Samsung i900 Omnia

Samsung i900 Omnia

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  • Daniel Lange

Anonymous, 01 Jan 1970yes

  • Nekka

plz help me to operate the flash of the camera

  • Anonymous

what do u get with the omnia

  • Wiskey

I`ve changed my Nokia N82 for Samsung omnia and i can say that Nokia RULZ! Omnia`s camera is far behind N82 who took some pictures to die for in the clubs! Even IPhone`s 2MP camera is better than Omnia`s camera! I can`t recieve files thru bluetooth... Can`t find a good IM for yahoo and the list of problems can continue! I`m still crying for my N82!

  • omnia addict

Anonymous, 10 Apr 2009hi ...guys my battery life does not last very long i got to char... morewhat is your ROM?
for better battery live time, quick process, everything can be better..
u must Upgrade your ROM... that's why samsung always release new ROM until now..

  • flash

hi guys.
would anyone pls tel me how do i choose to store files/mp3 between internal memory(8gig) and storage card.

  • Dimsal

I bought the omnia i900 about 3 months ago, just last month the screen is not functioning. i cant make a call,cant send messages, cant even do anything except receiving call and i do that thru the answer key and not the screen.Infact, the phone has been useless to me. infact i'm not impress about samsung phone any longer. Any way out?

  • Anonymous

freddieboy, 12 Apr 2009hi, can anybody give me the forum site for omnia. i registered b... morefreddieboy,

  • bimol

help... i cant find "games" folder in my programs...

  • jhon

hi guys
i have i900 omnia . would any 1 tell me how to edit the profiles of this phone i.e office, meeting, outdoor, etc.

  • Cell-Shack Dude

Hi Guys! After using the Omnia for 1 month, I can say that this is by far the best phone I have ever used! Being in the industry and having used MANY handsets over the years not 1 comes close to this. After using almost every N-series this is king. Firstly the CPU is the biggest out there and to me that is a major win, its responsiveness is amazing and having around 12gig of mp3 and videos doesn't make a difference at all. As long as you save everything to the card first though. The UI is amazing I don't know what some of you are complaining about. Functionality is unheard of. Come on show me another phone that stands a chance against it??!! Lastly, if you take into consideration the screen size and functions, of course the battery isn't going to last a week. With 3g turned off and power-saving mode on, I safely get 2 days with heavy use(talk time, not playing games,music etc.) I would definitely recommend this for anyone who isn't technologically challenged and who wants a all-in-one phone/multimedia device. Have a great Easter Weekend and be safe everyone! Keep it up guys.

  • freddieboy

hi, can anybody give me the forum site for omnia. i registered before but i forgot the site address. thanks in advance

  • Anonymous

hayyy,, im rili finding it hard to find a compatible game for this phone.. where can i get them??

  • Anonymous

username, 12 Apr 2009is it true that omnia doesn't have music player?thanks in advanceof course omnia have. windows media n touch player. u can still install some third party app like core plyer

  • Anonymous

hi. i want to buy omnia. can anyone tell me if its ram can be increased from 128 MB to 256 MB?

  • username

is it true that omnia doesn't have music player?thanks in advance

  • rdt

inquirer, 11 Apr 2009 i would like to ask if the omnia can receive business card fro... moreinquirer, yes it can.

  • siame

Anonymous, 10 Apr 2009Not worth for the price.. it hangs many times..touch screen does... moreif u dont know how to use it dont talk bush about it,,iphone is not windows mobile

  • krishna

Chris, 09 Apr 2009When I try to use the camera it does not load...all i get is a b... morehi have u up/sw latest this one software isue

  • Claire

How do I get it to stop tiling my backgroungs x