Samsung I5801 Galaxy Apollo

Samsung I5801 Galaxy Apollo

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  • Wazim

Updated Kyrillos 7.1 , here is the video

  • Anonymous

The Froyo has made the phone unusable, if u enable background sync, and auto sync of email accounts then the phone is just dead..nothing..I had to throw this phone,no use..Office calender does not sync as well..the swype never works..

  • AnonD-21664

how to play the downloaded games in ths mobile. whre the downloads are saving?

  • Anonymous

Krish, 08 Sep 2011Hi Frds.. i planned to buy i5801...tell me ur sugesstions..i hav... moreI have also bought Galaxy 3 (I5801) in in last month but the battery back-up is bad. If I call continue for only 2 hrs then battery charge level decreases to 0% from 100%.

What about your set? you are facing the same problem?
Or it is only my fault? though I have change battery and also updated the software but the problem is still there.

Please let me as soon as possible

  • Ketul

prashu, 06 Sep 2011my i5801 is not detected by samsung kiessame problem. ..

  • Anonymous

Worth for money...

  • Anand

Teja, 25 Aug 2011Hey you have to turn off unwanted applications that are running ... morehi,

I5801 is a android phone. i would count it as a big + if the battery lasts any where around 2 days. androids, bbrys, iphones are known to drain batteries rapidely...
it would give you hardly a days backup if you consistently use GPRS,WiFi and GPS....

  • rocky

how can i install a new version 2.2froyo

  • rocky

is this model support themes,pls reply

  • rocky

i used tis mob for last 2 months,it is very slow process and media scanner wil take much time

  • PC

AnonD-17866, 15 Aug 2011hi PC how did u upgrade your apollo to 2.2,im unable to do it an... moreHi Get it done from samsung service center.. they wont charge if you have a bill.

  • Krish

Hi Frds.. i planned to buy i5801...tell me ur sugesstions..i hav small doubt on this model abt battery and slow process..

  • fanny

ram, 05 Sep 2011which firmware supports hindi language? thnxcurrent firmware version will support hindi.

  • prashu

my i5801 is not detected by samsung kies

  • Yusuf

i have been facing a lot of call drops since i have activated the internet service...While on a call i suddenly get disconnected and cant call back for 2-3 mins...have upgraded the version to 2.2 too

  • ram

fanny, 31 Aug 2011I have updated .Great version.There is support for regional languages.which firmware supports hindi language?

  • fanny

I have updated .Great version.There is support for regional languages.

  • Anonymous

nil., 28 Aug 2011hello funds.. I have upgraded my phone to 2.2 froyo working go... moreupdate it again a latest version

  • R.K.Dantham

Hai friends, I am new to samsung galaxy I5801. I have to ask to questions
1.Is this phone have default call recorder? If it does´t have default call recorder whitch is the best call recorder in the market.
2. after upgrading to android o.s 2.2 is this phone will support to live wall papers?
Somebody please answer me, thanks in advance.

  • nil.

hello funds..
I have upgraded my phone to 2.2 froyo
working good but have some problems..after opening the contacts back button does not work (has to go back by pressing home key) but contacts and dialer are opening v v v fast than before..second problem is that plugin contents( animations r not viewable from opera mobile,dolphins,and from other browsers..but I have noticed that size of the opera mobile is shown 9.98 mb (on froyo )but on previous vr.I.e on eclair it was nearly 23-24 mb...why it is so....
but me tell u this is a best mobile in this range..more than options one p500..