Samsung L700

Samsung L700

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  • Gurdeep Singh Mander

risa, 24 Aug 2009hi all,,why i cant use the second camera for taking photo??Since it is a vga camera meant only to make 3G video calls, it can not be used to take ordinary images as primary camera do. Hope it helps!

  • raj.doc

Hmmmm.....nice looks.... bt it would be better if we could change the main menu theme........

  • Saurabh

Hi all,
I brought this mobile on the month of june 2009. i am fully satisfied with the battery backup.i can use 4 days with out usage is around 4hrs per day and camera also very good.

  • risa

hi all,,why i cant use the second camera for taking photo??

  • L

i saw it in a news paper few days ago. if you want to buy the cheap one, you should go to official samsung dealer, cause the advertisment was released by samsung indonesia...
Just for an advice,if you want to buy a samsung with a lot of nice features in the same range price, u better go for m3510 beat b, its really nice though theres no 3g. the price just 1juta 30ribu rupiah. but i have to say l700 has better design.. cu

  • acer

really yesterday just saw it at galaxy mall in surabaya the price not only 999,000 but 972,000 usS98.
actually i shock with the price because early this year i bought this phone for us$154 and 1 month later i sold it us$120. but now less than us$100.
i think because the similar spec phone nokia 3120C fell down to 108usd in indonesia, but i heard in australia the price only 70usd, so maybe this samsung will drop again to 80usd or vacant from the market if the price below 90usd

  • mGuru..

Guys, lets make one thing clear. You can't install any application to any Samsung JAVA platform mobile by copying JAR/JAD files from your PC. The only way to install the applications is that, you have to download & install them using your phone's browser from any WAP sites(e.g., etc.).

  • L

now the price is Rp. 990rb or less than USD 100 in indonesia. but it s not easy to find the black one. to me, black is kool.

  • Gurdeep Singh Mander

Nil, 19 Aug 2009What is the setting of google mail in Gmail option of the p... moreHere you go....

Menu >> Settings >> Application Settings >> Message Settings >> Email >> Email accounts >> [select an entry and edit]

Setting Name--------Gmail-----------------Windows Live

Account Name--------Gmail Account-------Live Account
SMTP Port-----------465-----------------25
Use SSL-------------[checked]-----------[checked]
Email Retrieval...--POP3----------------POP3
POP3 Port-----------995-----------------995
APOP Login----------[checked]-----------[checked]
Use SSL-------------[checked]-----------[checked]
Download limit...---300-----------------300
Retrieving Opt...---Subject Only--------Subject Only
Keep on server------[checked]-----------[checked]
Use POP before...---[unchecked]---------[unchecked]
Use SMTP authe...---[checked]-----------[checked]
Same as POP3/....---[checked]-----------[checked]

In my case, it works perrrrfectly well. I can send and receive mails without any trouble. I hope it works, in your case too. Happy mailing :)

  • Felix

Sibtain, 20 Aug 2009HI All I have a quest: that while receiving some data fr... moreJust go to the my files folder, then navigate to the left. That is only possible if your phone reads the Mem-card. I suspect your phone does not read the Mem-card.

  • vivek jangle

its battery backup is very good. but in this series they have not given the themes option also we r unable to message tone.

  • Gurdeep Singh Mander

jake, 19 Aug 2009how do i delete message recipients from recent recipient listSimply remove the SIM and replace it again. But be warned! Your call log (dialed,received,missed) would also get wiped out!


Nil, 19 Aug 2009What is the setting of google mail in Gmail option of the p... morePoint your browser to and glick on Gmail option and follow the options to install


it have very poor resolution
it have very poor clearty

  • Sibtain

HI All

I have a quest: that while receiving some data from other cell phone via bluetooth it just save it in to the phone memo: so can u ppl: help me that how i can receive it in memo: card.......?

  • Sukanta

How can i delete the default ringtone of this phone ????????

  • Nil

What is the setting of google mail in Gmail option of the phone . I have an google account

  • jake

how do i delete message recipients from recent recipient list

  • ashok

can l700 connected with internet in pc

  • Anonymous

Samsung L 700 is a veru god phone sound clarity super displya resolution super