Samsung i900 Omnia

Samsung i900 Omnia

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  • Nooshin

I have an omnia and I don't know how to find the light. moreover, I wanna know that how can I adjust messaging system to report delivery.

  • veronica

Honey, 15 Mar 2009the screen of my omnia goes of every second day, and i have to m... moreyou need to do a software upgrade on your handset


Anonymous, 15 Mar 2009Hi There ! . . .I own a Samsung i900 Omnia.Im experiecing proble... moreYou need to contact Samsung as the service provider will only help with your sim card applications.

  • hay

when i turn on my camera it will display in the screen that the video memory is full and i have to close some applications. when i hit the end all tasks button, the problem still persists. does updating my ROM will solve my problem? Thanks

  • Jamaican Omnia

Anonymous, 09 Mar 2009there hast been at least one update since your Rom Version, beca... moreThanks a lot Vicky. However, I have another problem. I have downloaded the firmware, tried to install, but a message states "run the application". I am clueless. Please help.

  • Happy

CooOL mobile ... I will get it at the end of march ... But i wanna ask about the Rom !!! When i open the samsung site to try to download my new Rom , i found that Egypt my country doesn't exist so the Question 4m which country can i download it and which Rom ... And thx ;)

  • Anonymous

Hi There ! . . .I own a Samsung i900 Omnia.Im experiecing problems with my gps .I am the 2nd owner of this phone so i guess the gps is registered to the first owner.Do i contact my service provider(Vodacom) or Samsung south africa ?

awaiting your reply
Thanking you in advance

  • hooman

is the LCD i900 anti scratch?!

  • Shauna

Hello to everyone just seeking someone help please well i just buy my samsung omnia and the problem is i didnt get the book and the software only the data cable can someone tell me where i can go to download the pc suite that works with vista and tell me how do i know if its the 16Gb or the 8Gb i got because i ask someone to buy if for me so i am without the acessories now cause i didnt get them please i beg someone help thanks much until bye

  • Honey

the screen of my omnia goes of every second day, and i have to make the soft reset to turn on the screen back, i can still receive the calls when the screen goes off....

  • tonie

new FIRMWARE is available at it's official website. i currently have unoffical version of dxia1... when i try installing it to the latest original ROM, it won't make my "incorrect software version" am i missin out on something here? i tried at monacos but it didnt help me at all!!! please let me know if you figured it out.."

  • kiriakos

crissa, 14 Mar 2009i want to ask to those who owns a Samsung i900 Omnia, is the mes... moreI cannot find out how to create messaging folders in i900. Maybe it's not possible. If someone knows something i don't... please share it.

  • vic

I just got my Omnia replaced my I780. I would say Samsung is making very good phone. The I780 already so good and stable, however I have change to get for free... I grap it! So far so good, 9/10 for me.

  • Anonymous

How do i make folder for sms??
How do get caller ID pic on full screen instead of thumbnail

  • blu

iv bn using samsung omnia nw.i locked my fon. my probs is i cudnt open my fon due to several incorrect passwords hav bn entered to my fon.

  • Cinta

Andrea, 09 Mar 2009Thanks Tif Tif. But i have been try it but the problem is, its j... moreI have xperia,n my sister have omnia..
Xperia has amazing screen,trust me! And qwerty keyboard..but sadly i must say omnia has better performance..
Comes to specs,xperia very2 tempting,but after i played with omnia whole day..i say take omnia! U will love it!

Omnia has smaller res,but it's very2 fast compared to xperia,widget touchwiz ui also eye catching n customizable,my x-panel seems so dull! 5mp of omnia,acclerometer add better value...and omnia can play hi bitrate movie while my xperia always show "not supported bitrate"..
Htc touch pro? I never play with this

  • crissa

i want to ask to those who owns a Samsung i900 Omnia, is the messaging of this phone like the P990i and W960 that you can add folders and store as many messages as you want? pls answer my query if posible.. thanks for the replys.. this is my YM ID: crissamae20

  • Mohamed

My rom version is XBHJ1, is this old?
How can I upgrade? does upgrading make me lose my installed programs?
Thanx in advance

  • ted

Anonymous, 16 Aug 2008Can some one tell me if you purchase one of these phones from eb... morei have the phone i instal ig08 was going good igo8 is the best program but select a good memory card and reader the rute 66 is no to bed i have htc ty ii is well it is very good on navigation with ig08 it is not friendly with tom tom software but i have instal garmin on my nokia n95 8gb i am soured you can get your hands igo8 try it you going to like it

  • Tif Tif

Andrea, 09 Mar 2009Thanks Tif Tif. But i have been try it but the problem is, its j... moreAgain this rests on personal prefference, im almost positive they run on a windows running system, well i know the omnia ans the Xperia do, HTC ill instantly assume does being a HTC and all.
Omnia is Samsung,
Xperia is Sony Ericson
and well the last one is obvious

I chose the Omnia seeing as im a Nokia-Samsung fan, but also to the fact that its had the 8GB internal memory, I couldnt get the 16GB where I am but I find the Omnia to have so many more advantages over the Iphone, being honest Ive never actaully played with an Xperia or The HTC, The only HTC ive played with was the new HTC Dream and it was ok , that phone will take some getting used to,

What main Features did you need the phone to have?