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  • Anonymous

SVN 14 is the software version for the SX1 with the intergrated DMP software from O2... It allows you to download encrypted AAC+ music (compressed MP3s) from WAP using GPRS...

And the phone is also black which makes it look pretty damn cool...

  • ali

i bought siemens sx1 in august 2004 its got options but after one month phone started to give problem 1st i put sim card inside its says "contact to serivce provider" i did it switch off for two days and then i put my sim card its was ok but now its completly dead if i put on charging its switch on for a while and shows charging but again becomes dead.i went to vodacom and they said they can't repair this what should i do?pls help me i dont wana lose such a nice phone,
best regards.
ali faraz

  • Obrag

To BroLLy:

I am using the Transcend 1GB MultiMedia Card with a SX1 (FW12). Works great playing MP3, Ogg and 3gp movies (I converted from MPEG1).

  • Anonymous

I have seen FW13 on my friend's mobile..... nothing special.... and for the person claims to have FW14, let's say "NO WAY"

  • Anonymous

I have SVN 14...

And before you start saying 'no you haven't' ask yourself is your SX1 black...?

  • James

There is NO FIRMWARE 13...from my own knowledge...its been a quite a long time since Firmware 12 came out maybe abt 3mths back?I think siemens is busy with firmware on their new models...the 65 series.

  • Naimal

Well I just went to the menu and then changed it to list & voila! Here's the "system error" message which comes again and again when i try to open the menu. It left a really bad impression...............

  • sumit

it is a sexy looking phone but dose it has the video recorder?

  • Anonymous


  • anil

Hey guys please tel me the best site for downloads for symbian s60 softwares....


  • Anonymous

does anyone have the fw13?please let me it released in greece ?

  • Jay

anyone know where I can download the software to allow me to read chinese SMS?

  • BroLLy

has any one tested a Transcend 1GB MultiMedia Card with an sx1 ???

  • Ricky Ong

Can anyone let me know, if i get sx1 with english version it is possible for me to read and also input chinese word for sms?I saw from club-siemens forum site that someone can do so just by upgrading the firmware to 10.Now the latest was 12.
Mp3 cannot set for ringtone,but wav file can do so.The file of wav is about 10 times bigger than mp3 format rite?
It is easy to make wav file as ringtones?

  • thanos

Please anyone know where can i find firmware 13?

  • bian

to the person having problems with the .rar files: .rar is actually another compression format,like .zip. so you will need to download s/w like winrar to unpack the files. you should find your .sis files after extraction.

  • : )

can the FM radio be set as an alarm clock?

  • Anonymous

hi. can someone tell me how to erase the program that i previously installed. i've installed the game "bowling" and now i want to erase it. when i press the "C" button, it displays "cannot erase folder containing.."

  • Anonymous

sx-1 vs s65
which one win ar???

  • Anonymous

can some1 help me? i jes bought SX1 not long ago...i wan to d/l some 3D games into my to conver .rar files to .sis files? and can .zip file d/l straight into the phone? thanks alot!!