Sony Ericsson C702

Sony Ericsson C702

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  • Khiev saroeun

My phone is power off all times when I open it
I am used to have repaired by setting new program
but it did not work properly after 30 days. I feel bored so much. How to repair it to work properly?
My phone never drop off any more.

  • euge

my c702 phone has scroll keys malfunction.. I cannot open any phone menus.. Any solution to this problem? thanks..

  • JustThePine

I own this GSM for more then a year. Best phone I ever had. Opera mini works excellent, flash can work as lamp (excellent feature). I had problems with self reset. New software solved that problem. Also, SonyEricsson should consider to change calendar. Nokia seems to have better solution. Beside that I didn't have any objection on that phone. Pictures are also really nice. For what I need my phone this is just enough.

  • xtian

Chopper, 04 Mar 2010 I forgot to tell you about the annoying keyboard design, t... morewhich is much better c702 or w595. ..?
because i want to swap my w595 for this

  • Chopper

I forgot to tell you about the annoying keyboard design, that is hard to use and about the paint that went off at the corner areas, after a few months.
Flashlight is awsome :), as the browsing experience if using Opera mini. You can play also youtube and other stuff. The display it is not so visible in sunlight, like other models, as k810. In fact I miss my old K810.

  • Chopper

Do not drop this phone into water! The water will go inside it and will corrode all! I have changed already a keyboard module last month and now it went off forever after second accidentally bath. It is only dust and steam / water droplets proof, according to IP54 specifications.
It has also a bad manufacturing quality, looks like cheap plastic and it has defective fitting of case components. If you like java games, do not update software, other the games will run worse. Anyway, the overall java performance is poorer than others. I found GPS not so useful, because the lack of serious Java applications and poor processing speed.
The sound is also medium quality. Personally I do not recommend this model. By the way, I have a broken C702. If you need components, just tell me :)

  • Anonymous

This phone is invincible.

  • Daniel

does c702 play flash video or does it recognise u-tube software

  • Crypt

C702 is the best phone i ever had, nice cum i dont change my phone im ok in this..awesome

  • jithesh

we can use 3g in this phone?

  • xtian

c702 is much better than w595
its really true

  • xtian

Anonymous, 08 Feb 2010I have this phone and i have become a Sony Ericsson Fan. th... morereally its awesome!
nice phone of sony ericsson ..
but i dont have it..
i want this fone..
but my faTher bought me a w595..
i didnt really lyk it..
the back cover..
the phone mem.
what else..
the camera..

and others.
sayang tlga dpt yan ang cp q..
kaso ndi q npbli..

im really upset with my w595... =(

  • Anonymous

I have this phone and i have become a Sony Ericsson Fan. this phone is awesome.

  • raz

raz, 08 Feb 2010whats the latest firmware version? oh and when was the latest firmware?


  • raz

whats the latest firmware version?

  • maniack

i'm gonna fetch this phone tonight, but last minute the shop said black color casing is sold out.. wth! now i have to use the cool cyan... i hope it doesnt disappointed me

  • Esther

well i just bought this phone yesterday and its better than the sony ericsson i first had. i am still trying to get used to it. but i love it, i love sony ericssons they have always been my favourite phones. i love my phone.

  • R@k(b

my C702 is flash light and read 3gp ....gsmarena no say

  • Roxtar

I bought my C702 in October last year (2009). Since i bought the phone the camera has been unable to zoom. Yesterday, my phone froze in attempt to reboot i phone i removed the battery. When I restarted my phone i realised that i have lost my network connection although my sim card was still in place, i then tried to charge my phone and i got an error message saying that i must use a sony ericsson battery and the battery i'm using in my phone is the original battery that came in the box when i bought it? I also find that this phone freezes at random quite often or it would won't allow me to receive calls unless i restart it... It's frustrating and annoying! I bought a Walkman in 2006 and that phone hasn't given me half the problems the C702 has!

  • Scorp

I have this phone for a bit than a year now and I have not experienced any problems with it at all. With all functions that it has to offer it is the best phone I have ever had. After this one breaks down, I will buy the same model no doubts about it. 10/10