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Samsung i900 Omnia

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  • Anonymous

you can set your mp3's as ring tones use the media album, you can adjust the volume on the top bar, and the vibration strength in settings personal vibration...

  • Parvez

hey does anyone know if you can edit widgets on the phone? and if so how? thanks in advance!!

  • Anonymous

anonymous, 10 Sep 2008Is the ring on the i900 louder then a n95?umm, difficult one. because i havent yet found anything like nokias "profiles" which is annoying, i want house, outside, office type presets and i havent found them. i think you can set your own mp3s to ring tones like the n95 too, but i havent figured that one out. and the tune i have it on, isnt that loud, nor is the vibrate that strong in the pocket. but i could have the settings wrong

  • zhi

does any1 noe where to download theme customisations?

  • Anonymous

I just got my Omnia and I am getting frustrated. I cannot find the keypad. Where is it hidden? The top part does not slide up or flip open. I'm returning this phone.

  • anonymous

Is the ring on the i900 louder then a n95?

  • Anonymous

i have had mine on orange for a week. wmp jumps, freezes or crashes - it has sent an error message to ms all by itself to "improve" itself. however it is a good looking player that hopefully will get a fix. the touch player is great with no hiccups, sadly its not so library search friendly. important when you have 2100 tracks uploaded!
you get used to the phone and set up the mnu scheme you like in a couple of days, the flexibility is great - bt you do have to set it up.
the only bad thing, orange data package deals. come on orange, 02 can do it and they arent famous for being wanadoo/freeserve, ie internet specialists

  • skibabdee

omnia has a crap music player! you can't edit and reorder playlists. Also once you create a playlist and save it you can't add music to that playlist later on, you have to create another playlist. how fucking stupid is that! Samsung don't know how to create a decent music player and this is ment to be their flagship phone!

  • Anonymous

Omnia is certainly have the best features in the market for a WM phone, it could be better if it come with a keypad or keyboard, which I believe will make the phone much better for texting and email. I have been using WM phone since O2 XDA. Even the up coming Sony X1 can't beat Omnia, except the slide out keyboard, if not texting will be a big issue with the on-screen keyboard.
Every new released phone nowaday have bugs with the software, so I guess I will just wait a little, and get the phone when the firmware update is out.
For language wise, WM device normally have the issue, so make sure you purchase the device with the correct language set even the price is higher to avoid the frastration. None the less good job for Samsung for this phone.

  • zhi

Lee, 08 Sep 2008I'm struggling to set the phone up to connect to my wireless rou... morehey mate,
do u use MAC filter? if so check ur fone for ur MAC address and chuck it in ur "allowed MAC address" column for router wireless settings.

the other thing i can think of is the access channel of ur router and ur fone. check those too.

hope this helps

  • Fat_Jon

abgo, 10 Sep 2008im very keen to have omnia,Is it functioning fast for a busy man?yeah, sure, no prob, dude

  • Bart

I got my Omnia yesterday and i have to say i love it! ive been working for Vodafone for 7 years now and i personally think this is one of the best phones ever ..

  • abgo

im very keen to have omnia,Is it functioning fast for a busy man?

  • @Real Person

I went to the Vodafone Forum. There are about 50 people with problems out of the thousands that have been sold so far.

Hardly an issue.

  • master

very slow
no keyboard
very very very bad pda .. like iphone very bad

  • Anonymous

Had my Omnia 8 days now and it looks like it will be going back tomorrow. No problem with the phone but Vodafone UK service is as bad as ever. GPS "Find & Go" does not work, and they cannot set my emails to come from my account to the phone. Call them and you get shunted from one person to another with complete apathy if not utter rudeness.In short as a business device - useless. For novice users beware this is a complicated bit of kit but if you can get it to do what you want, it is a very good product from Samsung. Pity O2 UK are not going to have it otherwise this might be the solution.

  • Anonymous

with regards to the the issue of when the backlight goes off it wont turn back on at all, i had this issue, but after reading a couple of posts on the net i stumbled across, a check box which wasnt ticked, after ticking it ive never had the issue since, what the check box means dosent actually make sense, but it worked, go to, settings,personal, buttons, wake up, and check the ¨when device is woken up, lock device, check box.

  • Anonymous

with regards to the camera/ memory issue, the actual phone only has 100mb of memory which holds the my documents folder! so just make sure you save all files to ¨my storage¨, and create picture music and video folders in there, then there will be no issue if you use active sync you can easily see the amount of memory by clicking on my files and folders.

  • J

Not impressed by this phone at all. Had it for 2 days and it is a nightmare to use. Gonna exchange it. The UI is awful

  • Real Person

Go to and search for samsung omnia every buyer user have problem with Samsung Omnia, and they all are returning it to vodafone and other provider, it seems that samsung released the phone too early before testing its software and funtionality please avoid this phone you

best option is to go for Samsung i8150 with symbian non-touch screen or if u like touch screen just wait for Sony ericsson xperia until 4th October