Siemens M65

Siemens M65

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  • Jen

i have had the m35 and now i borrow the me45 and i want bluetoth and some other things so im waiting for the next phone in the m-serie. does anyone knoe when or if a phone like that will come?

  • marti

Can somebody tell me how many days is the battery life

  • wmaster60k

This one is good.
An excellent phone.
If you want some more features like "Bluetooth and etc.." get a different phone. This is for trade men's. Not for teenagers. Complaing about camera? get a proper digital camera. Its main function is to call and receive calls not taking photos.
I am happy with the phone...
Someone comparing this phone with nokia saying that this is worse thatn the nokia...well I recon samsung is better than Nokia interms of reliability and toughness and design.

  • elly

The sound quality of my siemens m65 as far worse then the Nokia 5140 en Sony-Ericson of my daughter and son.
Also the quality (focus and color) of the camera is not good as expected.
Then the schockresistant is equal to normal phones; Some function keys didn't function any more after a drop on the floor from about 60 cm height. Repair by Siemens became a major problem of two months.
And also considering the battery life of less then 2 days, I will never buy a Siemens again.

  • Roni

just drain your batt atleast 5 times, after this your batt will perform well.

  • bec

i have just bought my m65 ,it's pretty cool but the battery resist only 2 days???anyone knows a solution?

  • Del

I dont care what u all say!This phone is The beast thing since Girls,if u want a phone that u can bang about the place go and bang your self and see if u wont get any mud on u,it's a cellular not a tractor.

  • jure budimir

hey this mob is great who wants to buy this phone he will do right thing thats all

  • Roni
go to this websites click customer care link then click the setting configurator link and follow step by step procedure, disregard the previous pos message. i hope it will help you solve your problem.

  • Roni

if it doesnt solve your problem, send me your mobile number and phone, i am the one who will set setting of your phone from siemens website, or go to this websites­0,2241,hq_en_0_11784_rArNrNrNrN,00.html
click customer care link then click the setting configurator link and follow step by step procedure,

  • Roni­0,2241,hq_en_0_63700_rArNrNrNrN,00.html

go to this siemens setting configurator, all that you need is in this website just follow step by step procedure...

  • Jay Chua

Help! how do i configure my fone for mms? my sim is from smart-telecom. i already sent set gprs and mms to 333 but my mms is still not working.. help me pls.. thanx

  • shams

i m owner of this m65...i m quite satisfied with its taking picture n the video is not so good..its resulation is bad. but i cant download any song as a riger tone that makes me sad.otherwise i love this m65.

  • Anonymous

I'm looking for something like this phone, or the Nokia 5140. I'd seriously consider this one if it weren't a Siemens, but there's no way I'd buy a phone built by a company who've so obviously lost the plot on quality.

  • Roni

it a great mobile phone, here in the philippines you can upgrade the software just for free at siemens mobile shop, and you can download mms pic, screen saver, poly tone also just for free at sm mega mall siemens mobile shop.

  • Robo

How can i turn off the camera sound? (I need to know it because i will have an exam next week.)

  • Acez

i used it for 6 month ,and i want to sell it now, no mp3 player . im looking mp3 player phone . Anyone know what good site can i buy online from oversea ?

  • arend

is the m65 already available in south africa and if not when will it be?

  • ajaz & hasan

what a set , its take my imotion , it is has many fantastic featuer's.

  • francis tabi

i think siemen is the best so far i have used