Samsung i8510 INNOV8

Samsung i8510 INNOV8

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  • wish i had the pixon

it would be awesome if it had touchscreen

  • Anonymous

the gps thing. do you need to turn on wi fi for the gps to work? or just turn on the gps and it works right away anywhere? you need to find a hot spot? thanks.

  • Rayne

Can any one tell me the different between 8GB model and 16GB one any extra spec ?

  • Mehedi

what is optical trackpad and which one is better n85 or innov?

  • eric

This phone is awesome. I've owned it for 2 weeks now. Tons of application you can download for it. Lots of great features like the 8mp camera, the video editor and the photo river. The contacts list and the calendar has all the things I needed. Wifi is cool. GPS is a huge plus.

I bought this unit in the Philippines, and the only downside is, I didn't think the users manual was complete enough both the online or the printed quick guide version. It did discuss all the basic features, but I was looking for some hints on what the different icons meant. I'm new to the symbian interface, so this would have helped me a lot. For example, the message box that blinked at the top of the screen.

There are apparently bugs in the firmware. Maybe am just doing it wrong, but i can't seem to organize the files in the image gallery. And the settings for the camera would not save. Am hoping samsung releases a new firmware very soon.

  • Anonymous

got everything on it but no stop watch.

  • MAX

I bought this handphone today from Nokia 5800 to Samsung I8510 INNOV8 so far good will be back with more info soon.......

  • laughing

to all, thanks for the comments.

so for the .avi movies, i just convert them into mp4 files and i should be able to watch movies on the i8510.

i plan to upload some tv shows onto this phone. just good to have some movies handy while you wait for the bus etc...i am not super picky about the quality of the movie, as long as i can watch a movie on the i8510.

  • Christian

I loved this phone. Just getting used to symbian.

  • nick

laughing, 28 Apr 2009will this phone play .avi files that i have downloaded from torr... morethe answer is no. ive tried it and the resolution of those avi files from torrents sites is too high.

download 'super' (type it in google) and downsize the resolution, but keep the video in AVI.

and 3gp is never the best format!

  • alif

laughing, 28 Apr 2009will this phone play .avi files that i have downloaded from torr... moreno...u need to convert it using the software(pc suit cd) given with the phone during u bought it. converting in mp4 also can read the file by this phone.but i think it is better u convert it into divx file.if u use avi file without convert it before, of course your phone can't read the movie.i mean can not support file format. this is because the resolution download file is not match with the phone.

  • Dirk

to laughing.

Actually .3gp works best on this phone.

  • dirk

Reply to laughing

No you have to convert the AVI files to MP4

Lots of free programs to do that.

  • laughing

will this phone play .avi files that i have downloaded from torrent sites? thanks.

  • DeeN

brynn, 08 Feb 2009left it on standby fully charged at 1.20am sunday morn and just ... moreIf you have Garmin installed, remove it, and you will solve the battery problem

  • Sweat

Hello to all ,i am owner of i8510 cool phone , just one stupid question -why only nokia has remote on headphone ? I do bike driving 100km per day to change song have to stop bike ?

  • Anonymous

I've had my phone since march but it seems to be causing me problems now. It gets stuck on the start up screen when i try to turn it on. I've looked online to find codes to key in and all I get is a flashing "ALL DOWNLOAD" on a red screen. I also noticed that it said SysAp: Feature not supported before it died on me. It did start working again at one point after i had drained the battery and kept playing around with it, but stopped working again.

Does anyone know what this means and what I should do?

I'm also from Canada so my phone was imported and the phone is not listed on the Canadian Samsung site so I could get support.

  • carphone

does anyone know if this phone supports emoticons
had a customer who just gets a blank text, but when he sends same text on to another phone it shows

  • alif

daniel, 25 Apr 2009hi.. i want to know, is this phone lasting? does it have alot of... moreproblem?actually this phone is alot of function.but the battery is very also happened on me. i had bought it about 1 month.some of the function are to slow.but like i said just now, function of this phone is great.

  • alif

ganesh dayma, 25 Apr 2009I have problem in this model, i don't understand in given the ke... moreactually m1 and m2 are the short cut key. you can adjust it by enter setting>general>personalization>my shortcuts.