Samsung J700

Samsung J700

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  • saint-aj

i am d BEST user of d j700. i knw all its features excpt 1: i downloaded a software whch restarts my 4one each time i scroll 2 it. if any1 cn tell me hw i cn remove it den that person must be a beta user than me.HELP pls.

  • Lungza

Is it possible to change the message alert tone coz da standard one is really irritating.

  • Anonymous

Athayu, 17 Feb 2009Was using the set and AWWW the battery heats a lot and afra... moreyou can nver tell if the product you bought when manufactured is perfect all devices has its own disadvantages.. let's say the one you bought is better than his although all of them are undergone throught quality assurance not all of them are filtered for defects some may some may not..

  • sherry

the phn is amazing. To anyone who still wants to buy this handset, dont wait any moment longer...
100% great!!!

proud j700 user.

  • jc

is there anyone who can help me? I cannot seem to find out how to make the phone store messages on the memory card instead of the phone memory. Does anyone know how?

  • chirantana dixit

Eternal, 05 Mar 2009Help needed... For the first time i baught samsung so i... morehi friend u cant play music in background mode/minimize it.

  • Eternal

Help needed...

For the first time i baught samsung so i think um missin sumfin....i cannot send or read sms while listening to music... how do u minize the music player ? i dunt c any option.. it gets closed... when i m want to read the message...

  • klause talaban

im a user of this phone its nice...but i have a problem in changing its message alert tone and it has 2 themes...i can just use the picture for wallpaper...hope that the samsung company will innovate this another problem is i cannot find for its housing.... i love the features and its memory...

  • Gary

You can store 1999.99 Messages in your inbox.. Inbox capacity-the messages storeded in Inbox=Outbox..

Regarding the theme.. you can purchase from any store..

Are you clear my friend?

  • sajid

How much messages are saved in Samsung j700?

  • bambam

oh i forgot!..
is this phone
an internet ready!?..
can i use yahoo here?!..

  • bambam

i'm a new user of this phone-j700 not that familiar on the features
but actually i think its nice and i think
i'm gonna enjoy using it..
but.,i have some questions..
are the themes can be replace?!..
what can you say more about this
phone in order for me to really enjoy it
hoping for your feedback and answers!
thank you!..:)

  • Gary

How to operate the slide?

  • Nonnie

anthony, 25 Feb 2009no u can't do anything while u are playing music You can listen to music and do everything minus when your calling or browsing. I think its a great phone and i have been using it for over a year :-)

  • 1retro1

This a brilliant budget.great battery life and clear picture quality.dnt know what the others are complaining a bout,u out there who are thinking of buying it then dnt hesitate10 outa 10 for this affordable phone.thumbs up ppl !

  • Nina x

you go onto the option part where you change the settings for loud silent etc. then you find the ringtones :D
My one of these broke not even a year :O PATHETIC !

  • aman

how can i unlock the games in my j700

  • lisa

magda., 26 Feb 2009Hi,how you find the ringtons or change the message melodies... morehow to change ringtone and message tones........>settings>phone settings>phone profiles
2.scroll to a profile edit>voice call ringtone a ringtone category.......a ringtone profile

  • magda.

Hi,how you find the ringtons or change the message melodies?I can not find them,thanx.

  • Anonymous

nona, 24 Feb 2009this phone is very good and ur style is beautiful but i do... morei too dont no de:)