Samsung U800 Soul b

Samsung U800 Soul b

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  • bernice

i've had this phone and it's battery doesn't last too long

  • El Uno

Hi im from the philippines, i was able to test this samsung u800 in greenhills way back several months ago, it has highly impressive specs from the interior to the exteriors aspects. the display is excellently clear and crisp, from the display capabilities alone you can say its a very high-end phone, i wanted to buy it at first but the keypads are very hard to push making texting such a labor. the keypads are highly resistive...

  • icebergs

it is real that this phone have some problems with the reception (signal)and also with the battery stand-by time?please and answer

  • omar

I saw somewhere about how to activate the u800's front camera using a code. Does anyone remember this code?

  • whisk

can i update the softwaavre of this handset to its latest? by the way whats the latest version of this software?

  • Mike

To save battery, try to adjust the display light. When i connecting on the web, i turn it off the keypad light and set to 1 in the screen light. Then, it wil run into 6hrs straight n connecting on the internet. Tried and tested.

  • Kari

ronaldus, 10 Jun 2010Kari, you should download that file via wap and not in pc. ... morehey ronaldus thanks for replying. i checked just now. actually im about to change my phone into samsung blackjack II. i think i enjoyed my u800 soulb for a while haha, but now i think i want to move on. never did get those .jar files via WAP, but will try from the new phone i will have. do u still have your u800? anyways, thanks again!

  • Mohamed Rila

My brother gifted me this phone. Im using for two weeks. I do not find any problem with it. I love this mobile and its nice.

  • dilshod

It is a nice, i have been using it for one year. But now it has a problem my call ends automatically ends after 30seconds and also it freezed. Who knows its unfreezin code and solutions of its problen. Pls answer

  • barr

Such a great phone. My greatest phone so to speak. My ex-girlfriend purchased it last week, as a gift... good looking phone.

Here's my review :

upside +

nice LED flash camera @ 3.0 mega pixel.
internal memory 1 gig.
external memory up to 4 gig.
nice sound quality.
headset/earphones are perfect.
nice navigation key.
elegant style/design.
metallic housing.

downside -

not scratch resistant.
Weak battery... only 3 hours talk time.
... only 2hours using blue tooth
... only 3hours listening to MP3s

........ OVER ALL...........

performance - 8/10
design - 8/10
features - 8.5/10

  • jah foolay

Jonathon, 05 Jul 2010Hi there ok please tell me whats in the box when purchas... moretheres a phone in the box

  • ronaldus

Jonathon, 05 Jul 2010Hi there ok please tell me whats in the box when purchas... moreJonathon, when you buy this phone, inside the box contains of course the phone, the charger, usb cable, stereo headset and mic cable, Samsung PC studio CD and a user's manual. Plus pamphlets, from what i remember of the Samsung funclub.

  • dHosz_02_

Anonymous, 29 Jun 2010From your Phone you can download free wallpapers, games, an... morewhat's ur operator?? im using a smart sim, i can't browse the site u had given me.. it just prompted me no response... please help..

  • dhoSz_02_

is there any way to use special characters when texting?? like ñ, ú, ¿, ÿ, Ö, ó.. like in other samsung units

  • Jonathon

Hi there

ok please tell me whats in the box when purchasing this handset?

  • ronaldus

Jonathon, 30 Jun 2010Hi there is the cassing of this cell metall or is it a plas... moreehehe im the Anonymous guy below...

Well, its really stainless steel with shiny coating. The video call quality is great! u can even shift the camera to work front or back just by pressing the camera button on the side. In short your caller can see you from the front camera and can see also from the back camera in just one press of your button

  • Jonathon

Hi there is the cassing of this cell metall or is it a plastic metallic finish and pleas tell me how is the quality when making a video call?

  • Anonymous

_dHoSz_02, 25 Jun 2010on what site can i donwload wallpapers and screensavers?? b... moreFrom your Phone you can download free wallpapers, games, and ringtones from the Samsung Fun Club. My operator supports it so I was happy to donload more from the site and it's free! Copy this for your phone wap browswer: enjoy!

  • ronaldus

chim, 26 Jun 2010can anyone help me? im connecting my phone in pc, i want to... moremy friend, it is either you have put a password in your My Files. That can delay the loading of the Phone Explorer. Turn it off from your Security Settings in the Settings menu. Or your RAM reads slowly. You can also reinstall the PC Studio..=)

  • chim

can anyone help me? im connecting my phone in pc, i want to save pics in the pc but when i click the phone explorer it doesnt open. i dont know why.. is there a problem in my phone? help please...