Samsung U800 Soul b

Samsung U800 Soul b

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  • David Hunter, 05 Jun 2008i love thin phone like thisUugh everyone! Samsung already came out with the thinnest phone in the world; the Samsung U100! Everyone should write to Samsung and encourage them to release this phone in the U.S.

  • Anonymous

How long is the talking time for this??

  • Mobile Guru

According to Pocket-lint it's now called the SLEEK not Soul...?

  • Anonymous

does te B stand for bang oulfson sound system

  • Anonymous

Looks great although I cant see any potential difference between this and the samsung u700 in regards to features.

  • Anonymous

there are two models of competitors. 6500 and w890.. i think samsung have no chance against the great two manifacturer (S.E. & Nokia) and if you delete the samsung brand and then paste the sony ericsson brand, add "c" & shortcut buttons, nobody cant see the difference. its a cheap copycat of w890 & 6500.

  • Ric

How is that with the "b" behind Soul? Is that a Samsung as a high writes or more of a "Soul b"?

  • Anonymous

Nokia is not even close in build quality and style to Samsung. Never was. Never will be.

  • Anonymous

i think that samsung should have just stated with the slider

  • Thando

Wow I adore this phone
Its so slim and thats the way to go

  • Shadowed_angst

Duan, 02 Jun 2008Lol @ your comparisons. Com'on men !!! U r comparing this s... moreI think G700 will be its only competition considering the camera because they both lack autofocus while the rest (KF510, C702) got it.

  • b

I want to know:

-Does it support sdhc?
-How flat is the keypad? Do I need nails to dig into each number? (like the U300)
-Battery life? Typical 3hr call time for Samsungs?
-Price! :O


i love thin phone like this

  • Anonymous


  • ben

freeware catalogue for PC

  • a friend

video, bad resolution QCIF what are they thinking

  • Anonymous

hey its like SE w890 with less stuff!

  • Anonymous

WAaouuuu ! QCIF video recording at 15fps ! Welcome back ten years ago...

I love Samsung, but for your information Nokia will release mid june the 6220C for 325 euros with VGA video recording at 30fps...

  • shadowed_angst

I hope the production units will have video recording at QVGA or CIF resolution at the least because QCIF is already outdated for mid-range phones.

  • Duan

Lol @ your comparisons. Com'on men !!! U r comparing this sexy outstanding phone with awful Nokia 6300. No comparison. Hey emotional ppl...dont go for name....just be impartial & compare the looks, features, memory features, camera etc.

If u compare the body, the we can say it competes with Nokia 6500 classic and Sony Ericsson T650. If talk about camera, then its rivals are S.E C702, G700, Nokia N78 and LG KF510.

Get life...dont get emotional to defend that brand which you carry. I m uzing S.E K800...but I m impressed with this phone az well. I ll definitely will try this sexy babe.