Samsung i900 Omnia

Samsung i900 Omnia

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  • jack

do i900 has yahoo IM Preinstalled ? Agile mobile work on it ?how its sound while ring ? iphone is really crap on it .compare to n95 8 gb ,battery life ? How its sound quality compare to iphone in ear ?

  • Lance

paul, 18 Aug 2008Cant get divx to work. I see the registration code.I got the vid... moreabout divX,i think u need to get DivX converter and convert ur video to mobile profile b4 u transfer to the phone. u do that,then u wont have any problems. i've got 10 movies in my phone,working just fine.the registration code on ur i900 is for VOD only.

  • Mato

Anonymous, 01 Jan 1970Try calling paragon electronics-they are local agents for samsung. They're on mombasa road near zain offices

  • Mato

paul, 18 Aug 2008Cant get divx to work. I see the registration code.I got the vid... moreTry installing divx player in your phone. You can download it free from

  • filter99

OMG i just clicked on the Manual section to the left and downloaded the phones manual, must say its the worst set of instructions for a phone i have ever seen!!! It makes no mention of widgits or how to set the phone to auto rotate or mute when turned onto its front, how to customize or change the home screen or lots of other things - come on samsung this is your flagship phone with so many features its unbelievable but yet you produce a 58 page manual with 26 of these pages for contents, warning licence info and trouble shooting!!!!

  • Vicky

Can you edit (not view only)office documents? like word for intance?


  • paul

Cant get divx to work. I see the registration code.I got the video needed to play on the phone, but says it cannot play the file. I dont see a divx program or player for the divx on the phone. I tried playing the video in the touch player and wmp but it coudlnt read the file. did my device not get the divx program or am i missing something?

Also entered my info for the navfone setup online and it says invalid machine id. My phone says AAAA, but when i enter that and my registration number it just says invalid machine id.

Great phone though.

  • lj

Omnia is better compared to Iphone n HTC look at the Specs.

  • baksanir

RUFUS, 17 Aug 2008 from this site you can downlo... moreThanks for the great site man

  • Anonymous

It looks sexy, hav the LG viewty at the mo, which is brilliant to txt with, bt the omnia is lovely and anorexic, wont hav to pt it in my handbag, cn actually pt it in my pocket!!

  • filter99

Anonymous, 15 Aug 2008Does anyone know REALLY when this phone is going to be launched ... moreI had a quick play with one in the Orange shop on Saturday and it is far more responsive and quicker than the HTC diamond i had a look at, its a good size and the startup time is not too bad either. I could not play too much as it was a retail unit and the girl was looking quite nervous when i was mentioning about changing settings to get the auto rotate to work lol, come upgrade time next month this phone is top of my list :)

  • jack

Thanks for posting own opinion about sexy mobile i900,
but i wanna know how is she on game !!!!!
she can handle 30 fps 3D gaming ?
or how u will control it ,do she allow blue tooth Game controller ???
what about Direct Print To my Bluetooth printer ??
she is 36-26-36 but worth to marry ??


the outlook and function is good. but there is no place to put the stylus.the stylus hang beside transceiver will hit the phone.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 01 Jan 1970it sure has internal gps

  • BeMe

Anonymous, 01 Jan 1970You shouldn't lie.
There IS an internal GPS receiver.. no worries ya'll!!

  • Anonymous

i seen a vid on you tube with new flick scroll on the main page instead of the side bar..

How do you get that?

Is it possible to install new updates onto the omnia with the latest software???

  • Anonymous

is it easy to download new apps? How would this be done?

  • mihai

Did anyone bought this in Nederlands? I see on vodafone wbsite week 34, but on shops nobody knows nothing.

  • Jailbreak

it looks great, feel great but is over price. i would recommend this phone if you're willing to spend on it without budget worries. Nokia E71 could be the next best substitute.