Samsung i900 Omnia

Samsung i900 Omnia

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  • Anonymous

for all the u.s. people out there, i found this interesting piece of news on another website. click here

  • Anonymous

invisible, 23 Jul 2008this phone is more than great...i love the feel , the looks ,the... moreno FLV3,Cant play internet radio,bad camera,no 3.5 mm audio output jack,DVB-H TV broadcast receiver. How can u say this phone are good?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 01 Jan 1970ha ha ha ha $650??

Er, try the phone shop next door to the Porsche showroom that sells 911's for $1000.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 01 Jan 1970you cant... its selling for about $1200 on ebay right now so your not going to find it anywhere near that price for a long time.

  • Anonymous

I can't play my videos full screen in landscape even when encoded with 640x480 resolution. The same applies with the videos taken by the phone. Anyone knows how to get around this?

  • meeeeeeee

thank u so much jason greatly appreciate ur help... i'll ask u more if i have any questiuons.....

  • invisible

this phone is more than great...i love the feel , the looks ,the graphic and basically everything of it.

cause i going to buy this great phone this week in singapore.

its the most perfect phone among all models.
Samsung the best.

not even iphones and n96 can outwin this model.

  • TyTN

Big Suz, 22 Jul 2008Where did you pre-order yours????? Please please please tell ... more
Well, you have to go directly to a MediaWorld or a Saturn store to pre-order the Omnia in Italy.
I'll get it next week (so they told me) when I'm back in Italy.

  • Anonymous

i live in ireland how can i get my hands on this phone cause it is not out here for a while

  • Big Suz

Where did you pre-order yours?????

Please please please tell me the site, I want to try my luck (I suspect they might have sold out though), it's ages before they hit UK.

On that note, does anyone know when it's suppose t ocome to UK??

Thank you

  • Anonymous

I was for sure going to buy this phone once, available. The only thing holding be back was that it has on screen qwerty keybord. I've decided to go with the Se Xperia, 3.3 megapixels should be fine

  • mony

to all you people that have mistaken about the price. I ma here to tell you the real deal. the currency exchange rate is 1USD=1.3SGD keeping this in mind the hand phone is listed for 1000SGD=769.23USD so if you guys want to buy the phone ill send it to you with an extra charge of 25USD. If you want insurance... that's fine too. but keeping in mind that i am not making a lot of money out of this, 25USD only, covers a lunch and my bus fair(Singapore is one of the most expensive place to live FYI, i think its in the top 20). Here's my email

  • Anonymous

i have had the 2nd htc sent back 2day grrrr so annoyed... i think i shall consider buying this as no1's daced any probs wiv it....

  • totti

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, can someone tell me how do you upgrate this phone. it is like my nokia(i do it in my home over internet free) or i will have to take it to some place???

  • TyTN

Anonymous, 01 Jan 1970
Expensive? You think so?

I've pre-ordered mine in Italy, the first coutry in Europe where it is going to be sold:

only 499EUR, comes with a free Xbox 360 Arcade.
It is sold unlocked and carrier free - all phones in Italy must be sold unlocked, it's the law (and a nice one, IŽd say).

  • Anonymous

How will the apps available for the iphone compare to that of the iphone which has such great games?

  • ayava

Jason, 21 Jul 2008Hi Ayava, No problem at all. Also I had to learn it. A long t... moreSounds simple. Big thanks!

  • Besta

that price is in Singapore? I think it's quite reasonable.

  • Anonymous

Happiest person right now! Bought OMNIA 2 days ago and it is just perfect. Battery life is great. Use agismap for about 1.5hrs, talk on the phone, surf wifi for about 1/2 hr, check email, appointments and guess what.....? Battery life remains 75%. No joke. I dun think HTC Diamond can have such performance. Singapore

  • Anonymous

oh mannnn, 22 Jul 2008hooooray! an other iphone-clone,,, you may think of apple what y... moreHmm, you don't think there was a device before the iPhone that had a similar look? Look around and you'll and you'll find plenty. yes, they made it slimer and sleeker but it wasn't some earth shattering look.

Also, how much of the iPhone's functionality already existed in the market? The iPhone basically took a large part of capabilities that already existed and improved on them. Name some true features that are 100% unique to the iPhone and nothing close was already being used. I'll guarantee you just about all of them were available and used on other phones prior to the iPhone. There are some but very, very few.

It took a year to get 3G...not very

Don't get me wrong, I think it's a great device and will push for more competition among PDA designers...which will only benefit consumers!! Heck I've got one and I've got a diamond so I've seen both sides and done plenty of fact finding.

Either way, it's an individual preference so enjoy what you choose:)