Sony Ericsson C702

Sony Ericsson C702

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  • ian

raz, 28 Jan 2010hey .. i have question before i buy this phone the sound i... moreyes the sound is excellent,, it is loud,, & has megabass,, its like a walkman cybershot & weather proof phone,, you will not regret buying this phone,,

  • Liju

ger, 10 Dec 2009hi, if your phone hangs quite a lot, it may be because the ... moreCan you tell me how you had updated your phome because I have C 702 and its regular hangs. Please le me know

  • raz

hey .. i have question before i buy this phone
the sound is good ?
because i love hear loud music..

its louder or low sound ?

thanks !

  • Anonymous

Maximum battery life is 2 days with minimum use,not more than 50-60 sms and 20-30 minutes calls.Just that,is this average?I'm not using an original battery.

  • bachwitz

MS, 28 Jan 2010Full review of Sony Ericsson C702:Personal Experience Pros... moreHave you tried upgrading your firmware? I havent had shutdown and hang problems after updating to the latest firmware.

One way of saving battery is turning 3G off if your not using it. My phone last normally for 3-4 days on normal use.

  • MS

Full review of Sony Ericsson C702:Personal Experience
Pros:Sound quality commendable,Good cyber shot camera,Splash & Smash Proof,Games & themes r installed very easily,Inbuilt Memory very nice,Nice User Interface.
Cons:Call & End Keys r useless(very tiny),have to be very carefull in using the keypad,Phone hangs frequently,battery life is too bad(have to charge d phone twice a day),sound is nice but not loud enough,
no reject list for particular mobile nos.

Pros-Good qualities
Cons-Bad qualities.

I am using this phone for the last 2 months,and in this duration its call key is soo much lose that it might pop out(even after very carefull use).
My rating:6/10

  • ak66sxm

Sonia, 14 Jan 2010Hello. I bought C702. I love it very much. Everything in it... moreo to if you don't like the color

  • Amir

xtian, 17 Dec 2009i want to buy a new phone... c702 or g800? w595 or c510? ... morec902 is the best

  • Sonia

Hello. I bought C702. I love it very much. Everything in it is good, just only my problem is with it's case. Because it's color destroyed. It's color gone. What do I do now? I want it, but it's color sad me. For this reason I want to sell it and buy another phone, for example Nokia, Samsung or etc. Please help me. Thank you so much.

  • xtian

Anonymous, 01 Jan 19708 2 11..

  • xtian

i want to buy this

  • R@K€B

My c702 is very good .but problem only xenon flash

  • Anonymous

My wife gave C702i to me,been using 3 days,great phone except for call/end key too small and keypad/buttons too hard to press.Had to use finger nails to press so will tear the keypad in few months,so i use silicon case,problem solved.Other than that great phone with less blury cybershot,nice adjustable bright display,decent speaker,nice design,solid built.I've never put it near water,don't have the guts to.But less worry if it does.

  • mohd amin bin ahmad

bathiya, 01 Jan 2010it's a very good phone.......good itcan i ask u something about this phone?

  • benjamin

is very very sweet i love itis my choice
my girl friend love it morethan me

  • bathiya

it's a very good phone.......good it

  • Ian

finally!!!!! a sony ericsson phone that you can use while walking in a rain!! you can take videos pictures while not worrying that you're phone will be destroyed,, for those people who keep on saying that the camera sucks,, why don't you buy you're selves a digital or professional camera instead,, you're expecting too much, the phones feat of being a weather proof is a feature that needs a praise. not all digital devices can withstand the forces of nature, at least you have a phone that lessens you're worry

  • xplode

if you really want a true camera phone never try this. You can take good snaps only at sucks in lowlight condition. You should always keep in touch with service center to maintain the colur of the Phone (to replace the case in every three months).in case of photo quality,Nokia N73 is far better than this one.

  • ip

Tharindu, 10 Dec 2009I just bought ma C702....still not found any trouble....pho... moreI bought energy black C702 phone from Premier Telecom, Mt. Lavinia around 1 year back. Now this phone is available in cellular connection, Colombo 2.

I think the phone market is really good in Sri Lanka. Even pricing is better than Singapore market.

  • kd

this phone isn't all what SE says it to be..
its not resistant to anything.. the paint is worn out just after a few months. the buttons don't feel as you type, the worst of all its dam dam dam slow, oh and i've done all the firmware updates via SE sites ..spoken to SE south africa and nada thing has changed, i had the k750i before this and now i'm using it coz this thing is to slow.. i type a letter and i get it 3 to 5 secs l8r on its worst days its best well lets put it at 1.8 secs to respond . by then i've already pressed the wrong letter coz i overshot the t9 assist . if u looking at this phone consider its older generation.. k750i had a prob with the joystick but other than that its works 100% even though its nearly 4 and half year old . i'll post pics up to show u.. i use my phone its in my pocket like any body else..keys sometimes rub at it ..or coins ..i take care of it..but this model i regret.