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Samsung Vibrant

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  • Dave

The phone does have a front facing camera. I own this phone and it is awesome. The battery life gets sucked away from the GPS being enabled. Turn this feature off and I noticed significant difference in battery life. Great phone so far. :-)

  • Paul_Aloha

the phone has more apps and can do "side-load" in contrast to ATT's Captivate. But, both do not have a secondary (front) camera. The specs page is wrong in this aspect.

  • Dianne

I like the phone ,but the battery life suck.How can i prolong the battery?Or the batterie's life?

  • Alatosis

No flash for camera, plastic casing makes phone feel "cheap", horrible battery life, and charge takes too long when plugged in. Android is ok but no Symbian. Im going back to Nokia...

  • wildartist

lovethisphone, this is for t-mobile not At&t, might want to read things through a bit more next time, just sayin'

  • JR

The Vibrant is your typical Samsung Device. It's all foam and no beer. It looks great on paper. But it's performance, reliabilty and ability to do what it advertises itself to do fall pathetically short.

They should have named this The Samsung Bug as it has more of them than a hot Minnesota Night by the lake.

I've had it for a month and it's ready to go up for sale on Craigslist.

My advice if you are looking at this device....stay away.....stay far, far away.

There are much better choices for high end Android devices out there.

  • AndroidAnnonymous

Anonymous, 28 Aug 2010A good phone but no flash for the camera old out dated OS.Out dated OS? Froyo isn't even out for most phones yet. How the hell do you figure it's OS is out dated??? Guess your not phone smart.

  • Bill

[deleted post]Who cares how a website reviews anything. A reviewer spends an hour, two hours max with a phone or any other type product and comes to his/her conclusion.

That carries little weight or value to me. I place my stock in reading reviews from people who have usd a product in real life/time and had longer than "evaluation" time with a produt

Anything can look or perform great for a short period of time.

Ultimately, a "expert's" review means ZERO. The only review that matters in the end is the person using the product own experiences.

  • Anonymous

A good phone but no flash for the camera old out dated OS.

  • lovethisphone

love this phone. att sucks. pass it on.

  • marky mark

this phone weighs and feels the same as a potato chip. is this a cheap build ? hows the quality. thx to anyone with some info

  • J. Edgar Hoover

Anonymous, 26 Aug 2010I been with tmobile forever just upgraded. but this issue is ver... moreWhat issue is that? Your inability to wait for an update, or an actual issue that impacts your use of the phone?

  • Seabass978

Still waiting for froyo update...

  • Seabass978

Still waiting for froyo update...

  • Anonymous

I been with tmobile forever just upgraded. but this issue is very annoying and shouldn't have ever happened

  • Anonymous

Please fix the specs. its annoying. I bought a vibrant seeing this stupid/misleading spec sheet. There is no front facing camera and no FM radio.

  • Milos

Samsung Vibrant for T-mobile dont have front camera!

  • Ahmad

cg, 25 Aug 2010Phone is great. My only issue is that when I'm talking to someon... moreDude, Thats on all phones not just in this phone!

  • Anonymous

Where can I purchase this if i want to use it with WIND mobile in Canada????

  • SKondris

Anonymous, 22 Aug 2010yeeeeeeh i get mine for free from tmobile! :) can't wait!How you getting it free? New service line?