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  • ducks

Hi Mr. Jin madera, I am planning to buy an omnia to replace my old asus pda. this maybe a silly question, but I need to know. does omnia have voice dialing command? I use this a lot in my asus pda. If omnia has voice dialing command, could help explain how to use it.

Thanks for your info. This will greatly help my decision on getting an omnia.

  • SHadrach

Remember that you have to download a registry editor application before you can see the registry keys. HKCU = HKey Current User.

Disclaimer - Editing your registry incorrectly may damage your system. Do this at your own risk.

  • Jin Madera

start editing your registry
shell folders

for your Cache reg
Cookies > change to
Storage Card\Cache

for your Cookies reg
Cookies > change to
Storage Card\Cookies

for your History reg
History > change to
Storage Card\History

use any tweak registry editor...

try rob manila...dun ko binili omnia ko...

i think your saying that if u r running your WMV FILES thru any video player its just like streaming like buffering...maybe theres plenty apps open in your background thats thy it lags or affect the running time of you video,maybe or you may use the dviX player thats the one im must convert your avi to divX or mp4 okay...


The new Samsung Omnia Firmware is to resolve the fast battery drain out caused by the previous HH3 firmware,samsung has taken longer than usual to resolve this problem 4 Asia user...many Omnia users has turned to leak firmware version to resolve the battery problem,

i think it dont have used or functions,they just simply put there so that it may look like a windows personal computer that you can update via wifi unfortunately it no use at all...maybe try to check the cooked rom they did not included it anymore coz its no used at all...its just my packing opinion...

mines still last a day........W T H

try to configure your registry so that it can be automatically be save in your storage card not in your main memory...

what do you mean,can you rephrase your question...if have already install the apps your talking can find in...
then you have to scroll down to find the apps you have been installed...

for your keyboard just simply go to the
then scroll input method...i think you will find your new options for you new keyboard...


The latest Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines and Indonesia Firmware Version is

Hope i answer all your question....if my suggestion is wrong...forgive just like you who wanted our omnia to be above the rest...sleep na ako...

  • Tami

Shadrach, 12 Aug 2009Congratulations on your new Omnia! The memory issue is a result... moreThank you Mr.Shadrach,i followed your instruction and it worked,my device's memory now is under 42%,a little more question : is there a way to change the setting so all temporary internet file automatically save to my storage so that i don't have to erase in my device?Thanks again Mr.Shadrach,you're very kind.

  • Anonymous

Shadrach, 12 Aug 2009When you say it cannot run WMV files smoothly, does that mean th... moreMP4 video is running properly. WMV format video play like slow video of internet live.

  • om!

i m using dzia5 but last week i went to service centre thy help me frst to DZID1... any1 knw the difference about them? i didnt c any difference.. but it seems dzia5's batt is better.

so can sum1 tell me the way to safe the batt? many thx
and sry for my bad englis

  • lum001

i bought my omnia 10 mos ago and i am enjoying it more and more with the new applications being released.

if you are having problems with the connetion settings for the system upgrade, check your settings.
it would be better if you are connected via wifi and connect again.
there could be a lot of factors that could affect your connection, what kind of connection was set on your omnia. if it is not connected via wifi, the it would use the gprs,but if your network does not support ift, then you wont be able to connect.

my omnia can watch and download youtube and other site's videos.

  • Shadrach

Anonymous, 12 Aug 2009what can the users tell me about the battery life?Battery life depends on a lot of factors. The ROM that's loaded into the phone, applications you're using, and how you use the phone. I charged my phone full noontime last Saturday. by the looks of it I will be charging this tomorrow. That's almost 5 days...moderate phone, heavy text, moderate media.

  • Shadrach

Jordan, 12 Aug 2009Hey guys, i've had the omnia for about 2 months now... ive tr... moreIt happens to me too whether I use 3G or wifi. I am still searching for a solution if there's any.

  • Jordan

Hey guys, i've had the omnia for about 2 months now...

ive tried doing the windows update(Under settings) but it keeps telling me it could not connect to the update server,that i should check my data connection settings, and that i should make sure my time and date are correct?

ive checked the time and date, also ive tried adjusting my connection settings. How can i fix this?

  • Anonymous

what can the users tell me about the battery life?

  • Shadrach

Tami, 12 Aug 2009BTW,my current software is DXIA5,please help,ThxCongratulations on your new Omnia! The memory issue is a result of the following:
1. Installing programs in the main memory instead of My Sorage or your added storage card
2. Temporary internet files that your unit downloads everytime you surf.

To decrease memory usage, always install programs either in My Storage or Storage card. Delete your temporary internet files.

Please go to for more info.

  • Tami

BTW,my current software is DXIA5,please help,Thx

  • Tami

Okay been using omnia for 2 weeks (my friend Setsuka highly recommend it)and he's right,this's a cool phone but the problem is the main memory always getting full after i browsed the net,i tried to reset it to factory setting & main memory returned to 42%,but it started again,i've checked to Samsung cust.service but they said never encountered this kind of thing,please if someone here know what should i do?

  • Shadrach

Anonymous, 12 Aug 2009My omnia i900 can not run WMV video smoothly. How do I set WMV v... moreWhen you say it cannot run WMV files smoothly, does that mean that the playback pauses for some seconds? What are the symptoms? What player are you using? Have you tried a different player? Have you tried playing the file on a different machine?

  • Anonymous

My omnia i900 can not run WMV video smoothly. How do I set WMV video ? Can anybody tell me ?

  • Shadrach

imurana, 11 Aug 2009Jin, Please how can i run the applications in my windows folder... moreWhat applications are we delaing with here?

  • Shadrach

adzerrific, 11 Aug 2009yep... too bad for my omnia... i wonder kung may ibang branch an... moreI heard there is a shop in SM Annex North Edsa selling and fitting Zagg Invisible SHields. And I heard they do it nicely. I have yet to verify this. My main concern right now is getting a nice leather or hard case. lol

  • ember

Shadrach, 11 Aug 2009ember, Sorry for the confusion, it's not Mobile shell 4, it's... moreoh ok, i thought so too that what you meant was spb shell skin 4. i think the latest was 4.1.3 and i already have it

thanks though

presently, i don't have a new apps for my omnia, still looking for new updates.....

and for those who have been asking if omnia is good, well, it's the best so far. this is based on my needs. omnia is the perfect one for me.

gsmarena has specs for all the cellphones and you can just check them if they fit your needs


  • imurana

Please how can i run the applications in my windows folder. I have done all that i could to run the applications in my folder.
Can i run all the applications