Samsung i900 Omnia

Samsung i900 Omnia

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  • the leon

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  • the leon

it is unlikely that the 16gb will not be seen in the uk at a subsidized price though one of the various commnuications networks phones4u state that the omnia comes in 8 and 16 gb varieties futhermore a recent press release


confirms its european release and emphises the two distinct models. with the iphone comming in 8 and 16 gb the omnia will need to compete with its mutimedia capacity i once again state that it is unlikely the uk will not see a 16 gb model. estimation of an end of august release.

telecommunications companys and mobile telephone vendors will make more money from the lower capacity model as it is cheeper for them to buy and its selling price is lower so more people will buy, thus their profit margin is higher the 16 gb model will only be sold once there is a need for companys to market it against competitors.

  • mike

mbk, 17 Jul 2008Well we are three brothers and we all own Omnia, Diamond and Iph... morehello mbk,
can u try if you can start the phone without any sim card. can u use wifi, media player, applications and other functions without having a sim in it?
did u buy any accessories to this phone? like the tv-out cable e.t.c if yes can u let us know from which store? thanks in advance

  • Anonymous

yea this phone will work with any of the major carriers in US, minus sprint and verizon ofcourse

  • Anonymous

the only site i have found with constant stock is! or on ebay ders a couple that go for around 450-500.. now i dont mind payin this but i dont wanna risk it with customs... any1 else got any more sites to buy this from thnx...

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 17 Jul 2008IT will work in the states but Att will not have towers that sup... more"IT will work in the states but Att will not have towers that support 3g until the end of the year so the whole fush bout 3g in the states is joke right now"

I do not understand. I live in the states, i have a k850i with AT&T and 3G works just fine.

  • Doug

Just gleaned the following from

"Today I heard some news though, that comes as something of a disappointment. Apparently Samsung are not going to release the 16GB version of the Omnia in the UK, only the 8GB version.

We now have official pricing for the 8GB unit. It will be 399 + VAT, with first stock arriving 18th August."

So there you have it if you're waiting for the Omnia in the UK - can't believe they're not releasing the 16GB version. Let's hope they're not going to do the favourite trick of record companies and six months down the line release it with extra tracks i.e. extra memory. Wouldn't put it past them......

  • david

the giant and power of samsung.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 17 Jul 2008IT will work in the states but Att will not have towers that sup... more3G *IS* working in the states right now. I'm replying to your note using the new iPhone 3G over an ATT connection using 3G in Boston.

  • hamed

i think that it is the best of phones in all over the world!oh it is so beautiful.oh oh samsung is the best company in manufacture mobile phone.iam not korean!over

  • Imran

Slovenian, 17 Jul 2008Visualy i find the phone great, but i'd like to know whats the d... moreIMO Samsung Omnia is better.

Samsung Instinct has less memory, has no Wifi and camera is only 2 megapixel. It also has no windows means limited 3rd party applications. It also has very less internal memory.

The thing where Instinct is better is in playing TV.

From the looks, IMO omnia is better

  • Anonymous

Samsung will not yet say when this phone will be available in The Netherlands. They are waiting for a big market campaign. When this is ready the phone will be lanced, so Samsung told me. But they expect it will not take a long time any more.

  • Slovenian

Visualy i find the phone great, but i'd like to know whats the difference betwen omnia and samsung instinct? Which one is better.. the touch and things? If some1 knows plz reply.


  • Shou Ji

Samsung D980/D988 Duos :

- Triband GSM & EDGE
- Dual SIM GSM card slot with dual on standby mode
- 2.6" TFT 262k colour QVGA with full touchscreen
- TouchWIZ User Interface
- 5 Megapixel Autofocus camera with Flash
- MicroSD card slot, Bluetooth 2.0 & USB
- Design are similar with Samsung P520 Armani

  • Striker


Thanks for the post, very helpful in re-inforcing my belief that I'd made the right choice.

  • yikes

Nice post mbk ;)

and thank you

i think i'll go for omnia ;)

  • mbk

Well we are three brothers and we all own Omnia, Diamond and Iphone3g and what we came across is that Omnia by far is the best in the three. Question is how and why,,,,,well if you hold these three sets the feel of the real thing comes when u hold omnia, iphone3g is the next to omnia but diamond body and hand feel is really pathetic as like holding a plastic toy....:)the next thing is that the UI response is by far the best in omnia 1.2 seconds par finger touch where as iphone3g is 2.7 seconds and diamond 3.2 seconds.....The lcd color readability is almost identical b/w iphone and omnia poor color combination in diamond.....Camera quality and editing tools are the best in omnia iphone is a let down in that dept diamond saves his face with camera quality....user friendliness is identical in the three phones...hence after using all the phones for a week or so i belive omnia is by far the best phone available in the market will dethrone for sure the market champ n958gb and upcoming champ n96....reason UI touch flow with windows platform is the best combination i have came across......WIFI is very responsive and multimedia functionalities are of good level.....out of three bros i own iphone3g...:( but i will swap it very soon for OMNIA for sure....I hope this will help all of your curiosities......Take care Everyone...cheers

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 01 Jan 1970You can get one from easycell. But it's %1200...

  • harry

worst battery in htc diamond , so lets check this out . samsung mania

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 16 Jul 2008The Omnia screen is capacitive (iphone) or wave detections (diam... moreOmnia has a resistive (pressure-sensitive) touchscreen.