Samsung i900 Omnia

Samsung i900 Omnia

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  • Jmac

Allan, 13 Jun 2008I saw the projector from a link someone gave. It was projecting ... moreyes with TV out you should be able to plug into a projector or a TV using a VGA adaptor - it won't be great resolution, but I'm pretty sure it would work. Have already seen this done live on an HTC Advantage device..

  • Digesh

The main feature I like abt this is that, It can play DivX.DVD quality movies n mostly all format songs and movies..+ the screen is 3.2 inches...I was abt to buy HTC diamond, but now i will wait for this one...Hope it dosnt comes up with any tie ups like diamond came with Airtel , or so..
Touch flo interface of diamond is awesome , but its battery life isnt gr8...

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

Omina is Multi-Touch ??????

  • Anonymous


omnia have Projector Out and so wonder

  • henc

usually, samsung is one of my least favourite phone makeing company, but this one... it is so beatiful, so powerfull, so... all.

  • Allan

I saw the projector from a link someone gave. It was projecting something off the phone on to a t.v. I wonder if this means you could project a movie off your phone on to a white wall.

  • Anonymous

This phone great by Samsung. I do not like Samsung phones but this one is more tha nbeing great. Good job Samsung. It should be here in Thailand by next week and can not wait to buy one. I love my IPHONE but is not a real phone. I do not know what to call it? Some call it Toy phone which is more than that. But it does not meet all my needs as phone IPHONE. This phone great. Great Job Samsung.

  • T.

no there is 3.55 because there is a tv out..

  • ScottieC

Phone of my dreams..
Absolutely beautiful..
Obviously theres going to be some flaws.. no phone is perfect.
3.5mm jack :: its okay =]
Slide out qwerty keyboard :: its okay =]
Still a beauty..

  • pk

I think its a great phone but only 3.5mm audio jack is missing,rest is all perfect.i think samsung will be looking for this.

  • T.

its as simple as this..if u dont like the 65k then dont buy it..but i doubt it once u see the xperia and this one..ur gonna drool and try to change ur phone with dont try to say "only 65k" yah sure..

  • T.

oops i mean 2 out of 10.typo

  • Anonymous

What phone company will buy this ? I mean AT&T or ??

  • Anas Rababah

its really wonderful,, but why not VGA display ? :(

  • koko

This is one great phone, man!!! I have N82 and as I see this one has all the spec's my nokia has. + touchscreen!
we will have to wait till it's release and see how much is it better than the rest. complements to the creator. Samsung has the guts to put everything in one phone, unlike the others. BRAVO

  • boby

MacVicta, 12 Jun 2008"so it has 65K becuase of Windows Mobile Limitation? Oh No, c... moreSymbian doesn't support touchscreen and symbian isn't better OS for smartphone than win mobile

  • Anonymous

65K colors ???? i give it 2 to 10 from 10 .the first important think in any screnn is the color and this is not.

  • Allan

@sh. Are you sure this handset has a projector? Where do you read this in the spec's?

  • sir.dre

This ya phone, mad. Unbelievable specs, cool design and high proformance. I need it. I wonder how much it will cost?? :( anyone know any store i can get it.