Samsung S7330

Samsung S7330

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  • Pravin

There are much better options in lesser prize.
i have this phone But
i am bored of this

  • poop

my mom has this phone, she loves the design, a unique samsung design, specially when you slide it up for answering calls, looks very classy and elegant, nice 16 million color display and a good 3 mega pixel camera!

  • chris murray from 10

this phone rocks i have never had a phone and a friend all rolled into one and trust me some have came close but no phone could lace this ones boots i wish it was a lady so do the things i really want with this phone

  • x

how can u make ur samsung phones to block certain numbers in ur phonebook without deleting them, ex, keeping them to txt u even their number is in ur phonebook! friend of mine told me its possible, unfortunately his not around anymore, reply ASAP, tnx

  • x

does this phone can block sms?

  • jess

soul jnr rocks, 27 Jul 2009awesome phone. but i have 1 question. a friend tried to send me... moreheyyy i had the came problem i was wondering if you worked it out

  • Prospective Buyer

Hi, does this phone have a document viewer?

  • Anonymous

GPS, 16 Sep 2009I think that samsung soul u900 is better than this????suree

  • Tina

How on earth do I switch off the keypad volume, its driving me batty!!!!

  • Chaitanya

Anonymous, 11 May 2009hey...can any1 help me with installing java applications on this... moresamsung phones suck when it comes to installing applications...Since this phone has got propietary OS u can only install java applications and games( jar format)...But there is a trick here with samsung phones...U should have both jar and jad files of an application to install it successfully...on nokia and Sony ericsson the jar file is enough to install any game or application...if u cant find a jad file then google search for jad application generator..Using this software u can create jad files...So just move both the jar and jad file to either phone memory or storage card only then u can install..Hope this helps

  • GPS

I think that samsung soul u900 is better than this????

  • jonny

extremely gud i suggest this phone'

  • jugnu

does it have call recorder ?????????? reply must pls

  • sharad

i used that buddies ................& its good .........

  • pml

when Im on mxit, I cannot get my phone photos. Please assist

  • Ulla

Are any of you experiencing problems with downloading mobile messengers like Nimbuzz, qeep or even mig33? Please help!!!!

  • mujasar

its a good but thats have a soo low weight...Dar-e-dsco

  • tata

i ve 2 say dat it awsmeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • 2kai

its nice looking.....but sound is very low

  • Abbyyy

i wanna geeeett this phoneee buh at the same time i want the LG web slider. apperenly its sucks HARDCORE buhhh i dnttt no which one to gett:S

my birthdays in 3 weeks nd i gtta choose..
someone help meeee !!!!!!

thanx gee .x.x.