Video shows Xiaomi Mi Mix 3's face unlock feature

Peter, 17 October 2018

The Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 will be unveiled a week from now, but weíve seen the phone many times already. Hereís another look at it, complete with a new trick.

The third generation Mix will keep the trademark bezel-less design and continue to avoid notches by moving the camera to a manual slider. The phone will support face unlock and, as you can see in this video, itís pretty quick.

If youíre curious how the phone unlocked the laptop, itís the Dynamic Lock feature in Windows 10. The phone connects over Bluetooth and automatically locks the laptop when the connection drops out. It can then unlock the laptop via face unlock, a fingerprint reader, iris scanner or whatever else the phone offers.

Anyway, the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 will be among the first 5G phones - Xiaomi officially confirmed that and the 10GB RAM capacity today. It's shaping up to be a proper powerhouse.


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  • Anonymous

If you can afford to actually own a phone as in: buy it, break it, and replace it on a monthly basis without leaving a hole in your wallet, then why would you need a case or any kind of protection? Cases are used by people who buy phones which t...

  • Gibby

This might be a simpleton question - but with these slider phones - how does a case fit? I understand you could have one what protects the back but surely it would need a gap at the bottom for the screen to slide downwards - meaning the bottom of the...

  • Anonymous

Nope. If the phone keeps all its sensors, camera, and earpiece at the top and has screen space around them, that's called 'extended screen' and is by no means meant to show anything else than the clock, notification icons, and other statuses and icon...