Sony Ericsson C702

Sony Ericsson C702

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  • Anonymous

To those who already have this phone,can this phone take better images than N73?

  • mark

due an upgrade waiting for this phone but need to know if it does group texting.

  • Anonymous

does this have walkman 3.0 on it? if not could it be installed?

  • Anonymous

Killer phone

  • Dave

On ebay already is. About 320 euros

  • boA_cOnstrictor

The black ones looks very nice!!

  • sintechness

Have you seen the brown version of the c702, I was about to buy the W890 in brown but i think i'll wait...
best color option I think...­ne=369&page=1

  • manny

...This is the phone I'm waiting. but maybe sony people will make a new C702 with TV OUT function. Thanks

  • Anonymous

very good phone ! I like ! I am from Romania ! Here in romania it's expensive

  • no name

What a pretty phone !
You must buy some for your family, boyfriend/girlfriend !
Me ? Of course, I already bought it ^^

  • Superbuddy

It's so nice to always have a map with you in the mobile. Currently I use GpsMid as offline map. I'm sure it will even more rock on C702!

  • nick

aaaah qvga video aaaah ffs sony erricson!

  • sherry

if only it had xenonflash

  • Lagi ngopi

-no matter without wifi (in my places, wifi useless).
-in c702 have USB V2.0 port.

  • m17

hi guys i love the phone but want to know its video the gps better than nokia 6110 and does it use internet to work. IS using the gps expensive, i am using k530i at the moment, saving for my new phone,c702i possibly

  • Anonymous

is it external speaker is loud and good or soft????????

  • Javed

Just wanted to know from GSM Arena,since you ppl have tested the beta version of phone, what kind of flash does it provide, i see 2 LED flash, how is it different from Xenon Flash used in K-series SE phones

  • GSM guru

Why not Wi-Fi?
Why not USB port?
Guys from SE, you just ruined the greatest to be phone ever.

  • mdz

Yes this will have torch.
LEDs can be used as torch(like in this phone)
Xenons are strictly flashes (as in real cameras)

  • epyke

Will this phone have the Torch light? i don't know which one provides the torch light, i get confused between xenon and LED.