Sony Ericsson C702

Sony Ericsson C702

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  • austyn

sintech, 14 Dec 2009What a difference a software update makes. I bought this ph... morewhere did update your firmmware?

  • xtian

i want to buy a new phone...
c702 or g800?
w595 or c510?
which is better in 4 ..

  • sintech

What a difference a software update makes. I bought this phone in aug 08, i was looking forward to it, and then when i finally had it it sucked... Always freezing and shuting down... It was bad. Foolishly i never updated the software. Finally I went to the sony website and gave it a shot, I was on the edge of buying the cliq. But with the new software, its like i have a new phone. its faster, does not freeze, and its what i wanted. Have problems, new software is the answer.

  • Rawly

Is this a good phone because I'm changing my old k550 and i want to know if this is a good choice

  • Tharindu

I just bought ma C702....still not found any is perfect....but the camera is not perfect as K800....that's the only weak point that i found. i am from Sri Lanka.....i was terribly looking to buy the Energy Black.....but its very rare here....only the Cool Cyan is available in Sri Lanka.

  • kampretet

Someone stole it....damn!!!!!!!!!

  • ger

hi, if your phone hangs quite a lot, it may be because the old firmware... you should try updating the phone.. first time y had a lot of problems, but I updtaed twice and now it hangs no more :D...

  • ricardo

I've been using this phone for 5 months. With a very fast internet surfing. The battery is so good. It can last up to 5 days on standby mode. The only problem, it hangs sometime.

  • Jitendra

Just wonderful phone but only lack of battery life. On standby very poor life of battery.

  • Apu

Man from Tele, 04 Dec 2009I have used this phone and just only after one month I expe... morePlease Remove your memory card and check if the problem exist. This kind of problem usual happens for using low quality memory card

  • Dados Himura

I love this's very comfortable to use and its performance is good

  • Man from Tele

I have used this phone and just only after one month I experienced it hanging a lot and many time it switches off by itself
Most annoyingly is that during the call I got around 10 seconds where I can not hear the other part while the other party can hear me!!!
Worst phone ever

  • JaNa

We have got this phone like a year ago I would say. My husband had to turn that phone back already three times. Dust resistant? I have NEVER saw SO MUCH DUST under the display in my LIFE!

  • sheikha

its not even a year that i bought C702 n after 5 months i had to give it in service center....the phone use to get hanged and video camera got some defect, after 3 months of servicing i got it back with not a good result. earlier i use to use W810i was very much satisfied n opted again for this but now i regret WHY went for sony ericsson.
not at all happy

  • dara

james mark, 26 Nov 2009c510 is alot betteri had both and they're so close. the same basically. the c702 is slightly bulkier and c510 got much more confortable keypad. also c510 has scratch resistant screen. but c702, again :P has gps and ip54 certificate. i'd say it's a more robust and durable. and it's got charisma, in my subjective opinion. it can go both way, i guess, depends on personal taste

  • james mark

SE fanz, 21 Nov 2009Whose better c702 or c510, Help me please, From hardware ... morec510 is alot better

  • SE fanz

Anonymous, 16 Nov 2009I use this phone everyday. and it is the best i've ever had...Whose better c702 or c510,
Help me please,
From hardware N software specification,

  • Kirill

bachwitz, 18 Nov 2009whats the latest firmware version? R3EF001 the latest Firmware.
Can be installed only through A2 uploader.
Customization should be downloaded for your country

  • xtian

guy, 20 Nov 2009hi all..i bought this phone a month ago. i noticed that it ... moreur phone is damaged..
c702 have a dual led FLASH..
not only photo light also a flash
for taking pictures..

  • guy

hi all..i bought this phone a month ago. i noticed that it doesn't have flash when taking pictures. when i asked,the seller said it only have photo light, not this true? or my phone is damaged?