be the Mate X2 4G. It comes with the Harmony OS 2 out of the box.
Samsung can keep their fragile and flashy rip-off policies.

I do not see an issue with the Note series not being out this year (as an buyer of a note 10 & 20), as phones do not become ‘out of date’ simply due to a new CPU or GPU being used.

As long as the old Note devices are not put to pasture by Samsung quickly (which is pretty common thing they do to force new product sale; ie release an update for last seasons phone that breaks the camera focus or some such (yes, wipe cache etc to fix doesn’t)), and as long as the Note 10/20 still get security updates...

of course ideally security updates should be seperate to OS updates (I don’t like how apple has transitioned to security with iOS updates, and hence FORCES everyone to run latest iOS- a fairly recent practice/change of practice).. and should continue for awhile.
The Note 7 is getting pretty ‘end of life’ regarding security updates, so there is a natural decay with these modern products that relegates them to alarm clocks and media players eventually...

The s-pen being external isn’t an issue when the case can hold it.
Would rather have the ingress protection.. (yes I know IP68 has been achieved on previous Notes WITH the S-pen included), and the extra battery life is no doubt better...
Lifting a pen from a Case is no doubt better for many anyway, and with two different Stylus’ available, the notion of an external holder isn’t TOO bad...

-=battery life=-
a lot of people here are angry about a manufacturer dropping 100mAH of battery capacity from a product.
As someone who has sold a lot of digital cameras, including some cheap ones that are driven purely by AA batteries; not all quoted capacities are the same..
some hgh quality german batteries that quote half the rated power of ‘consumer mainstream stuff’ (with big numbers advertised on the pack) often vastly outperform them.
As a motor home user who geared up for off grid living (solar and battery storage for power), a lot of battery cell research I have done shows that there is a lot more to cell structure and battery build than ‘just the numbers’.
I’d rather manufacturers give GOOD/GREAT batteries that last (especially in a world with 25Watt fastcharging being ‘a thing’(a feature I would NEVER use due to battery care practice!)), and not all batteries are created equally.
I bought a Sony XZ Premium and LOVED the battery techs that were employed; most manufacturers couldn’t care about whether our products keep working beyond warranty period and buy battery components to suit...
anyhow- a battery that claims a certain mAH number might have nothing in common with another battery quoting the same mAH rating...
IF we as consumers keep kicking up a fuss over a mere couple of hundred miiliamp hours of storage, manufacturers will certainly start to only use shitty batteries that quote the biggest numbers... (rather than well built/designed to last units that might have larger cells with ‘less capacity’)..

Of more interest is the notion that the 5G antenna is system on a chip now (rather than an external unit, as many ‘new technology’ parts get initially)..
It was why I kept my HTC Velocity 4G for so long- it was a first product for the 4G network, and therefor had a proper antenna design..
as manufacturers reduce costs, the antenna modules are usually made smaller, generally require more power to operate to equal performance, and therefor raise SAR output and reduce battery life.

The Fold3 has the now reduced size 5G module, which will likely equate to more battery steal and a higher SAR,... of course we shouldn’t be using glass over the antennas, and I like the layout of the Fold2 as the antennas are somewhat well placed.
Samsung are one of the only manufacturers i know who shoot the signal out from the back of the phone only (every one else cooks your head without thought), and is why I advocate most family to buy their kids a Samsung Note..
The Note 8 has one of the best (lowest) SAR ratings and was my second hand search when looking for a replacement for my childs’ recently broken Note 2..

In fact I bought the Note10+ rather than the Note20 due to the much lower SAR.
I am not inclined to put a SIM chip in the FOLD(2) due to the higher SAR rates, and would rather use Samsungs’ ‘make calls on other devices feature’ to keep things ‘untoasty’.
The Fold 3 SAR ratings I have seen so far seem to confirm that the smaller antenna chip has raised power to the antenna circuit..

Not sure about whether all Folds have the Glass back, but I was understanding that the Fold2 didn’t and the Fold3 now uses a glass back (bad for reception vs plastic)...
When i look at the model for the Fold3 in the stores, it looks the same back panel as the Fold2 which I assumed was some form of metalised plastic..; the internals of the Fold2 certainly have the antennas well placed so might be apart of the significant run time differences between the devices- where we would assume that dropping from a CPU fabbed at 7+nm to one done on a 5nanometre process should give MORE battery life.. the screen didn’t get larger, although the front one can now run at 120hz- I can only guess the added brightness would rush through the power, but I was under the impression that endurance tests set to a specific NIT brightness and should therefore be equal...
My takeaway is that a cheaper antenna module is ultimately giving the product the reduced runtime (more than the few percent difference in the battery capacity).

nothing wrong with Samsung reducing their lineup to be sans Note for a year (our present phones are not magically broken yet)

battery capacity varying by small amounts SHOULDN’T be of concern to end users; who should educate themselves to care about HIGHER QUALITY battery products (like the one in the Sony XZ PREMIUM)

Antenna modules/location and implementation is of utmost importance for a PHONE

  • Guest Free

I'm very disappointed this year Samsung didn't launch Note Series, they launch Z Fold series for replace Note Series on this year.
After I watch and read of the Z Fold 3 design & Specs. I feel very disappointed, 1st don't have SD Slot, 2nd the S-Pen can't keep on the Phone like Note Series Design.

  • Robbie

I am so, so, so tempted.
Could I live with 512GB?....maybe, although an SD card slot would have made it closer to perfect and more useful for everyday purposes.
I might wait and try to pick one up from ebay in a few months time for about £1000.
We'll see.

  • PiCosm

See the Fold 5 or 6 in Westworld - made in 2016. Amazing tri fold device that’s very realistically bought to life in the series.

WhiteDragem, 23 Aug 2021Long time GSMArena’er here (since the start); has been awhi... moreOk

Does the unlocked version have all the radios to use on any US carrier? Or does one have to get the carrier specific one?

  • VFA

Shocked, 25 Aug 2021A 12mp camera???? Or have I read this wrong?You read it right. :(