Samsung U900 Soul

Samsung U900 Soul

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  • chicken brest

Anonymous, 25 May 2008definitly the ku990 for its camera performance compared to ... moreis it the best samsung phone out because i might get it :D

  • garmas

it is the worst phone i have had

the samsung d600e is better.,....

  • omer

definitely the best best phone i have ever used camera better than n95 for sure had a little problem with sound otherwise simply the best i recommend everyone

  • julie

Will be getting tomorrow from o2 uk. Will be back with review next week.

  • Z

Had the phone for 2 days now, Big improvement overall for Samsung, It would be nice if you can Edit and add the fields in the Contact i.e instead of Mobile Home and Mobile private one can change theses to Mobile 1 and Car phone etc.

  • Anonymous

for those who have the platnium silver color .
Could it be possible for someone to share the website/place you bought it from ?

  • jav

This is one of the coolest phone in its class...the 5MP camera, the touch pad interface, the looks, functionality...its all great!

OK..I know there's no perfect only comment is the low volume thing. But there's a solution for that, just activate the vibrate option..that's it..problem solved. Besides, if you want a loud and quality sounds, just bring a home entertainment that can fit to you pocket.

  • L.J

Hi there I'm thinking of getting this phone this week, I'm using the G600 atm I really love the look of this one, I have read the comments I was wondering how the phone is touch screen, is the actual screen touch or it's just the keys?
How is the zoom x3 or x4?

So is this phone worth getting? I like it more than the G800

  • lee jackson

i am going to buy this phone can any1 honestly tell me hows it like? howaz the battry life? n sound of music player without headphones? thanx

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 24 May 2008can someone help tell me if this phone has a camera zoom? c... more4x digital zoom auto focus

  • Rossi

I like this phone and im cant deside should i buy it...i think it is great and now i have Samsung G600 what is also a good mobile but every has some small inacuracy.... for this question on top -

  • sv03

Anonymous, 25 May 2008On the main screen my phone's right bottun is the wap. Is t... moresettings phone settings and shortcuts to change the keys

  • deagle323

heres a BUG that I found:

when you're listening to your mp3's and lets say you have your equalizer set to rock,jazz,pop,etc

when you pause the song, and then unpause it, it returns back to the default normal equalizer setting and doesn't use the one that you had it set on, so you have to adjust the equalizer again and again if you pause ... CMON' SAMSUNG!!

  • lawrence

Anonymous, 24 May 2008hi does any1 know how to delete all the previous ringtones ... morewhen you get to the ringtones press options and then scroll down to delete all or the ones you want to delete

  • Anonymous

Janey.T, 26 May 2008i have had the u900 5 days and i love the phone,the camera,... moreHi Janey.T

I do not know if you read my review on the previous page. My wife did not get on very well with the ear volume either. It went back to the shop within a week and was exchanged for an older model Nokia Slide. That phone you can use in a crowded bar and hear people. The Soul just was such a big disappointment! I am pleased that she is not the only one to have this problem.

  • Janey.T

i have had the u900 5 days and i love the phone,the camera,menu,touch screen and looks are all fantastic, the only downfalls to this phone are
1--can hardly hear person on other end of phone,especially when any background noise,even just walking outside or in supermarket.
2--battery life does not last a full day,i have had to charge it every night and not using it much.
think i will be sending it back as i would rather have a phone that works than one that looks good!!!!!!

  • Steve T

Anonymous, 01 Jan 1970When in camera mode I think it is the volume button on side of phone that you use for zoom

  • Janey.T

Anonymous, 24 May 2008can someone help tell me if this phone has a camera zoom? c... moreyou use the volume key on the side when using the camera to zoom in and out.

  • need help

I need help urgently ! CAn this phone accept game installement files such as jav or jad?

Thanks :)

  • alyn104

Mobile Guru, 26 May 2008Sonds to me like you may have a faulty phone. Mine never li... moreack. seriously? thanks for replying.