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Siemens M65

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  • qaanan

i want to download m65's softwear but i d'n't know why processeds i get that.


it has been 3 weeks, i've bn usin it, well, just good enough to show pics., but the options of mms doesn't work clearly and u can be sad for it....

  • Valleri

I like it.I want to buy it and want to ask anything:does it has a night mode of camera?Somebody, who knows tell me, in my e-mail, please! I`m sorry, i don`t know English very well, but i want to know all for it , befor i take it

  • Valleri

I like it.I want to buy it and want to ask anything:does it has a night mode of camera?Somebody, who knows tell me, in my e-mail, please! I`m sorry, i don`t know English very well, but i want to know all for it , befor i take it

  • Sashko

this on wonderful phone!!!i don` have any words about it

  • watcher

I had this phone.I liked it but sold it because I couldnt get used to the colour scheme(I hate orange)and it has a lousy battery life.I like the menu though and I also didnt like the sporty stuff that was pre-loaded in it.I went and got a C65 to replace it but that is like a toy :o(

  • Anonymous

i have this phone and i hate it very much it is the worst phone i had the camera isnt clear and he always turs off alone

  • Anonymous

almost ok 4 his class_ sucks cosue it`s not what siemens says it is!!!!

  • Blieb

I have my M65 for 2 month now. It's works ok, realy very nice display, very good organizer, good keypad, nice leds on top, but then is stops. Camera average, absolutely not waterresistant or somelike that, no shock absorbers (the rubbers and aluminium are just for fancy). Also the battery is limites to less then two days! in stead of 300 hours as promised. Connection with PC sometimes work, sometimes not and very slow. No radio, no mp3, no blue-tooth.

  • IVAN

which of the siemens phone is made of tatinium

  • Espri

I bought Me 45 (just 3 weeks) and had been using it for the past 3 years I had come to like most of its feature thats why i upgraded to an M65, Unfortunately M65 does not have as good a sound quality as the ME45. and it has lost the capability play and record sound while your on the phone, No more fooling the gf that I'm still out on the road by playing a recorded sound by the highway

M65 also shutdowns and freezes some times while doing SMS.

I wish theres a cork for the Antenna connector without the lens cap.

I like the M65 better than 5100 though it has alot of features (radio)its just not as tough in the tropical muds and not as washable Siemens ME45 and M65

  • qaanan

it's the best.

  • sara

it's very good

  • Anonymous

It's quite good except for the sound quality. The speaker sounds thin and has no depth.

  • rus

i like it

  • Carlos

hi, i've a siemens m65 and it is amazing, i can say that it is an intelligent mobile phone. really it has excelents functions. But it would better if the durability of the batery was bigger. but i can say that it's an excelent mobile phone and i advice anyone to buy it.

  • Anonymous

Does the phone has a BT, and how much video can he redcord?

  • Aucky

Hei pals, this is a Cellphone not a big heavy hammer, if u want to go diving or playing in the bigheavy raining outside, dont take this phone (and other cellphone too), For its segment this one is the u understand.

  • Budi Dharma

Just bought this phone last week.
It's my 5th Siemens handphone and with regret I must say : THIS IS THE WORST.
The speaker quality is VERY VERY BAD.
You talk for more than 5 minutes and I guarantee that you'll get a headache.
I agree with Andee, ME45 is still the best. I wished I haven't sold that phone.

  • Spigot

I had one of these but swapped it for two 5100's. The m65 is a great phone but isnt as rugged as siemens makes it out to be. The metal frame on it offers some support but I dont think as much as siemens suggests and the rubber washers are a bit of a joke, they offer no shock resistance what so ever, not a well designed phone for the "Rugged" title it carries. It has too mant weak points which can leak water in i.e. the speaker, keypad etc. It sucks through the battery juice unless you turn everything off and have it running just basic features. The features on it are great, the camera is good for the task it was designed for i.e.simple photos (not digi cam quality. If this phone was in a similar rubber inclosed, split type case as that of the 5100 then hell yeah, this phone would be the ultimate outdoors phone but it isnt so if you buy it for use in the outdoors or the building site for that matter, expect to probably crack the screen (as I did) or have it take in water if you use it as it is suggested. Personally I think this phone is for those poser weekend bush walkers in their polished 4x4's who only go out when the sun shines and likes to have the newest "must have" toys, go with the Nokia until Siemens get's their crap together.