Samsung J700

Samsung J700

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Morwesi, 16 Apr 2009my phone it set its self off when i want to play the radio fm an... moreneed headphones plluged

  • Morwesi

my phone it set its self off when i want to play the radio fm and i dnt kn wht is the prb pls hlp me


  • Jase

Hey barnes, yeah sure you go to the menu then press "settings" then press "phone settings" and then "phone profiles" then it comes up with all the phone profiles press "normal" then it should come up with "incoming calls" section if you look on the screen next to that word is a message icon if you use your right arrow key and click onto that if should say "new messages" at the top if you scroll down you will see it says "message alert tone" if you press ok/select in the middle you can then choose the tone you want from the list and it plays the sound as well.

I hope this will be helpful :D, dont worry i had problems finding it lol. :D


  • Jase

Hey Guys, I just got this phone for my birthday on sunday so i have only had it a few days, but its a brilliant phone, the design and functions and its features are great. I love my phone, it's fantastic x

  • Anonymous

but v cannot do nything else while were listing to music!!!!!

  • Becca : )

Please help me i have this phone and was wondering when people try and ring me it says my phone is switched off but it isnt can anyone help pleasse post back with an answer
samsung j700

  • joy

i hav a problem wit my phone if i make call or somebody call me i can not hear wat the person is saying but he/she will be hearing me. i hav taken it to an expert in electronics he said he need to get the software that came wit it. We try to open the CD that came wit it, it couldnt open. please what can i do? i like this phone and i dont want to loose it.

  • barns

could any one tall me how to change the messege tone of this phone???

  • Kyle

Anonymous, 09 Apr 2009It says I need to install hardware for the computer in order to ... moreAl u hv 2 du is switch 4rm pc studio 2 mass storage and then it wil recognize it

  • Pwiincess

I hav this phone as well . this phone has really really bad battery life needs to be charged daily...this phone is a waste of money ..this phone has no gud features .... in my opinion u shud not buy this phone cauz it doesnt have any gud facilities..its jus a waste of money ....

  • Anonymous

It says I need to install hardware for the computer in order to sychronise from phone to PC but I don;t have this hardware in CD or other form, are there any other ways of getting this hardware because my computer will not recognise the ohone otherwise. Thankyou =]

  • kokless

it is real crap to change ringtones on this one.
well hidden in the menu and vary little provided

  • Anonymous

how do you activate the java ?

  • gollumollu13@yahoo.c

Marwan, 19 Feb 2009Hello , Friend. Well, I have this phone for 6 months until now,... morehi buddy,

canu help me how to use other functions of the phone while listening to the music?


  • gollumollu13@yahoo.c

Nonnie, 02 Mar 2009You can listen to music and do everything minus when your callin... morehiiii

canu help me

how t ouse other functions while listning to music>?

  • Anonymous

does anyone know how to set up the phone so that i can save my sent messages?

  • Anonymous

Dave, 26 Mar 2009Just bought this for my daughter. Setting it up for her i couldn... moreHi if you go to phone settings,then phone profiles,then select profiles,select normal.from there you can change ringtone and message tones.scroll across to message alert.from there you can scroll to music folder and select music. any song or tone has to be in music folder on the phone,to be able to use it .

  • shanae

marky, 01 Apr 2009i'm a new user of the j700 unit, i'm just wondering why cant i h... moreyou are going to have to get it cheaked out because it isnt ment to be doing that

  • Shanae

tapsiturvy21, 02 Apr 2009hi does anyone know how o permanently set the font size to small... moreok when you go and text a message go to options then go to the last one which is text styleand there u have it you should change it from there

  • Anonymous

There is no visible sign to show whether the phone is on or off. Does anyone know how to keep the display screen on permanently when the phone is on?