Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G

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  • Robbie

I am so, so, so tempted.
Could I live with 512GB?....maybe, although an SD card slot would have made it closer to perfect and more useful for everyday purposes.
I might wait and try to pick one up from ebay in a few months time for about £1000.
We'll see.

  • PiCosm

See the Fold 5 or 6 in Westworld - made in 2016. Amazing tri fold device that’s very realistically bought to life in the series.

WhiteDragem, 23 Aug 2021Long time GSMArena’er here (since the start); has been awhi... moreOk

Does the unlocked version have all the radios to use on any US carrier? Or does one have to get the carrier specific one?

  • VFA

Shocked, 25 Aug 2021A 12mp camera???? Or have I read this wrong?You read it right. :(

AshkanArabim, 23 Aug 2021While this may be true, you have to consider that the phone... moreIt can be fitted with two batteries 🔋 one each fold instead of one. Each to be 4,400 mA. The weight should be a non issue considering the many screens. Xiaomi have experimented on this! It's called dual battery.

  • Shocked

A 12mp camera???? Or have I read this wrong?

  • Anonymous

Isn't it awesome how you can't even install a different OS after Samsung stops support, if you want functioning cameras? This will be an expensive paperweight in a couple of years, unless you stick with the stock OS after support ends. Such a shame.


No words regarding antenna type installed? is it 4xMiMO, millimeter, array antennas which configuration is impemented for 5G ? Who has the best signal reception ? Why always NO words regarding how 5G radio is implemented in testing phone ?
best regards

  • Anonymous

with this battery life the device belongs in the trash, a big disappointment.

  • Campos

The plz bring back the note series and stop thing about your self the world needs notes not this flip phones.

  • Battery Guru

A phone that thick only have 4k mAh battery?

  • Anonymous

Snapdragon 888 or 888+? And LPDDR5 5500 or 6400?

  • gica

Wifi6 has only HE80 bandwidth not HE160, sadly.

  • Ali

It reminds me of the Nokia E90 communicator! What a phone it was, simply generations ahead of its time. The only phone i ever had that ppl would actually notice and compliment it....

Good old Nokia days...

WhiteDragem, 23 Aug 2021Long time GSMArena’er here (since the start); has been awhi... moreYou've made some valid points here, and yes, the Knox complication is a real nightmare - for some reason the regional thing makes a mess of both buying the phones and using all the functionalities.

As someone who used the 9210 and the 9210i, I sincerely hoped I could get my communicator feel and use back with Fold 2, sadly it fell short on so many levels that even though I still used it for a while as my main ANDROID business tool, it was more of a YouTube phone for me. Then I got the Xiaomi Mi Mix Fold and I found my COMMUNICATOR - The feel in hand, ease of holding it, inner screen can go for me as a tablet, the aspect ratio is good enough, the outer screen holds more than my Z fold 2 and most importantly the dual nano SIM functionality.

Samsung tricked us into believing the esim functionality would come up after the said update BUT it never did. With the Xiaomi, I've been awakened to value for money - something I've ignored I've the years with Samsung, even with my Mega 2, Note 5 and Note 8 screens going black on me without any impact or fall and cost about 70% the price of the phone to fix.

Like I said, what I'm waiting for is the Flip from Xiaomi to continue the fold experience. I'm done with Samsung.

  • handyman

A nice device. A novelty! I had the chance to hold it in my hand a few days ago. The device is designed to be a phone and a tablet at the same time. Therefore it costs quite a lot. However, the battery life is not good for such a purpose and for this reason, I would not buy it.

  • sfnacfaf

The narrow width is what helps in holding the thick device. And as a plus point, helps with one hand usage.

A thick and wide phone like Huawei X2 is a nightmare to handle.

AshkanArabim, 23 Aug 2021While this may be true, you have to consider that the phone... moreThats where Innovation comes in .. something that seems to be seriously lacking in the recent offerings.

  • Khader

Best fold 2