Samsung i900 Omnia

Samsung i900 Omnia

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  • SL

dd, that's the problem. I always have to reset and it takes time. You also need to find a pointed object to reset so that can be frustrating! My other phones do not have such problems. Seems like a bug!

  • dd

SL, 03 Dec 2008Anyone experience 'Insufficient Memory' when trying to go to cam... moreI have that prob too, but for me, if I end all task, its solved. But in a few occasions, u need to power off and on again to solve that prob.

  • dd

Leng, 03 Dec 2008Hi to all, i bought my omnia in mcau recently and i discovered t... moreits unusual that ur ph didnt come with samsung keyboard. Service center should be able to solve.

  • Leng

Hi to all, i bought my omnia in mcau recently and i discovered that in typing sms there is no samsung keypad...i just want to ask if it is possible that samsung centers can upgrade omnia to add softwares like samsung keyboard?...i would appreciate if you could answer my quiries thanks...

  • jo

learning, 03 Dec 2008To those who have samsung i900 Omnia: How does this thing compar... morei think nokia n95 much easier and simpler to use. depends on what you want in a phone. if you want all the bells and whistles then the omnia will do more than the n95. y old phone is a n95 and i would go back to that before getting another omnia again.

  • SL

Anyone experience 'Insufficient Memory' when trying to go to camera mode? I always had this problem even after going to task manager to stop all applications from running. Any advice how I can avoid this problem?

  • jo

i just bought the omnia 1 week ago. at first i was really pleased with it but then problems started to occur. probs with the phonebook editing. when doing more than 2 edits it would then go back to front screen and then when trying to get back into the phonebook it wouldnt come up on the screen, you had to turn phone off and back on again. also when deleting messages from inbox it also deletes from sent mess at same time. i had to hard reset the omnia three times in less than a week.

i find the volume is way too quiet especially when you choose your own mp3 for ringtone.

i am now not all that impressed with phone.

i am now returning my phone to get a different one altogether.

  • learning

To those who have samsung i900 Omnia: How does this thing compare with Nokia N95? Thank you

  • dee

I just bought mine last 2 weeks. I liked it. The only problem that im having right now is the battery. I noticed that this phone consume battery so much. It can last for only a day. What is the point of having a good multifunctions pda/phone if the battery cannot last to suuport the functions

  • player23

dear omnia users.where can i upgrade or simply download games, softwares or anything for my omnia..if anyone knw plz send me the link.esp for games.....i tried on samsung fanclub but whn i put my user name and paswrd on my phone it tells me its nt valid

  • zoe

does the omnia with 850 hsdpa really exist? can't find it on any site

  • robby

I can help you Mathew...
Go to Start(on the top of the phone), then settings, in settings choose system( bottom),and finally motion sensor. Hope that help you?

  • Matthew

Hi.. I hope some one can help me. Can anyone tell me how to flip the screen. I.E horizontal as it seems like i have not set it up or something..

  • robby

Anybody can help?
Did you notice a problem with sound quality when recording a video? In my device you can hear scratches and noise when record in best quality. And a picture sharpnes is not the best. I'm not new in photography and
setings and stuff like that, but my Omnia camera doesnt work fine. Anybody have a same problem? Thanx people.

  • s3n

louise, 02 Dec 2008hi, i have recently brought a samsung omnia, but i cant seem to ... morepush the musicfile for 2 secs, and choose select as a ringtone, then the file will be copied to your ringtone folder in My Device.
btw, get your newest filmware (HJ1) as soon as posb.
get more tips and tricks in

  • Anonymous

I've heard that the i910 has just been released my Verizon, anyone had a look at it yet?

  • Kitbar

chris, 02 Dec 2008 Please help. Hi, haw can I transfer my calendar notes from my... moreHi if u have a Sd card transfer all your data onto the Sd card and put it into your omnia and upload worked for me


  • louise

hi, i have recently brought a samsung omnia, but i cant seem to get onto the internet or have my music as a ringtone, as any1 else had that problem, or got any info....

  • chris

Please help.
Hi, haw can I transfer my calendar notes from my nokia 6300 to my Samsung omnia, I rely hope somebody can help me,
Tanks in advance.

  • JR

I was just wondering if anybody knows how to turn on Auto Stand By since I heard that it improves the battery life.