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Siemens M65

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  • Phil

This phone is quite good, but it has really WEAK battery. I must recharge it every two days.

  • taiten

It seems that I can't slot the lens cap properly into the camera lens socket; after fitting on the washer.
Is this how it's designed to be?

  • taiten

A cool phone definitely; especially worth getting given the very reasonable pricing with a plan.

One question here if anybody could help please. Thanks people.

Is the rubber protective stopper for the camera usable only WITHOUT the plastic washer in place?

  • Regis Caldeira

Great mobile phone. Very nice. I have a Rescue Edition and I love it. Itīs the perfect one!

  • name

ani one noe where to get e cable ???
ani one noe how to auto lock e phone???
ani one noe how to change e phone cover???

  • **Ando**


For it's price it is the best phone anybody will ever come across. with an infared port, ability to read wav, usb port and much more it is the bost phone iv'e ever had.

so there elly

  • Roni

NachtMusiek your right!!!, it means that they're also interested with siemens m65...

  • NachtMusiek

All Nokia owners,if you own a nokia then why are you reading up on the m65.Makes one tink about it,only bad thing about his phone is the battery life.To be jealous is bad!

  • roni

go to your nearest siemens mobile care shop for free software update, here in the philippines you can go to SM City Cyberzone North Edsa Quezon City, but if you not in the philippine go to SIEMENS - Mobile Phone Portal­0,2241,hq_en_0_11784_rArNrNrNrN,00.html
to download software/firmware update, just follow step by step procedure.

  • Billy Z

My M65 stopped showing the names of incoming calls about 2 days ago. It also has stopped playing chosen ring tones for various groups. The phone numbers are what's displayed when I receive a call. (But names ARE displayed when I receive an SMS.) Names are not displayed for Calls Dialed, either.
In the Ring Tone section, the various groups have the tones I have selected. But they do not play when a call from that group comes in. It's just the standard ring tone. And in the Address Book the names are still assigned to the various groups. As I've got work, personal and family tones assigned, I'd like for this feature to work.
This is a great phone, and people LOVE to play with it. So maybe someone's reset something while I wasn't looking. But I can not figure it out. If you have suggestions on how to remedy this, I'd be grateful.
Billy Z

  • Foroogh

m65 is really great!
but I have a problem in connecting it to my PC (with its cable).
can anybody help me?!

  • Jim


No no no :)
It is splash waterproof, means water like rain won't matter. Fully under water will matter.
The shock resistants doesn't mean you can slam it into a wall or drop it from high levels. It is more like dropping it out of your hands of shocks when you sport (biking).
It is still electronics...

  • maria

Can the Siemens M65 withstand long periods under water without breaking? If so for how long can this phone be under water for? Can this phone break if dropped in oil, kicked around, dropped on concrete or fall from high levels onto concrete surfaces? Could you give me a reply as soon as possible?

  • masood

anyone can tell me where i can download the Team Point Blank, Stack Attack Advanced game ......please tell me .. i deleted that games from my phone ;(

  • masood

I have this m65, thats coooool, i love it,
this phone just play (64kbs 4bit 16khz mono IMA ADPCM wav) (that's hi quality) , i have a free converter program for converting all wav to m65 wav, enjoy your m65 with this conerter ;)
download it at­id=7858612d529854b0d3bbc6a4bd00312c

  • a

great for like out-going people.and funcyion also nice!

  • jan

this is a greate phone

  • someone

did anyone know that this phone has a better cam than s65????

  • Roni

after m65, siemens will soon released this 2005 the m75.

  • Jen

I mean the the next after m65