Samsung U900 Soul

Samsung U900 Soul

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  • dannyboy

I have read a few bad things about the sound, but do people mean with the volume of the ring tone or volume of the person you are talking to??

  • Shell

Thankyou very much the first option worked. Hopefully i won't have to charge my phone every day

  • Anonymous

Shell, 28 May 2008Does anyone know how to turn off the 3G setting as it is us... moreTo turn off 3g (UMTS) go to Settings -> Network settings -> Network mode -> select anything other than UMTS....
OR (try this at your own RISK):
key in *#6984125*# (as if you wanna make a call), you'll come to "Admin setting".
go to "Network & call settings" -> Network order -> GSM first

  • Shell

Does anyone know how to turn off the 3G setting as it is using my battery up really quickly. I have been into profiles and turned it off through "offline" but it then stops any calls being made

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 28 May 2008Paula check your wallpaper setting... make sure it's "use theme"btw i totally love the "photo slider" wallpaper setting... is this just something only found on Samsung phone? Great feature :)

  • Anonymous

Paula, 28 May 2008Hello, can anyone help, I love this phone so much but cant ... morePaula check your wallpaper setting... make sure it's "use theme"

  • Paula

Hello, can anyone help, I love this phone so much but cant find the lovely clock thats on in all the adverts and picures. I have tried changing themes and found the digital clock but not the analouge clock that comes on when handset not in use. Any ideas?

  • Anonymous

barbie, 23 May 2008Hi I got the u900 after having nokia 7373 and just about go... morefor clock "screensaver" go to settings -> Display & light -> Display -> My theme and select one of the default theme... if the clock is still not showing maybe you've got the wallpaper set as anything other than "use theme".

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 24 May 2008hi does any1 know how to delete all the previous ringtones ... morethe default ringtones, i think, cannot be deleted. If you omit them in the music player by creating your own playlist. Simple :)

  • Anonymous

zmija, 24 May 2008hey can u put fm radio station for alarm? :D users please ... moreyes you can set fm radio as alarm, but somehow it only lasted one minute (or so) before it stopped... before it snoozes as per your setting.

  • joey

can any 1 tel me that is this fone cannot tk front view by front camera? or can tel me the matter to tk by front camera

  • Gabal

Awesome handset, had this for a week now an absolutely love it. camera is amazing and it looks so sexy. Get it now

  • Anonymous

lee jackson, 27 May 2008i am going to buy this phone can any1 honestly tell me hows... morenot sure how to comment on battery life, but i was on train for 2.5 hours the other day, listening to music throughout the journey on headphone supplied, then chatted on phone for about 30mins, before it went "low batt"... the phone was fully charged the nite before.
btw i was on 3G network (read somewhere this is more power hungry), played with the pic viewer and have a screensaver as well... haptic response set as 1 (lowest)...

  • Anonymous

L.J, 27 May 2008Hi there I'm thinking of getting this phone this week, I'm ... moreIt's only the square beneath the main display that is touchscreen...

  • 110

Anonymous, 27 May 2008for those who have the platnium silver color . Could it be... moreGot my silver u900 from Carphone Warehouse, as an "contract upgrade", free with £198 cheque-back 18-month contract.
As for mp3 ringtone for incoming txt, just go to profile and edit from there.
Having owned this for some 3weeks now i've to say i still like this very much. The design is peerless and the weight is perfect for me. My only complains would be mediocre battery life and soft volume for some calls (but crystal clear with headset).
Still lovin it :)

  • julie

Can some1 pls tell me how to set mp3 for text alert. Thanks Thanks Thanks

  • Anonymous

does anybody have problems with the speaker level when talking on the phone, it is very quite, can this be turned up( other than volume buton on side )

  • KSA

quentin, 25 May 2008the PC suite works awesome for this phone... umm crashes ev... moreWhat do you mean UMM crashes? I have been using the phone and has no single issue with the PC suite at all!!! It works well with the latest version of PC studio. You could only need to upgrade the PC Studio in your computer.

  • Anonymous

A lot of posts say that the camera is great. For me, it's lousy - overexposed and blurry. It must be in the settings. Can anyone post their camera settings for me to play around with? Thanks.

  • I h8 samsung soul

this phone is nothing new the camera quality is dreadful and rubbish battery and to tell the truth flimsy and ugly . this is going to lose terribly to the outstanding lg secret