Samsung i900 Omnia

Samsung i900 Omnia

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  • Adka

Why the people spend much money for hard feature phone? many poeple alway complain about this too much.

  • tigerjoga

BFG, 28 Aug 2008Dear all. This the my first post! i work for one of the major n... morewhen Im using the MP player, how can i find the songs? because there is no "find" and there is no letter on the side that i can browse to find the title of the song unlike the Iphone... please help! thanks!

  • narendar

fone is nice but lack of disadvantage
1) sound is not good
2) when phone is ring sound is low
3) 5 mp is not good just like vga
4) keypad is not good
5) for stylus no place
thank u samsung for good fone nice try

  • albkik

nice phone but the picture samples from inov8 camera are so impressive. maybe ill wait for 8mp omnia version.
...and please stop arguing with these i-evangelists, apple has brainwashed them.

  • bonzai

is it possible to download and use the yahoo messenger in samsung omnia? does it have a "sent messages" and "forward text"?

  • Omnia Dude

Anonymous, 29 Aug 2008Does it have at least a half vga screen like the iphone? Does i... moreDoes it have at least a half vga screen like the iphone?

The omnia only displays i think 65k colours but you barely notice it. The screen looks bright and clear and the text is easy to read.

In direct sunlight it is a little hard to see, but i dont see what the big deal is about that, simply use your hand to cover the sun.

The omnias screen is not scratch proof unfortunately. I would highly advice getting a screen protector along with the phone.

The mp3 player is ok, but honestly i havent used it alot. I have opted to use a program called slide 2 play which is very similair to iphones mp3 player.

The web browse(opera) is decent. But i prefer opera mini.

Skyfire will be the next big thing though for web browsers, it can display every web page regardless of what version of flash it has just like it would on your desktop.
The camera is the best ive ever seen in a cameraphone. I feel no need to go out and buy a digital camera, but thats just me.

I would say the iphone is flashier and cooler, but the omnia is more powerful. Its 2008 and the iphone still only has a 2 megapixel camera with no video. That was the deal breaker for me.

  • Anonymous

BFG, 28 Aug 2008Dear all. This the my first post! i work for one of the major n... moreDoes it have at least a half vga screen like the iphone? Does it have 16m colors like the iphone? Is the screen readable under direct sunlight like the iphone? Does it have a scratchproof glass screen like the iphone? Those are basic qualities that a high end phone should have.

How's its mp3 player compared to the iphone? How's its web browser compared to the iphone. How's it's UI compared to the iphone? Those are features that people use every day more than anything else on a phone.

As for the camera. Is it good enough that I can give away my digital camera and use it as my primary camera?

  • Meesh

i need help if anyone know yet, where the hell is the pc suite type software etc i loaed the stuff from the disc, i know its a more advanced handset but i have no idea how to get the thing set up so i can add files etc, when i plugged in the usb and opened up the storage on my pc it said to format it which id expect with a memory card in it but a little worried since its the handset memory, lol good god im normally a wiz lol

  • nella

question to bfg. As the innov8 is out on sat in the uk have you played with it yet and is it worth waiting for? Looks v much like the omnia but is far more loaded. Opinion please?

  • Tango

How do you change the time format from 24 to 12 hour fomat?
How you can change whats in the widget or are they locked?

Also when transfering data, i seem to be transfering the memory that is only 32MB

and want it the storage -- 8 GIG

How to i set so it goes to the storage?

Any help would be grateful


  • Daymon

Question for The BFG or anyone who knows. Am trying to connect to Wi Fi via Omnia. When it connects it showing as O2 WAP post Pay? Im connected to my home hub so shouldnt it be free? Is there any settings I need to change or can somebody advise me.

My first impressions of the Omnia are okay. Being used to Nokia mobliles previously im finding it difficult getting used to the new layout ie touchscreen and menus. I love the look and feel of it and hope to give a better opinion after a few more days.


question, 28 Aug 2008can this phone open 30 mb size pictures like g600?Yeas it can. It takes a few seconds to load them up but it gets there!

  • BFG

Dear all. This the my first post! i work for one of the major networks as a store manager so i get to play with all the new phones. The Omnia is a great bit of kit and is going to a big hit back at the i phone. The UI is really easy to use and samsaung have done a great job adding the touchwiz interface from the Tocco onto the handset. If your considering what to go for in terms of the iphone of the omnia there are a few things you might want to take into consideration.

Omina is the first WM handset to have a %meg camera.
Bluetooth actually works, you can send and receive files as well as stream music.
Picture messaging

To be honest the above features are some real basic which unfortunately the iphone hasn't got.

The i phone is a brilliant phone that has shown the path of all future mobile phones.

If any of you have any question feel free to ask and i'll reply ASAP.



  • question

can this phone open 30 mb size pictures like g600?

  • Anonymous

andy t, 28 Aug 2008can some one,any one please find out whats going on with 02 and ... moreShop round you can get an unlocked Omnia but using Vodafone as a carrier free. Pushing O2 as hard as I can and they are more doubtful than previously that they will ever have the phone due to being over-stocked on the iphone, and tocco and with the innov8 knocking at the door.

  • Anonymous

Jason, 28 Aug 2008All phones (electrical equipments) will have some problems now a... morelol, I really don't know where you got your idea that the iphone has excessive problems. You obviously do not own one.

There are people complaining about omnia's performance, and to think that it is not even selling half as much as the iphone does. The iphone is selling millions, and if what you're saying is true that the iphone hsa excessive problems, believe me, ot would've been recalled.

  • nella

Anonymous, 28 Aug 2008Here here, i totally agree, i want the 16gig but its exclusive t... morei think its legal for a limited time only so the fact thats its only a month is ok....but someone want to explain how apple get round that!

  • Anonymous

Passerby, 28 Aug 2008What's video performance like on this phone? does it have a grap... moreyes spb pocket plus gives the flick thing,
don't know about xperia, less memory and lesser camera though!

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 28 Aug 2008I am totally fed up with the inability of O2 UK to treat their c... moreHere here, i totally agree, i want the 16gig but its exclusive to orange till 25th sept, i don't want orange, very annoying, it should be available to all anywhere, surely this exclusivity crap contravenes competition rules and regs?

  • Rob

Went to the Vodafone store today to try this phone before getting it. The interface was nice and smooth with no lag. The camera loaded quickly, focused well and snapped quickly. I use the HTC TYTNII for work and the OS has issues if you keep it running for a week or two, but that's Microsoft. I was pleasantly surprised that the keypad worked well with my fingers. The screen isn't that much bigger than the Tytn, but just big enough. The screen rotation works well, though I haven't had a phone with it before and not exactly loving it.
Hope that helps people as I know there have been some really negative comments about this phone. I think some people are maybe not used to the poor Microsoft OS!
I will post a more in-depth review once I have the phone, used it a couple of weeks.